18 January, 2011

What a start to the New Year! I have to confess, I’m in love with my books. By “my,” of course, I’m referring to the agency’s latest and greatest. But for today, I will focus on one very special book and author.

Philip Freeman, respected historian and raconteur extraordinaire, has outdone himself with his glorious and accessible popular biography of ALEXANDER THE GREAT (Simon & Schuster).   The Wall Street Journal review proclaims Freeman’s lively portrait of one of the world’s greatest military leaders  “as racey and pacey as any novel.”   The WSJ continues:  “Here, in vivid and exciting detail, are all the familiar highlights of Alexander’s career: the battles, the tempestuous relationships, the dazzling ambitions, the mysterious death in Babylon. Mr. Freeman’s ambition, he tells us in his introduction, was ‘to write a biography of Alexander that is first and foremost a story.’ It is one he splendidly fulfills.”

The full article is available at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703791904576075760889881174.html.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with glowing reviews in Booklist, the Book of the Month Club and many more.  Just in from the Boston Globe, another rave:


Freeman is the Orlando W. Qualley Chair of Classical Languages at Luther College. An internationally recognized specialist in Greek, Roman, medieval culture and Celtic studies, he is the author of “Julius Caesar” (Simon & Schuster, 2008); “The Philosopher and the Druids” (Simon & Schuster, 2006); “St. Patrick of Ireland” (Simon & Schuster, 2004); “War, Women, and Druids” (University of Texas Press, 2002); “The Galatian Language” (Mellen Press, 2001); and “Ireland and the Classical World” (University of Texas Press, 2001).  His LECTURE NOTES (Ten Speed Press) offers a unique twist on the college guide, providing a professor’s “insider” view of what every student should know.

Before joining the classics department at Luther, Freeman taught at Boston University and Washington University. He has been a visiting scholar at the Harvard Divinity School, the American Academy in Rome, and the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C.

On a personal note, Philip is one of this agent’s favorite authors ever.  A consummate gentleman in the true sense of the word, Philip is delightful, emanating a positive energy.  His editor at S&S, Bob Bender, is the perfect match, every inch the mensch himself.  Working with these two professionals is sheer joy.

Thanks to Bob, ALEXANDER THE GREAT is gorgeous, from its handsome cover, the rough cut edges (something the I-Pad, Kindle and Nook have yet to simulate)! and stunning color photographs.

For more about Philip Freeman and his books, go to Philip Freeman Books on Facebook, and choose “Like” and also visit www.philipfreemanbooks.com.

Oh, and the best news is that Philip just delivered his next book to S&S!  Thank you, Philip, for making my job so rewarding and so much fun!

–Joelle Delbourgo