AMERICAN PAIN: How a 27-year old Felon and Five Doctors Unleashed the Deadliest Drug , John Temple

Journalist and academic John Temple chronicles the recent rise and fall of the nation’s biggest painkiller trafficking ring in a shocking expose.  Named after a single Florida pain clinic that helped unleash the deadliest American drug epidemic ever, this meticulously researched narrative is populated by a gaudy and diverse cast of characters that includes the incongruous band of wealthy bad boys, thugs and esteemed physicians who built American Pain, as well as the cops and grieving mothers who labored for years to bring them to justice. The book will also probe how both the DEA and drug manufacturers are, in large part, responsible for the ever-increasing supply of these highly addictive drugs and unveil how medical associations, politicians and federal agencies refused to fight the $8 billion prescription painkiller industry. Prescription opiates have overtaken car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in the US; a generation of opiate addicts has been created.  How this happened is a tale of lax regulations, conflicts of interest and good old-fashioned greed. John Temple is an Associate Professor of journalism at West Virginia University, where he teaches reporting and writing, he holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh. (Globe Pequot/Lyons Press, North American Rights, Spring 2015)