Brenda Greene

Social networking is undoubtedly the single most important tool job seekers have to set themselves apart in today’s tough economy. Unfortunately advice about online social media tools for job seekers can be confusing and is often contradictory.

Authors Brenda Greene and Coleen Byrne interviewed dozens of Fortune 500 hiring pros to uncover the inside secrets to what the best candidates are doing to land top jobs.  Writing a book grounded in research, rather than guesswork, readers learn everything they need to know to deploy social networking and get the job they want including how to:

  • establish and manage their personal online brand
  • network with virtual cohorts
  • avoid the online mistakes that get you instantly disqualified
  • tap into LinkedIn’s hidden job market
  • become an Employee of Choice
  • and much more!

Not based on one web site or one person’s opinion, The Web 2.0 Job Finder is the must-have guide for navigating today’s intense job market, and successfully landing not just any job, but the right job.

Brenda Greene is a former editor at Working Woman magazine, Whitney Communications and North Jersey Herald & News and the author of the recently revised Get the Interview Every Time: Proven Resume and Cover Letter Strategies from Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals (Kaplan, 2008). She is also the author of You’ve Got the Interview … Now What? (Kaplan, 2006). With Helen Cunningham, Greene coauthored The Business Style Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2002) and, with Tim Dahlberg and Mary Ederle Ward, she coauthored America’s Girl: The Incredible Story of How Swimmer Gertrude Ederle Changed the Nation (St. Martin’s Press, 2009). America’s Girl won the International Swimming Hall of Fame 2010 Buck Dawson award.  Greene recently moved to Enfield, North Carolina, where she now runs her own yoga studio Yoga Magnolia.

Coleen Byrne is a veteran internet executive with more than 15 years’ experience working for Internet giants, including Yahoo!, CNET, IGN, and Excite@Home. She has both international and domestic experience in Internet advertising, marketing, and business development. She has also held public relations positions at Lucas Films and Louis Paul & Partners. Follow her on Twitter @ColeenByrne.

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