Where I Write: Janet Goss

12 March, 2014

Janet GossOur next “Where I Write” is from novelist and self-proclaimed word nerd, Janet Goss

“I write primarily on my bed, in longhand—until I’m in danger of not being able to decipher my own penmanship. At that point it’s off to the computer, where I type up the pages, print them out, then tweak and copyedit the narrative until I’ve bent it to my will. After another printout or two—five, tops—I move on to the next scene.

I took this picture of my command center midway through a new novel, about a pair of half-sisters in a strikingly unconventional family. Chapter Thirteen, mid-tweak, appears in the center, flanked by the Notebook of Brilliant Ideas (some of which actually live up to their billing, despite the fact that most were written in pitch darkness at three a.m.) and a portion of the manuscript that’s already passed muster. Above it all, snoring peacefully, lies Gomez, my devoted muse.” — Janet Goss

You can read more about Janet, including her latest The Great Divide, on her website and follow her on Twitter