Book of the Week: The Big Beautiful, Pamela Duncan

18 November, 2013

“In the tradition of Fannie Flagg and Rebecca Wells…Duncan is a from-the-heart, quirky storyteller.”  (Publishers WeeklyBig Beautiful A

From the acclaimed author of Moon Women and Plant Life, comes a hilarious and redemptive tale of a runaway bride, an unforgettable family, and a mighty love. On an eastbound interstate in North Carolina, Cassandra Moon realizes that she has not only broken the heart of the one man who’s ever asked her to marry–she fled from the altar–but she’s driven the limousine into the ground, gotten “skunk drunk” on champagne and somehow managed to get herself stuck in the sunroof while still in her wedding gown.  Yet, she knows deep down that there is something better that awaits her.  When she somehow lands in a small ocean-side town in the company of a mysterious red-haired man, she knows that lost as she is, she will be found.

“Pam Duncan…has a vast wisdom when it comes to the twists and turns of the human heart.”  (Jill McCorckle)

“Duncan expertly demonstrates that ordinary lives are worth illuminating.” (Library Journal)