6 July, 2017


Laura Hartema is the author of Bering Sea Strong: Because Sometimes a Woman Has to Board a Fishing Boat to Find Herself (Skyhorse, Spring 2018). Hartema was born and raised in Chicagoland and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri. The challenging work and adventures depicted in Bering Sea Strong led to Hartema’s present career as an ecologist with a focus on stream and wetland restoration. Her passion for her work and love for nature spills into her community, where she leads volunteers in stream enhancement efforts. She encourages others to seek inspiration, beauty and humor in her blog, Love This Day ( Hartema resides in the Seattle area and spends much of her time outdoors embracing Puget Sound and the Cascade and Olympic mountains.

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3 July, 2017


A divorce litigator and high-conflict divorce survivor offers a supportive step-by-step guide to ending a marriage quickly and efficiently while helping women rebuild their lives and take back their power from a divorce industry that profits on their misery. (New World Library, World Rights, Fall 2018)




3 July, 2017

How an actress came to write a sequel to FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Listen…

23 June, 2017

Linking to vendor sites–a note to authors

Dear Authors,

When providing links to booksellers on your websites, ask your publisher for guidance. At the very least, you want to include, (Barnes & Noble), a link to independent publishers ( is a good one) and to the publisher’s own site.  Favoring one channel over another is never a good idea.

–Joelle Delbourgo



22 June, 2017


Alexandra Silber is an actress and singer who starred most recently as Tzeitel in the Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof. She earlier played Hodel in the same show in London’s West End. Those two roles inspired her to write After Anatevka (Pegasus, July 2017). Her other Broadway, New York, and West End credits include Master ClassArlington (Outer Critics Circle nomination), Carousel (TMA Award and Ovation Nomination), Kiss Me Kate, and Hello, Again (Drama League nomination). She received a Grammy nomination for her portrayal of Maria in the recording of West Side Story with the San Francisco Symphony. She has appeared on all three incarnations of “Law & Order” and has performed in a variety of concert outlets including the 57th Grammy Awards, Royal Albert Hall, and Carnegie Hall. She lives in New York. After Anatevka is her first book. 

22 June, 2017

AFTER ANATEVKA, Alexandra Silber

A sweeping historical novel in the grand tradition of Russian literature that imagines what happens to the characters of Fiddler on the Roof after the curtain falls.

The world knows well the tale of Tevye, the beloved Jewish dairyman from the shtetl Anatevka of Tsarist Russia. In stories originally written by Sholem Aleichem and then made world-famous in the celebrated musical Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye, his wife Golde, and their five daughters dealt with the outside influences that were encroaching upon their humble lives. But what happened to those remarkable characters after the curtain fell?

In After Anatevka, Alexandra Silber picks up where Fiddler left off. Second-eldest daughter Hodel takes center stage as she attempts to join her Socialist-leaning fiancé Perchik to the outer reaches of a Siberian work camp. But before Hodel and Perchik can finally be together, they both face extraordinary hurdles and adversaries―both personal and political―attempting to keep them apart at all costs.

A love story set against a backdrop of some of the greatest violence in European history, After Anatevaka (Pegasus, July 2017) is a stunning conclusion to a tale that has gripped audiences around the globe for decades.

20 June, 2017

The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot, by Ann E. Grant

We’re thrilled to announce that Georgia Hughes, Editorial Director of New World Library has nabbed rights to The Ann E. grantDivorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot by Ann E. Grant. Divorce is a multi-billion-dollar industry — but the system is rigged.  Divorce “professionals” (lawyers, mediators, forensic accountants and therapists) bill by the hour.  They financially benefit when women are indecisive and uninformed.  Divorces often needlessly drag on for years, while the “professionals” line their pockets with divorcing women’s misery.  The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot puts a stop to all that with a step-by-step guide to ending a marriage quickly and efficiently while giving women back their power.

As a litigator and a survivor of a high-conflict divorce, Ann Grant know both sides of this story — and what she knows is that divorce does not have to be drawn out, expensive or complicated.  She experienced first-hand how devastating divorce can be both emotionally and financially and she learned how not just to survive, but thrive. When it was finally over, she made the decision to commit her career to helping women navigate the legal minefields and outsmart the system so they can get to a new and better life with their sanity intact and their money where it belongs: in the bank. In her legal practice in Manhattan Beach, California, she help dozens of women every year.  And now, in DivorceHacker, she reveals the secrets she has learned and that the industry does not want women to know, because they provide a swift route out.

“If you can make a human in nine months, you can untie the knot in less time, and I will show you how to do that.” — Ann E. Grant  

Check out Ann on the web at www.thedivorcehacker,com.




14 June, 2017


From the founder of Greenopia, a 52-week guide to healing ourselves, our communities and the planet, one small act or lifestyle change at a time. (Kensington Publishing/World Rights excluding China, Taiwan, Japan & Korea/Spring 2018)

7 June, 2017

Wester Anderson

A practicing Catholic, Anderson’s books about angels and miracles were inspired by a personal experience of angel intervention that 31XJYNpNedL._SY200_occurred in her own life. She has been a freelance writer and public speaker for more than thirty years.  Wester Anderson has been chronicling the phenomenon of angel intervention in our lives and is widely credited with helping to usher in the “angel craze” in the 1990s.

Joan Wester Anderson began writing in 1973, as a way to bring home a second income for her family of seven. “It was to be a temporary situation while I figured out what talents I had,” Joan says. However, she never got around to deciding; instead she slipped into magazine feature writing, and did an occasional book,too. “The books never sold very well–my mother sometimes bought a copy—but they gave the illusion that I was somewhat of a professional, which was important for my self-image.”

In 1992, Joan realized that her children had all finished college and moved away. Perhaps it was time for her to do the same. One of her sons had experienced an amazing miracle, so she decided to write one last book in thanksgiving to God, and then return to college to prepare for her next career. Instead, her “thanksgiving book” became a New York Times best-seller, Where Angels Walk.   First published by Ballantine Books in 1993, it was released in a 25th Anniversary Edition by Loyola Books in 2016).  Her many subsequent books include  In the Arms of Angels (Loyola Press, 2009), and even a book about how angels sometimes appear as our pets, chronicled in Angel Tails. She lives in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

In this interview of Beliefnet, Wester Anderson explains her view of angels and their unique role in our lives:

6 June, 2017

Book Con 2017 Floods with Readers at Javits Center, NYC

As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words!  The amazing part of this is that much of the consumer audience consists of teenage girls!