1 March, 2021


Marj Charlier has been writing fiction since retiring from journalism (The Wall Street Journal) and corporate finance ten years ago. THE REBEL NUN is her first traditionally published novel (Blackstone Publishing, March, 2021), first historical novel, and eleventh novel overall. She teaches workshops on writing and publishing at libraries in Southern California, owns a hybrid publishing company, Sunacumen Press, and writes book reviews for Midwest Book Review. She holds a degree in journalism from Iowa State University, a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin, and an MBA from Regis University. She publishes two websites,, and her publishing website,; two Facebook pages, and; and a Twitter presence, @AuthorMarj.

17 February, 2021


Rachael Cerrotti is an award-winning photographer, writer, educator and producer. Her work explores the intergenerational impact of migration and memory. She currently works as an audio producer and digital storyteller with USC Shoah Foundation.

In 2019, Rachael released her first podcast — We Share The Same Sky. It was the first-ever narrative podcast based on a Holocaust survivor’s testimony and tells the story of her decade-long journey to retrace her grandmother’s war story. We Share The Same Sky was listed as one of the best podcasts of the year by HuffPost, a Reader’s Pick by Vulture Magazine and as a “Show We Love” by Apple Podcasts; it is now being taught in high school classrooms around the world. Her forthcoming memoir by the same name will be published in fall of 2021 by Blackstone Publishing.  It will be available in hardcover, ebook and audio.

After the sudden loss of her young husband in 2016, Rachael began Welcome to Widowhood, an ongoing portrait series that tells the stories of women under 40 who have lost their partners. She continues to tell her own grief story on Instagram with #nowawidowstillawife.

Rachael has been published and featured by NPR, PRI’s The WorldKind World, WBUR, GBH, The Boston GlobeImages & Voices of Hope, The Times of Israel and various other publications throughout Israel, Europe and the United States. In 2017, Rachael was the subject of an award-winning multimedia series produced by WBUR, Boston’s NPR station, titled Beyond Sides of History. She holds a degree in Communications from Temple University and is an alumnus of The Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has completed educator’s seminars with Yad Vashem and Facing History & Ourselves.

Rachael has worked in over a dozen countries and is currently based in Maine.

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30 January, 2021


Michael Sadowski is an award-winning writer and author of several books, including In a Queer Voice, Safe Is Not Enough, and Adolescents at School. He is an administrator and professor at Bard College, where he specializes in gender studies and adolescent development. His memoir, MEN I’VE NEVER BEEN, will be published by the University of Wisconsin’s Living Out Series in May 2021.


19 October, 2020


Maryon Stewart is a renowned healthcare expert who is often referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement.  She coaches women throughout the globe on how to be symptom-free and enjoy life to the fullest through perimenopause and menopause.  Her new book MANAGE YOUR MENOPAUSE NATURALLY: The Six-Week Guide to Calming Hot Flashes and Night Sweats, Getting Your Sex Drive Back, Sharpening Memory and Reclaiming Well-Being, will be published by New World Library in November 2020.  It has a Foreword by Emmanuella Wolloch, MD.

Stewart has written more than 20 books, written regular columns for newspapers and magazines, and had her own television and radio shows. In 2018, she was voted one of the most inspirational women in the UK and awarded a British Empire Medal by the Queen of England.  She is the mother of four children and now lives with her American husband in Florida, splitting her time between home and London.

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29 September, 2020


Marilyn Fedewa Served for over 15 years in higher education administration and university advancement, including at Pepperdine University (L.A. and Malibu, California), Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), and finally as advancement vice president of Olivet College (Olivet, MI). Then, striking out on her own, she developed Cambridge Connections, offering communications and public relations services to educational groups.

In an unusual twist of events in 1997, Fedewa discovered a set of books that had languished in the family library since 1952. It was 17th century mystic Sor Maria of Agreda’s signature work, titled Mystical City of God. Learning that the little-known Agreda mystic had been praised by RadioTelevisionEspanole (RTVE) as one of the nine most influential women in Spanish history, Fedewa was intrigued. The next year, when she and her late husband visited Biarritz in France on a special holiday, she learned that Sor Maria’s birthplace of Agreda was only 90 miles away – albeit via a challenging drive through the Pyrenees Mountains.

They made the drive, of course, and after interviewing the present-day nuns at Sor Maria’s convent for the better part of a week, Fedewa had a new mission – to research the extraordinary legacy of this inspiring woman, while still servicing her clients. Her first book about Sor Maria came out in 2009 and was hailed as the definitive biography on the mystic in English. In her latest book, Fedewa produced a more popular read on Sor Maria of Agreda, “for young adults of all ages.” In it, she focuses more on the mystic’s fascinating legacy in the American Southwest, and the Vatican’s attention to her in the last decade.  

Fedewa has a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Political Science, plus graduate hours in Education.  She taught junior high English in Rochester (New York) prior to her stint in higher education administration and development. Her books, starting with the most recent, include:

DARK EYES, LADY BLUE: Maria of Agreda (Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University Press, 2020). Offered in softcover 2020, Kindle/ebook 2021.

MARIA of AGREDA: Mystical Lady in Blue (Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press: 2009). Offered in hardcover (sold out), softcover, Kindle/ebook, and audio book.

MAN in MOTION: Michigan’s Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood co-authored with S. C. Fedewa (East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University, 2003). Offered in hardcover and softcover. 

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16 September, 2020


A co-host of the twice Emmy-nominated Hot Bench (CBS Television Distribution), Tanya Acker is also host of The Tanya Acker Show podcast.  Her first book, MAKE YOUR CASE:  Finding Your Win in Civil Court, releases in October 2020 from Diversion Books.

Tanya is an experienced civil litigator who has represented a wide array of clients, from major automobile manufacturers in high stakes product liability litigation to media companies in hotly contested trade secret disputes.  She has been a featured commentator on various broadcasts (Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The O’Reilly Factor, Larry King Live, CNN Reports, Anderson Cooper 360, Your World With Neil Cavuto, CNBC Reports, HLN’s Special Report, Great Britain’s GMTV and Sky News, among others) and has guest co-hosted CNBC’s Power Lunch. C Magazine included her in an election season profile on noteworthy California women in politics and Women Inc. recently named her one of 2019’s Most Influential Corporate Board Directors.  Tanya also has contributed to the Huffington Post and served as a Temporary Judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court Temporary Judge Program.

While a student at Yale Law School, Tanya represented low-income women in family law cases and served as a teaching assistant in Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure courses.  She also worked at the Office of White House Counsel, the Civil Rights Division in the United States Department of Justice, and the private law firms Irell & Manella, O’Melveny & Myers, and Williams & Connolly; at Williams & Connolly, she assisted President Clinton’s personal lawyers with press interviews, worked on the preparation of Congressional testimony for pending product liability legislation, and researched First Amendment issues.  After graduating from Yale, Tanya served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Dorothy Wright Nelson on the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  After her clerkship, the Office of the Solicitor General in the U.S. Department of Justice awarded Tanya a Bristow Fellowship. While working as a Bristow Fellow, Tanya drafted Supreme Court briefs and helped prepare the Solicitor General for oral argument before the High Court.  Among the cases on which Tanya worked was Clinton v. Jones, where she assisted both the Solicitor General and President Clinton’s personal attorneys in preparing for oral argument. 

In private practice, Tanya’s legal work spanned a broad variety of matters, from civil litigation involving public and private entities, to various constitutional cases, to the provision of business counseling and advice.  She also maintained a commitment to pro bono work, receiving the ACLU’s First Amendment Award for her successful representation of a group of homeless individuals against the City of Santa Barbara.  Tanya later worked in entertainment industry outreach for the Kerry/Edwards presidential campaign and as Deputy Campaign Manager for the Los Angeles mayoral campaign of City Councilman Bernard C. Parks.  After that, she worked as the General Counsel of a company that manufactured emissions control products.

Tanya received her B.A. degree from Howard University in 1992, where she graduated summa cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  She was awarded a Luard Scholarship for study at St. Anne’s College at Oxford University, and served there as the co-editor-in-chief of the Oxford University Women’s Magazine.  At Yale Law School, she was awarded an Earl Warren Scholarship by the NAACP and a Coker Fellowship by the Yale faculty.


Tanya maintains an active involvement in various philanthropic, civic and business organizations.  A volunteer with Love Takes Root, she has traveled to Haiti to work in a clinic and orphanage founded by that organization.  She is a member of the Beverly Hills West (CA) chapter of The Links, Incorporated and additionally serves on the boards of Public Counsel; the Western Justice Center; the Boy Scouts of America; PacWest Bancorp; and also as a trustee of the Pacific Battleship Center, which operates the Battleship USS IOWA Museum.  She is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Yale Law Fund Board.

14 September, 2020


Gay Courter’s latest book, Quarantine! How I Survived the Diamond Princess Coronavirus Crisis, published by Post Hill Press (November 2020).  

In early February 2020, Gay and her documentary filmmaker husband, Phil, found themselves quarantined in Yokohama aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship by the Japanese government, just as they were about to disembark after a two-week southeast Asian cruise. Quarantine! is the insider’s book on the Diamond Princess episode, a suspenseful real-life drama recounting Gay and Phil’s twelve-day ordeal aboard ship, their tenacious efforts to get the U.S. government to repatriate them and other Americans, and their additional fifteen-day quarantine under federal order at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Gay and Phil own Courter Films & Associates, based in Crystal River, Florida. They have produced more than three hundred documentary, educational, and corporate films and won numerous awards,  two Emmys.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed travel, Gay and Phil had several international adventures each year. Gay’s travel articles for the Creators Syndicate go out to two thousand publications with about forty million readers.

Millions of copies of Gay Courter’s previous books have sold.  Her novels The MidwifeRiver of DreamsCode Ezra, and Flowers in the Blood made the New York Times bestseller list.

In the award-winning I Speak for This Child: True Stories of a Child Advocate, Gay recounts her twenty-five years as a volunteer appointed to help neglected and abused children in the Florida courts. The publication of that book led to many television appearances, including on TodayGood Morning America, and 20/20, and speaking engagements throughout the U.S.

This experience, as well as book tours for her novels, helped prepare her for the successful media campaign she and Phil launched, with the aid of their three adult children and Bobbie Carlton and her team at Carlton PR and Marketing, asking for the help of the U.S. government to evacuate them and other Americans from the Diamond Princess as the number of cases of the yet-unnamed novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, grew day by day.

In addition to the more than 150 interviews with media outlets from around the globe that Gay and Phil did while under quarantine in Japan and Texas, Gay wrote two op-eds for the Washington Post and an article for The Atlantic.

See for more about Quarantine! and for updates on Phil’s companion documentary, Quarantine! How We Survived the Diamond Princess Coronavirus Crisis.  See for more about Gay and her previous books.


4 August, 2020


Barrie Wilson

An award-winning educator, Barrie Wilson, PhD, is Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto. An historian, he specializes in Early Christianity.

Wilson’s new book – Searching for the Messiah (Pegasus) – has just been released to rave reviews from scholars in the U.S.A., Canada and Israel. This ground-breaking historical investigation probes the idea of messiah from the Bible to Batman, with many stops in-between. Searching for the Messiah asks the fundamental question: what is a messiah? How should we recognize one should one appear?

King David, Jesus, Paul, political saviors as well as pop culture superheroes — all these figures appear as Wilson traces the evolution of the messianic concept and its migration from the religious domain into the secular. The ending is surprising as Wilson reflects on the overall search for a rescuer.

Of special interest is Wilson’s analysis of a much-neglected 1st century BCE writing. Written in Aramaic/Hebrew by a pious Jew in Jerusalem, this important work survives in a few Syriac and Greek manuscripts. This ancient text clearly sets forth the Jewish expectation of the messiah, just a few decades before the birth of Jesus.

  • Publishers Weekly: “Historians and lay readers alike will appreciate Wilson’s ingenuity and deep scholarship.”
  • Rivka Nir (Open University, Ra’anana, Israel) writes, “Wilson recruits his wide-ranging knowledge of Christianity, its textual and historical sources, and admirable writing skills, to lead us to a surprising conclusion.”
  • Gary Greenberg (jurist and biblical scholar, New York City) observes, “Is there a modern Messiah who can rise above politics and turn things around? [Wilson’s] answer may surprise you.”
  • Carla Ionescu (Trent University, Peterborough, ON): “This work is full of insights, well written and serious readers will come away with a better understanding of who is – and who is not – a messiah. The ending is surprising…and shocking.”

Wilson’s two earlier books established his reputation as an international historian of note. The Lost Gospel (Pagasus, 2014), co-authored with award-winning film-maker and bestselling author, Simcha Jacobovici, sparked worldwide controversy. This book decodes a mysterious ancient manuscript. Written by an anonymous monk in Syriac, the surviving manuscript is 1600 years old and based on an original that is likely a century or two older. The book was accompanied by a 2-hour feature documentary on Discovery Science in which Wilson participated.

The Lost Gospel provides an English translation along with two prefatory letters – never before translated that tell us that the book contains “a hidden message.” Once decoded, that secret has to do with Jesus being married and having two children. The idea that Jesus was human, Jewish, and, yes, married, upset many reviewers who preferred dogma over historical analysis.

How Jesus Became Christian (St. Martin’s Press, 2008) was a national bestseller in his native Canada, awarded the Tanenbaum Prize in History and short-listed for the Cundill International Prize in History. In How Jesus Became Christian Barrie Wilson challenges the way most people think of Christianity. He analyzes writings from the 1st and 2nd centuries CE that demonstrate that what we know as Christianity today is not the religion practiced by the historical Jesus and, in fact, bears little resemblance to what he taught. Rather, Wilson contends, contemporary Christianity was the creation of Paul, a man who never met the Jesus who roamed the Galilee and Jerusalem.

Learn more about Barrie and his work on his website!


2 June, 2020


Julia Pimsleur is a Mindset Expert and the Scaling Coach. She is the founder of New York based Million Dollar Women, an organization that helps women entrepreneurs scale up and reach $1M in revenues. Julia’s passion for working with women entrepreneurs grew out of her experiences as founder and CEO of a children’s educational media company she took from a $30,000 investment into a multi-million dollar company. Julia has raised more than $26M in angel, venture and philanthropic dollars and speaks regularly about entrepreneurship, women in business and mindset. She is an associate professor at Parsons The New School where she teaches fundraising and entrepreneurial business models. Julia’s best-selling first book, Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big and the response she received from women business owners around the world inspired her to create the Million Dollar Women organization, which has a mission of helping one million women get to $1M in revenues. Her upcoming book, GO BIG NOW!   Strengthen Your Mindset, Overcome Any Obstacle and Crush Your Goals, will be released by New World Library in April 2021.

Julia’s mindset coaching is for men, women and non-binary, and she teaches the go big mindset to corporate, nonprofit, entrepreneurial and government leaders. Julia is based in New York City, where she lives with her family and when she is not writing, teaching or coaching she can be found scuba diving or throwing a (nerf) football around with her boys in Central Park.


23 March, 2020