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16 December, 2017

How to Think about God(s)

The Roman politician Cicero lived in a world of incredible religious diversity and conflict. In this short but powerful work, he dares to ask fundamental questions about the existence and nature of God that are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago. Translated, with an introduction by Philip Freeman, Fletcher Jones Chair of Western Culture at Pepperdine University and previous translator of HOW TO WIN AN ELECTION, HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY and HOW TO GROW OLD, all part of a series of little books of ancient wisdom for modern times from Princeton University Press. (Princeton University Press, World Rights, Spring 2019)

16 November, 2017

BISCUIT, by Michael Volpatt

Co-founder of Big Bottom Market, in the heart of Sonoma wine country, puts a decidedly California twist on the American classic biscuit in 50 sweet and savory recipes with biscuit sandwiches (“Egg in a Biscuit” and the popular “Sea Biscuit”), specialty sweet biscuits (Chocolate Bacon & Apple Pie), and delectable accompaniment spreads and jams.  The book will be illustrated with Kelly Puleio’s stunning food and wine photography. (Running Press/Hachette, World English, Spring 2019)

9 November, 2017

HYPERSEXT, Jillian Roberts PhD with Sara Au

Kids are exposed to sexual content at a younger and younger age, whether that is through the internet, advertisements, video games, or from interactions with their peers. HyperSext is a crucial resource, explaining in easy-to-understand language what exactly the psychological effects of that exposure can look like, and offering parents—and in turn, kids—the tools and expert advice on how to handle it appropriately.  Helping children to process what may be disturbing or inappropriate can ensure that they grow up with a healthy attitude toward their own sexuality and body image and are emotionally capable in their future relationships. (Fair Winds Press/Fall 2018/World Rights)


31 October, 2017

CITIZEN 865, Debbie Cenziper

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Washington Post investigative journalist relates the untold story of how a group of historians-turned-investigators at the U.S. Justice Department pursued one of the last great secrets of the Third Reich, a group of killers known as the Trawniki guards, Soviet soldiers recruited by the S.S. out of POW camps, and how more than dozen were found living decades later in cities and suburbs across America and brought to justice (Hachette Books/Fall 2019/World English).


25 October, 2017


Adult non-fiction author Heather Shumaker’s debut middle-grade novel GHOST IN THE GRIFFINAGE, about the mid-western Griffin siblings, Meg, Will & Ariel, and their trip to England to visit their Aunt Effie and Uncle Ben, a ginormous, lovable, and drooly Newfoundland dog.  Effie’s charming village has a bit of a ghost problem, which would be fine really (What little village doesn’t have a ghost problem? ) except that one of the ghosts has taken a liking to young Ariel. It takes a while for the siblings to realize that Ariel’s imaginary playmate isn’t so imaginary and that when this ghost says she wants to be friends, she means forever.  Grown-ups can’t see ghosts, so it’s up to Will and Meg to be clever and brave enough to work out the mystery of the ghost’s longings in time to save their sister.    (World/Simon & Schuster BFYR/Spring 2019).



19 October, 2017

CYBERCIVICS: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology by Diana Graber

Digital literacy educator and founder of CyberWise, Diana Graber helps parents teach their digital kids the skills they need to avoid the pitfalls associated with tech while at the same time learning to harness the amazing tools they have at their fingertips so they can build happy and successful lives. (Amacom/World Rights/2019)

19 October, 2017

THE PHAROAH’S TREASURE: The Origin of Paper and the Rise of Western Civilization by John Gaudet

Author of Papyrus: The Plant that Changed the World: From Ancient Egypt to Today’s Water Wars, John Gaudet, Ph.D’s THE PHARAOH’S TREASURE: The Origin of Paper and the Rise of Western Civilization, a multi-disciplinary history of how the first paper fueled the development of Western Civilization beginning in Egypt during the Neolithic period through the introduction of rag paper from China. (Pegasus/World Rights/Fall 2018)

13 September, 2017

THE WANDERER: Edgar Allan Poe and the City by Scott Peeples with photos by Michelle Van Parys

University of Charleston English professor, Scott Peeples, with University of Charleston photography professor Michelle Van Parys offer a reexamination of Poe, who changed addresses on average once a year throughout his adult life, through the lens of the American cities that shaped his life and writing. (Princeton University Press/World Rights/Spring 2019)

6 September, 2017

HUSHED IN DEATH, Stephen P. Kelly

Following LANGUAGE OF THE DEAD and WAGES OF DESIRE, the third Inspector Lamb mystery set in an English village during World War II. (Pegasus/Fall 2018/World Rights)

28 August, 2017

FIND MORE SPACE IN YOUR HOME by Roberta Sandenbergh

Known as “The Small-Space Architect” Sandenbergh’s guide will offer innovative design ideas and planning guides to help readers passionate about doing more with less make the most of the underutilized spaces they already have in their homes. Perfect for those striving to live more simply, people foregoing the suburbs for urban life, and downsizing retirees. (Skyhorse/World Rights/Fall 2018)