24 June, 2014

As some of you know, every year I have the great privilege of participating as an instructor in Rancho La Puerta’s “Reading and Writing” program, along with Sam Barry and Leslie Levine. Rancho La Puerta is named time and again as one of the top spas in North America  In joellecaricatureaddition to its reputation in the wellness sphere, it sponsors a lot of really interesting programs by bringing in experts from a wide array of fields from the arts and sciences.

One recurring feature of the Reading and Writing week is a talk I give, “Publishing in the Digital Age,” which has become fascinating even to me as I try to chronicle the tremendous changes in our industry and how they impact us both as readers and writers.  I try to prepare this talk “fresh” each year, which isn’t at all difficult because so much is happening!  Blogger Kate Bello was kind enough to “cover” this event and took notes (!),  so I am sharing them with you.  Next year, why don’t you join us live?


Thanks, Kate, for coming and sharing!

–Joelle Delbourgo