Lindsey J. Palmer

Lindsey J. Palmer is a high school English teacher by day and a novelist by night. A former editor in the magazine industry, she was FLindseyPalmereatures Editor at Self, and previously worked at Redbook and Glamour.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin Honors Program, Palmer eventually fled the world of women’s magazines to earn a Master of Arts in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She currently teaches 12th grade English, A.P. Literature and Creative Writing. She lives in Brooklyn with her fiance. Visit her at and

Now the author of the well-received Pretty in Ink turns her attention from the world of magazine publishing which she skewers in her first novel, to a couple’s search for commitment–to each other and to their first apartment in her witty and heartfelt new book, If We Lived Here (Kensington, March 2015).




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