Benjamin Luft, MD’s work with first responders on 60 Minutes

12 September, 2011

On 9/7, I posted a conversation with Dr. Benjamin Luft, the compassionate doctor who founded the World Trade Center monitoring and treatment center, working with first responders, and who also created the WTC Oral History project, drawn from his work over ten years with nearly 6,000 first responders.

Last night, on the evening of 9/11, 60 Minutes interviewed Dr. Luft and a few of the patients he’s treated in a very powerful segment.  Here is the link: WLIW, a PBS station in the greater New York City area and several others, aired the remarkable documentary that Dr. Luft has produced.  The transcripts of the interviews by Dr. Luft and his team will eventually be housed at the Library of Congress.

This morning, the book that has grown out of the oral history project, WE’RE NOT LEAVING was #24 on Amazon, and also #4 in the “history” category, #5 in all “non-fiction” and #6 in “memoir.” What a triumph for Greenpoint Press, a non-profit press headed by my friend Charles Salzberg, which was nimble enough to produce a beautiful book in record time–something no major press was able or willing to do.  Profits of the sales of the book will go to funding research and treatment for the World Trade Center Monitoring and Treatment Center.