Recent Sales

1 February, 2017

BERING SEA STRONG: Finding Strength Among Fish and Men, Laura Hartema

Seaworthy meets Wild in the spirited memoir of a young woman on a journey to find her place between land and sea.  Spending 90 challenging days as the sole woman and scientist on a commercial fishing boat on Alaska’s treacherous Bering Sea, Hartema unravels an unsettled past as she finds her strength to overcome adversity and embraces life’s uncertainty. (Skyhorse Publishing, World Rights, March 2018)

16 January, 2017

CELTIC MYTHOLOGY: Tales of Gods, Goddesses and Heroes, Philip Freeman

Audio sale:  An accessible and vivid collection of stories featuring the ancient tribal people of Ireland, Scotland and France, featuring magical Welsh queens and great Irish warriors, by a noted classicist.  To be published in March 2017 by Oxford University Press. (Brilliance/Audible, World English2017)

28 December, 2016


A former good girl and a star hockey player, court-ordered to the same juvenile work crew, must decide to help each other heal their wounded pasts, if only the pasts would strop trying to destroy their futures. Greenwood Brown is the author of GIRL LAST SEEN and the LIES BENEATH trilogy.  (Albert Whitman, World Rights, Spring 2018)




16 December, 2016

THE MINDFUL WOMAN, Caroline S. Welch

Scientifically-based, practical strategies to help busy women achieve lasting personal and professional well-being by a long-time mindfulness practitioner. (Tarcher Perigee/Penguin Random House, World Rights, January 2019)

10 November, 2016

LOVE AND…Assholes, The One & Other Fun Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship, Jen Kim

From the popular thirty-something Psychology Today blogger–Valley Girl with a Brain–comes a self-help book that doesn’t want you to change. Kim draws on personal experience as well as the latest scientific findings to shed light on why we do the things we do when it comes to relationships. (Skyhorse Publishing, World Rights, 2018)

18 October, 2016

WITNESS: Lessons from Elie Wiesel’s Classroom, Ariel Burger

Tuesdays with Morrie meets The Last Lecture when a devoted student, friend and protege of Elie Wiesel–one of the world’s greatest thinkers, author of more than 40 books,  and teacher for four decades–takes us into the sacred space of the classroom, and shares the remarkable interactions and lessons he witnesses there about what it means to be human, how to live with the past and in the present. Ariel Burger is a rabbi, , teacher, veteran of the world of Jewish philanthropy and education, and a visual artist. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, North American Rights, September 2018)

23 August, 2016

THE GOSPEL OF MARY, Philip Freeman

A gospel that may or may not be authentic, a race against time, a secret that threatens the church: these are some of the elements of the third in the series featuring Sister Deirdre as sleuth in ancient Ireland, in Christianity’s early days. (World Rights/Pegasus/Fall 2017)

2 August, 2016

HOW TO BE A GOOD FRIEND: An Ancient Guide to Real Friendship in a Superficial Age, Cicero (Philip Freeman, Translator)

Classicist Freeman offers a vivid new translation of Cicero’s famous “De Amicitia,” ruminations on friendship as a core relationship based on loyalty and mutual and genuine connection with others. (Princeton University Press, 2017, World Rights)

8 July, 2016

THE PRISONER, Ben H. Winters

From the author of UNDERGROUND AIRLINES and THE LAST POLICEMAN, a genre-bending thriller. (Mulholland Books/Little Brown, division of Hachette, World Rights, 2018) Also included in the deal is a second, untitled novel.

1 July, 2016

AFTER ANATEVKA, Alexandra Silber

An evocative sequel to the beloved Broadway musical, Fiddler on the Roof that imagines the plight of Hodel as she searches for her fiance in a Siberian labor camp, by the actor who has played Tzeitel and Hodel respectively on the stage in New York and London. The publisher has also bought White Hot Grief Parade, a remarkable memoir about Silber’s loss of her father to cancer at age eighteen. (World Rights/Pegasus/Spring 2017 for Anatevka and 2018 for the memoir).