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A house inspired Janet Goss’s latest novel—the perfect house, on a crystal-clear lake in the Pocono Mountains. “I couldn’t afford to buy the place,” she explains, “so I figured I’d write about it instead.”gossimages

The Great Divide (NAL, July 2013) takes place over the course of one eventful summer, as Vera Van Loon shuttles between her best friend’s lakeside guest 51-z0Ui5AZL._AA190_cabin and “real” life in Manhattan. If only she didn’t have to alternate weekends with one of the Garretts’ relatives, everything would be perfect—until she discovers the truth: “Uncle” Cyrus is hardly the man she thought he was. He’s just her type, wildly appealing—and a worth Scrabble opponent. All of a sudden everything is perfect… until Labor Day. Because Cyrus prefers the rural life, and Vera could never give up New York.

“I would describe my novels as vacation reading for smart women,” Goss says. “While I don’t doubt that volumes of Proust and and Dickens are being perused on beaches across the country, sometimes a fast-paced plot, with a host of colorful characters and liberal doses of humor—a story that doesn’t underestimate the reader’s intelligence—is exactly what’s called for on a lazy summer afternoon.  Broader themes, such as friendship and family, add depth to the narrative.”51S5szcLEfL._AA160_

A self-proclaimed word nerd, Goss drew on her experience as a test-solver and editor of a nationally syndicated crossword puzzle for her first novel, Perfect on Paper (NAL, 2012). In a starred review, Publisher’s Weekly deemed it “[A] charming debut… with plenty of laughs along the way.”

A long-term resident of Greenwich Village, Janet Goss lives with her husband, Edgar, and their spoiled-rotten behemoth of a cat, Gomez.

Visit Janet at her website, janetgossbooks.com, and follow her on Twitter @janetgosswrites

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