Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Marilyn Simon Rothstein is the author of Lift And Separate (Lake Union, 2016), the hilarious and heartwarming story of a woman who is forced to restart her life after her husband, the owner of a bra empire, leaves her for a perkier fit. The deRothsteinbut novel is from Lake Union Publishers.

For more than twenty-five years, Marilyn owned an advertising agency in beautiful downtown Avon, Connecticut.

The author grew up with her two sisters in Flushing, Queens.  She went to Francis Lewis High School. Marilyn earned her degree in journalism from New York University, and began her writing career at Seventeen, the magazine. She has a master of arts in liberal studies from Wesleyan University, and a master of arts in Judaic Studies from the University of Connecticut.

Marilyn is married to a man she met in an elevator to whom she dedicated Lift And Separate, and has two daughters. One is an award-winning playwright (By The Water, All The Days, The Invested), and the other one makes a living.

She enjoys theater and movies and other activities that do not require motion. Marilyn has few hobbies, other than hosting large, boisterous groups for holiday dinners two nights in a row.

Marilyn’s second novel, Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, is due out from Lake Union in January 2018.

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