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Joelle Delbourgo launched her eponymous literary agency and publishing consultancy in the fall of 1999 after spending more than two decades as an editor and senior publishing executive at major publishing houses, such as Random House and HarperCollins.  She sought to apply her skills, knowledge and extensive industry contacts to developing high quality content and the careers and reach of her authors. As an agent, she could bring the work she believed in to many publishers, bridging the relationship between authors and publishers, and finding just the right partnership for each literary property.  She has never looked back.

Over the past decade, she has worked with many previously published authors, discovered and nurtured new talent, made hundreds of deals with publishers domestically as well as abroad, through her superb subagent network, seen literary works adapted for audio, brought to screen (both feature film and television), and excerpted in magazines and on the web.  She is committed to bringing an author’s work into as many different forms, and to as many readers worldwide, as possible.

She has also developed a small, but fiercely dedicated team of agents, all of them previously editors in book publishing who are dedicated publishing professionals and effective author advocates.  Together, they are building a list of high quality authors in a wide range of areas.  With an emphasis on quality adult nonfiction and fiction, they are also selectively seeking young adult, middle grade and children’s authors.

In a fast-changing universe, with ever-expanding opportunities for bringing writers to readers, we are conversant with technologies old and new, with the constant changes in publishing practice and norms.  We work hard every day to continue to win the trust of editors and authors so that we can do what we love.

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Jenny Meyer has been in the business of foreign rights since 1996. Founded in 2002, Jenny Meyer Literary Agency, Inc. represents UK and translation rights on behalf of a wide variety of U.S.-based literary agencies and authors. Jenny attends the major international bookfairs, selling direct in all territories which fosters a close working relationship with foreign publishers, thereby maximizing the potential of each project abroad.


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