Book of the Week: Quiet Your Mind, John Selby

3 March, 2014

From psychologist, therapist, educator and noted meditation expert John Selby, Quiet Your Mind is one of the agency’s steady backlist gems.  For anyone seeking calm and clarity of mind, this step-by-step guide will set you free from chronic worry, negative thinking and the inability toquietyourmind22316 move forward by letting go of the past.  As John Gray, bestselling author of How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have, puts it:  “If you can’t go on vacation or spend the day at the spa, Quiet Your Mind is the next best thing.”

In the preface to the book, Selby notes:  “This book will demonstrate that only through regularly quieting the entire flow of thoughts, images, memories and reflections that fill our minds can we regain intimate and fulfilling contact with sensory, intuitive, and heart-felt experiences that emerge when we shift into direct encounter with the world around us.”  Stilling the stream-of-consciousness chatter in our minds–at least for a period of time–can have a range of benefits, including promoting a good night’s sleep, sharpening insight at work, helping us to feel connected even when we are alone, solving cognitive problems and even heightening bliss in sexual passion.  Through meditation techniques and exercises, this modest book can have a powerful positive impact on helping us to live more deeply.