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24 January, 2023

FEELING UNREAL: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of the Self (2nd edition)

A substantially revised and expanded edition of an important work in psychology (February 2024, Oxford University Press)

Feelings of depersonalization-derealization, or a sense of detachment from one’s normal sense of self, are not uncommon. People often describe being outside of themselves, or watching themselves as if in a movie, during “unreal” circumstances such as a car crash or other trauma. This is the mind’s normal dissociative reaction at work. This protective system can go awry, however, and can be triggered by ongoing, lower-level stresses, childhood neglect, or certain drugs. Despite its prevalence, depersonalization is often misunderstood and is understudied compared to other conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

First published in 2006 by Oxford University Press, Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of the Self was the first book of its kind to delve into the mysterious phenomenon of Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder (DDD). This fully revised and updated edition describes extensive new findings on the origins of DDD, the brain science supporting the diagnosis, and cutting-edge treatment approaches. DDD is examined from medical and psychiatric perspectives, but as the authors reveal, it also emerges in literary, philosophical and spiritual investigations. Feeling Unreal thoroughly explores these different aspects in a fascinating and essential resource that is clear and accessible to medical professionals and general readers alike. Physicians, mental health professionals, families, and those who have experienced DDD themselves will find with this book trustworthy and cutting-edge information on DDD, on its history and treatment, and on its place in literature and philosophy as well as in
contemporary society.

Daphne Simeon M.D. has practiced psychiatry for over 30 years. Internationally recognized as a leading expert in depersonalization, she has published extensively in the field and is a contributor to the DSM-5 and DSM-5-TR. She has evaluated and treated many people with the disorder in research protocols and in clinical practice.

Jeffrey Abugel has been an editor and writer for more than 30 years, researching depersonalization and its relationship to philosophy and literature since experiencing it firsthand for more than a decade. He is a member of the American Medical Writers’ Association and founder of the nonprofit Inititative for Depersonalization Studies.

19 January, 2023


An unapologetic guide to the first year of motherhood, Enough About the Baby is a newborn book for women who recognize the necessity of self-care—even if sometimes the rest of the world does not.

“Vieira’s candor about her struggles as a new mother and the input from experts results in a volume that’s at once practical and deeply personal. This is a must for new and mothers-to-be.”
Publishers Weekly

Superheroes don’t have babies; real and imperfect non-superhumans do. When we come to terms with this, the result is a happier and less traumatizing start to motherhood. Becky Vieira, the mom behind the popular Instagram account @WittyOtter, provides actionable advice for new parents on what to expect after pregnancy and how to successfully navigate the frustrations and challenges that come with having a baby. Vieira draws on her own experiences and interviews with moms and experts to get to the bottom of the toughest and most taboo topics—from managing nosey in-laws and an anxious partner to surviving the first postpartum poop and when to seek out treatment for postpartum depression. This book is filled with hacks, tips, and tricks that only the most seasoned—and enlightened—mom knows.

With its combination of practical advice and the signature humor that made Vieira a hit on Instagram, Enough About the Baby (Union Square Press, March 2023) makes a perfect baby shower gift for first time moms.

“Becky Vieira has been an enduring and beloved voice in the postpartum community advocating for women through her personal experiences, precise observations, and unequivocal humor. Her new book, Enough About the Baby, is a solid reference for new moms who are navigating this challenging time in their lives, and who seek comfort from those with shared experiences and the wisdom to accept the ups and downs as part of this spectacular journey of motherhood. Perhaps the most important message Vieira teaches the reader is: ‘It’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay for this journey to also be about you. In fact, you and your baby will actually thrive if you do.’”
—Karen Kleiman, author of Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts“Becky shatters the crippling silence surrounding the truth about motherhood. Finally, someone is honestly telling new mums what they need to know, not what we think they want to hear. We’re all tragically vulnerable to the darker aspects of this journey, and no amount of privilege can stop the crippling depression, anxiety, and loneliness that many mothers face. One of the biggest problems is that people shy away from talking about this, and mums don’t know what to expect or how to find help. Finally, we have a book that blows the lid off topics many have considered taboo—and now this important conversation can begin. Becky is a vocal advocate for maternal mental health and provides readers with what we all need: information, resources, support, and compassion. This is a book I wish I had as a new mum, and it gives me hope that future mothers won’t suffer like some of us did.”
—Anna Paquin, Academy Award–winning actress and mom of twins

Enough About the Baby brilliantly combines humor and compassion to present the authentic reality of the first year of motherhood. Becky passionately advocates for moms, empowering us to value our health and welfare just as much as our baby’s—and it’s about time someone stepped up to do this! This isn’t just helpful information for expecting and new moms, it’s essential reading.”
—Laura Benanti, Tony Award–winning actress, author, and mom of two

“Becky Vieira is the brutally honest mom friend that EVERY new mom needs in her corner. That friend who won’t sugarcoat things. Her book is full of useful information, personal insights, and Becky’s unique brand of humor. Enough About the Baby is absolutely going to be my new go-to baby shower gift.”
—Tara Clark, author of Modern Mom Probs

“Gone are the days of flowery, intrusive, peppered-with-toxic-positivity baby advice. We’ve entered a new era in this society of ours, ladies—the era of compassionate truth, which Becky Vieira so eloquently and artistically delivers in a brilliant roadmap for new moms. By blending her own experience, good and bad, with the brutally honest truth of what motherhood is really like in the first year, Vieira leaves no stone unturned when it comes to what to expect when you’re expecting and the candid details of what bringing baby home truly means for mama, and hits the nail on the head by reminding us that it’s enough about the baby—let’s make sure mom is getting what she needs to survive this new world.”
—Michelle Dempsey-Multack, author of Moms Moving On

“This is an honest, eye-opening look at how raising a baby is equal parts maddening and heartwarming. It will make any parent say, ‘I am not alone.’”
—Clint Edwards, bestselling author of Fatherish

“The hilarious and practical how-to guide that every new parent needs. I cry-laughed, nodded, and was wowed by the advice. This is the perfect gift for every mother-to-be. Where was this book when I was a new mom?”
—Sally Hepworth, New York Times bestselling author and mom of three

“I so wish I had this book when I was pregnant with my first. Becky gives all the far-too-honest (and therefore helpful) advice that moms never seem to get. So much is written about the baby’s journey; I love that she’s focused on the mom’s journey through the first few years instead. I would call this book laugh-out-loud funny if it weren’t so on-the-nose about just about everything related to new motherhood.”
—Kate Auletta, Editor-in-Chief, Scary Mommy

Becky Vieira is the voice behind the Instagram mom account, @WittyOtter (120k+ followers), where she is leading the shift in the way women speak about motherhood. For more than seven years she has been a go-to writer in the parenting space for popular outlets including BabyCenter and Scary Mommy. Before becoming a writer, Vieira spent more than fifteen years as a publicist for some of the biggest public relations agencies representing major consumer brands, including Mattel’s Barbie®, Disney Consumer Products, and the charitable program Stand Up to Cancer. She lives in Northern California with her husband and son.

15 November, 2022

ENSLAVED: The Sunken History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Simcha Jacobovici & Sean Kingsley

A riveting and illuminating exploration of the transatlantic slave trade by an intrepid team of divers seeking to reclaim the stories of their ancestors

“For me, Enslaved is an attempt to give a voice to the millions whose voices were silenced.”—Samuel L. Jackson, human rights activist and actor

From the writers behind the acclaimed documentary series Enslaved, starring Samuel L. Jackson, comes a rich and revealing narrative of the true global and human scope of the transatlantic slave trade. The trade existed for 400 years, during which twelve million people were trafficked and two million would die en route.

In ENSLAVED: The Sunken History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, by Simcha Jacobovici and Sean Kingsley, with a foreword by Brenda Jackson (Pegasus October 2022), we meet the remarkable group Diving with a Purpose (DWP) as they dive for sunken slave ships all around the world. They search for remains and artifacts testifying to the millions of kidnapped Africans that were transported to Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. From manilla bracelets to shackles, cargo, and other possessions, the finds from these wrecks bring the stories of lost lives back to the surface.

As we follow the men and women of DWP across eleven countries, Jacobovici and Kingsley’s rich research puts into vivid context the archaeology and history of these vessels that were lost between 1670 and 1858.

From the ports of Gold Coast Africa to the corporate hubs of trading companies of England, Portugal, and the Netherlands and the final destinations in the New World, Jacobovici and Kingsley show how the slave trade touched every nation and every society on earth.

Though global in scope, Enslaved makes history personal as we experience the divers’ sadness, anger, reverence, and awe as they hold in their hands tangible pieces of their ancestors’ world. What those people suffered on board those ships can never be forgiven. Enslaved works to ensure that it will always be remembered and understood and is the first book to tell the story of the transatlantic slave trade from the bottom of the sea.

For an excerpt of ENSLAVED:

18 October, 2022

POWER: The Rise of Black Women in America, Charity C. Elder

“Black women are dope because they rise and are yet rising. This dopeness is not hyperbolic or symbolic—rather, it is borne of persecution that has failed to frustrate a perseverant persistence to prevail.”

Before sea to shining sea. Before spacious skies were pierced by purple mountains. Before the uniting of one nation. Black women learned to rise. In POWER: THE RISE OF BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA, award-winning journalist and digital media executive Charity C. Elder posits that there has never been a better time to be a Black woman in the United States.

POWER is an incisive disquisition on Black womanhood weaving theoretical frameworks of history and sociology with poignant interviews, ethnographic observation, and anecdotes gleaned from history, social media, pop culture, and the author’s lived experiences.

Using data, the author substantiates the triumph of Black women. Original analysis of eighty years of US census data, prepared by the University of Minnesota and analyzed by Dr. Constance F. Citro, documents the remarkable ascension of Black women since the early twentieth century. An exclusive national survey conducted in partnership with the Marist Poll in 2021 not only reveals that 70 percent of Black women say they have been successful in life, but also that most believe they have the power to succeed.

POWER does not shy away from the realities of structural oppression identified by the late Black feminist scholar bell hooks; rather it illuminates how Black women exercise agency to create meaningful lives. Success is not an anomaly, but a defining characteristic. Black women have amassed power—now, Elder posits, they need to acknowledge it and then wield the hell out of it.

Charity C. Elder is an award-winning journalist and media executive with twenty-plus years working and leading in broadcast and digital newsrooms, as well as an adjunct at Fordham University’s Communication and Media Studies Department. Selected in 2017 and profiled for NYC Media’s Vanguard: Women in Media, in 2016, she was named on Folio magazine’s list of top women in media. In 2020, she served as a senior adviser to the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign. Prior to joining the Bloomberg campaign, Elder was the Head of Video and Podcasts for Yahoo News at Verizon Media, leading a team of innovative producers redefining news in the era of immersive journalism. She also worked as a television news producer at both CBS News and NBC News.

11 October, 2022

BECOME THE FIRE- Transform Life’s Chaos into Business and Personal Success, Elisa A. Schmitz

“What if every challenge you faced was fuel, or fire, to make you better in business and in life? Become the Fire is a motivating read that will help anyone overcome their hurdles and chase their ambitions. It’s a great read for those searching for inspiration and proof that dreams can come true.”
— Kara Goldin, founder and former CEO of Hint, Inc., and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Undaunted


What does it mean to become the fire? It means not allowing yourself to be in the fire of life’s challenges, getting burned, but instead using the fire to ignite your motivation and drive, passion and grit. It means not focusing on what you don’t have or can’t do, but instead leveraging what you do have and can do. It means using your differences to your advantage and seeing life’s chaos as fuel to propel your success. Using her own story of entrepreneurial success as well as interviews with ten diverse and successful women, Elisa Schmitz presents ten actionable lessons for putting your personal power to work, with unstoppable results.

Elisa A. Schmitz is an award-winning Latina entrepreneur and journalist. She is the founder and CEO of, with millions of unique users every month. She is also the founder of iParenting, a “Best of the Web” digital media company that was acquired by the Walt Disney Company. She lives in the Chicago area.

Find out more about Elisa on her websites: and

12 September, 2022


This volume is perhaps the most in-depth exploration ever undertaken of Tolkien’s world. THE MAKING OF MIDDLE EARTH is now available in a revised, expanded edition from Union Square & Co (August 2022). Accessible but authoritative, and fully illustrated, it is now being reissued with a stunning new cover treatment and updated commentary on new books, films, games, and shows.
This book, originally published in 2013 and richly illustrated with photographs and artwork , was the first to connect all the threads of influence on Tolkien that infused his creation of Middle-earth—from the languages, poetry, and mythology of medieval Europe and ancient Greece and Rome to the halls of Oxford and the battlefields of World War I. Snyder examines the impact of these works on our modern culture, from 1960s counterculture to fantasy publishing, gaming, music, and beyond. The reissue has a gorgeous, updated cover design with a custom illustration on foil-stamped faux cloth and additional pages of material covering new developments.

Dr. Christopher A. Snyder is professor of European History and Dean of Shackouls Honors College at Mississippi State University in Starkville. He has written numerous books, including The World of King Arthur. His works have been featured in Book of the Month and the History Book Club, and have been translated into French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Dr. Snyder has been a presenter on the History Channel, the BBC, TLC, and National Geographic. He also lectures at the Smithsonian Institution and teaches honors seminars on J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis at the University of Oxford. He lives in Starkville, MS.

30 August, 2022

RECLAIMING BODY TRUST, Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant

A holistic and powerful framework for accepting and liberating our bodies, and ourselves.

Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing & Liberation by Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or not “at home” in your body? In Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing and Liberation (Tarcher Perigee, August 2022), the founders of Body Trust, licensed therapist Hilary Kinavey and registered dietician Dana Sturtevant, invite readers to break free from the status quo and reject a diet culture that has taken advantage and profited from trauma, stigma, and disembodiment, and fully reclaim and embrace their bodies.

Informed by the personal body stories of the hundreds of people they have worked with, Reclaiming Body Trust delineates an intersectional, social justice−orientated path to healing in three phases: The Rupture, The Reckoning, and The Reclamation. Throughout, readers will be anchored by the authors’ innovative and revolutionary Body Trust framework to discover a pathway out of a rigid, mechanistic way of thinking about the body and into a more authentic, sustainable way to occupy and nurture our bodies.


Reclaiming Body Trust is a breath of fresh air, an inclusive, self-aware, comprehensive guide out of the endless cycle of shame and body blame. Whether you are new to liberatory work or deep into unraveling your relationship with bigotry and all varieties of body terrorism, this book will support you on your healing journey.”
—DALIA KINSEY, RD, LD, author of Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation

“Hilary and Dana have written a deeply touching and relevant book that sheds light on the injustice created by a culture that demands body perfection. Offering hope to the reader, the authors have created a healing paradigm for retrieving the body trust they’ve so tragically lost and a path toward a lifetime of inner attunement.”
—ELYSE RESCH, MS, RDN, CEDS-S, FAND, coauthor of Intuitive Eating

“In Reclaiming Body Trust, Kinavey and Sturtevant guide us through the raw, messy work of divesting from diet culture and from the stories we have been sold for too long about our bodies. They locate our personal body struggles in the broader context of diet culture, a system rooted in anti-fat bias, gender discrimination and white supremacy. And they help us write new stories, rooted in our bodies’ wisdom and truth. I am so glad to have this pow­erful, important book on my shelf.”
—VIRGINIA SOLE-SMITH, author of The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America

“With clarity, heart, and an expansive sense of humanity, Kinavey and Sturtevant provide revelatory tools for liberation. Interdisciplinary, multi-layered, and rooted in experience, Reclaiming Body Trust is essential reading for anyone who has struggled to feel at home in their body or to conform their body to external standards.”
—SAVALA NOLAN, author of Don’t Let It Get You Down: Essays on Race, Gender, and the Body

“Reclaiming Body Trust is a compassionate, inclusive book that provides vital vocabulary and a framework for those seeking to understand and heal their relationship with their body. Using real life narratives and their own extensive clinical experience, the authors have created a superb resource that will be life-changing for all who read it.”
—Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS-S, FAED, founder and director of the Gaudiani Clinic and author of Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders

“Healing from the trauma of diet culture, body commodification, and internalized weight stigma requires a reclamation of our body as our home. We must take back that which has been stolen from us: the birthright to a body lived in with presence and delight. This beautiful book shows us how to remove the hooks that have kept us stuck and ashamed. Well done.”
—Amy Pershing LMSW, ACSW, CCTP-II, coauthor of Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery and Beyond

About the Authors

Hilary Kinavey, M.S., LPC, has supported people who are healing from disordered eating, body shame, and the impact of weight bias and other traumas. Her work, as a therapist, facilitator, educator, speaker, and writer, has been a study of what interrupts our sense of wholeness and how we can return to ourselves in a culture that profits from fragmentation. She has additional training in workshop facilitation, mind-body coaching, and radical relating. She is a sought-after speaker on topics such as weight-inclusive approaches, weight bias, Body Trust®, and the intersections of activism and the helping professions. She offers consultation and training for organizations and professional groups.

Dana Sturtevant, M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian who helps people divest from diet culture and move toward a more compassionate, embodied form of radical self-care. Her work as a speaker, educator, and trainer focuses on humanizing health care, advancing health equity, and advocating for body sovereignty and food justice. As a sought-after speaker and writer, Sturtevant is a champion for compassionate, weight-inclusive models of care and offers supervision, training, and consultation for helping professionals and health care organizations.


26 July, 2022

THE GIFT OF RUMI: Experiencing the Wisdom of the Sufi Master, by Emily Jane O’Dell, Ph.D.

An authentic exploration of the real Rumi, featuring new translations of his beloved poems, released July 2022 from St. Martin’s Essentials

Personal, inspiring, and transportingThe Gift of Rumi is one part memoir, one part introduction to a great poet sage, and itself a gift.”
Gish Jen, author of Thank You, Mr. Nixon

“[A] sharp debut…The author’s personal anecdotes usefully illustrate what Rumi’s spirituality looks like in contemporary practice, and the historical context opens up fresh ways of looking at the poet’s works. This makes for an excellent primer on Rumi.” ―Publisher’s Weekly


As one of the world’s most loved poets, Rumi’s poems are celebrated for their message of love and their beauty, but too often they are stripped of their mystical and spiritual meanings. The Gift of Rumi offers a new reading of Rumi, contextualizing his work against the broader backdrop of Islamic mysticism and adding a richness and authenticity that is lacking in many Westernized conceptions of his work. Author Emily Jane O’Dell has studied Sufism both academically, in her work and research at Harvard, Columbia, and the American University of Beirut, and in practice, learning from a Mevlevi master and his whirling dervishes in Istanbul. She weaves this expertise throughout The Gift of Rumi, sharing a new vision of Rumi’s classic work.

At the heart of Rumi’s mystical poetry is the “religion of love” which transcends all religions. Through his majestic verses of ecstasy and longing, Rumi invites us into the religion of the heart and guides us to our own loving inner essence. The Gift of Rumi gives us a key to experiencing this profound and powerful invitation, allowing readers to meet the master in a new way.


“In the crowded shelf of books about Rumi, there are a few books about Rumi’s life, and an increasing number that are or purport to be translations from the original Persian. E.J. O’Dell’s The Gift of Rumi is both: It gives the right amount of context for people new to the study of Rumi, combined with original and fresh translations. The Gift of Rumi is indeed a gift, and recommended to all lovers of Rumi!
―Omid Safi, Professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University; Founder of Illuminated Courses and Tours

Emily Jane O’Dell meets Rumi on his own terms, placing his compelling verses of ecstasy and of longing for the heart’s greater intimacy with the divine within the contexts of historical Islamic mysticism, while at the same time testifying to their enduring value “as a map for living virtuously and loving fiercely.” This book is far more than another collection of Rumi’s poems in translation; it explores the tenets underlying these poems while at the same time opening fascinating vistas onto two remarkable lives – those of Rumi and of the author.”
―John Emigh, Professor Emeritus, Brown University

“This is an astonishing book. It tips rigorous scholarship, benevolent sympathy, and personal experience into the cauldron of Rumi’s poetry for the reader to then gradually withdraw a silken brew of spiritual compassion, guidance, and understanding. It gives us in the West intriguing new translations, but also a usable pathway toward adopting Rumi as a mentor for living in today’s world.”
―Harold Augenbraum, Co-Founder, Yale Translation Initiative


16 June, 2022

SELF HELP, An Audible Original by Ben H. Winters

A darkly comedic thriller by the New York Times best-selling author of Underground Airlines, The Last Policeman, and the Audible Originals Q&A and Inside Jobs, released May 2022.

Self Help Audiobook By Ben H. Winters cover art

Jack Diller is just one more struggling actor on the road to nowhere. He’s got an agent who barely remembers his name, his ex-girlfriend has hooked up with a Silicon Valley dude, and the milk in his fridge is so far past its sell-by date it’s historic. The only way Jack can scrape together a bare existence is by delivering food to exactly the types of successful people he wishes he could be.

Then, one day, a very strange audiobook shows up on his phone. The Killer Instinct seems to be your basic self-help guide, narrated by a washed-up action star named Hector Bruno, and brimming with cheesy advice for how to get your life together.

With so little to lose, Jack starts listening… and listening some more. He starts talking to Hector like he’s his best friend.

And then… Hector starts talking back.


16 June, 2022


An Eye-Opening Parenting Guide for Better Teenage Sleep

In The Sleep Deprived Teen: Why Our Teenagers Are So Tired, and How Parents and Schools Can Help Them Thrive, the journalist Lisa L. Lewis discusses the science behind this phenomenon — why adolescents actually need almost as much sleep as they did when they were younger, and why the fact that about 70 percent of them in this country don’t get enough puts them at risk for everything from poor performance in schools to suicide. Even a small increase in sleep time can reap benefits. Lewis lobbied for, and actually won, a later high school start time in California; a chunk of the book is devoted to showing you how to be a sleep activist in your own community.“
The New York Times

“In this timely book, Lisa L. Lewis underscores why sleep is so vital for adolescent well-being and resilience and offers detailed, actionable tools for bringing about change.”Arianna Huffington, founder & CEO of Thrive Global

In THE SLEEP-DEPRIVED TEEN (Mango, June 2022), parenting journalist Lisa L. Lewis provides parents with the roadmap for more (and better) sleep for their teens—and perhaps even for themselves.

Pick up this actionable guide for parents of exhausted teens. Teenagers are tired, strapped for time, and often asked to wake up far earlier than they should due to school start times. In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, Lisa L. Lewis, who helped spark the first law in the nation requiring healthy school start times for adolescents, has written a reader-friendly book for parents who want to help their fatigued teens and tweens sleep well.

Learn the science of why teenage sleep matters and how sleep changes during the teen years. Poor sleep affects mental health, athletic performance, and academic success. It contributes to adolescent depression, anxiety, and even drowsy driving. On the flip side, when teens are well-rested, they’re happier, healthier, and more emotionally resilient.


  • The science of why sleep matters and how it changes during the teen years
  • A synthesis of the research, including tips and strategies to promote healthy sleep habits and help teens avoid poor sleep patterns
  • An essential primer on technology, and a look at how gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, and race and ethnicity can affect teenage sleep

If you’ve read books like Parenting the New Teen in the Age of AnxietyGeneration Sleepless, or Inconvenient Sleep, then The Sleep-Deprived Teen is for you.

Journalist Lewis sounds the alarm that teens aren’t getting enough sleep in this impassioned survey. Due in large part to early school start times, teens are sleep deprived, she writes, and it’s taking a toll on their health. Lewis explains how sleep works and details the shifts that happen during puberty and cause teens to need additional morning sleep to get sufficient rest. She details the history of school schedules, attributing earlier start times to school consolidation, busing issues, and budget cuts, and offers data showing dramatic improvements in attendance and mental health in Minnesota schools when schools started later. Parents stuck with an early bell, Lewis writes, can be ‘strategic’ with kids ‘about naps and caffeine’ and set limits for tech use at night, but the best way to deal with the problem, she argues, is to push schools to start later. To that end, she offers detailed and practical guidance, including tips for building community involvement, and responses to common objections by school districts (‘Sports are often not nearly as difficult to rearrange as people think they might be,’ for example). This convincing plea is well worth a look for parents and educators alike.“
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In her compelling and deeply researched book, Lisa L. Lewis shows why sleep matters to the physical, emotional, and social well-being of teenagers. She deftly reviews the science, then provides practical advice for putting those scientific insights into action. For parents and educators everywhere, this book is an urgent and timely read.”
Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WhenDriveThe Power of Regret, and To Sell Is Human

“Lisa L. Lewis’s book should serve as a wake-up call to parents, lawmakers, school administrators, coaches, and teens everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to convince adolescents they need more sleep, but this book is full of persuasive facts even the most exhausted teen might heed. Don’t let your aspiring NBA players miss the chapter on sleep as a competitive advantage! The Sleep-Deprived Teen is a bright and easy read with profound implications for the health and development of teens.”
Michelle Icard, author of Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen

The Sleep-Deprived Teen is a must-read for anyone caring for tweens and teens. It explains in a clear and accessible way how kids’ sleep patterns change during puberty and why good-quality sleep is so critical to the physical and emotional well-being of our adolescents.”
Vanessa Kroll Bennett, cohost of The Puberty Podcast

The Sleep-Deprived Teen provides a conversationally paced review of the scientific background behind teen sleep challenges and outlines a roadmap for healthier and better-slept teens through community and school advocacy. Investing in today’s teens, who are tomorrow’s leaders, truly does start with a good night’s sleep!”
Maida Lynn Chen, MD, director of the Sleep Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine

“Filled with outstanding research and reporting, The Sleep-Deprived Teen should convince every parent and educator of teens to make healthy sleep a priority. Lisa L. Lewis covers the latest research on sleep-deprivation and compels readers to consider practical changes around school start times, sports practices, media use, caffeine, driving habits and more, all with a goal of improving teen health and engagement with learning. Read it with your teen today!”
Denise Pope, PhD, cofounder of Challenge Success and senior lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Education

“While we often view waking sleepy teens for pre-dawn school as a joke at best or annoyance at worst, The Sleep-Deprived Teen shows why this practice undermines the health and well-being of children, families, and entire communities. Whether you live with, work with, or even know any teenagers, this engaging, illuminating book will awaken you to this ‘sleeper’ of an issue and show you how we as a society can address it.”
Terra Ziporyn Snider, PhD, executive director and cofounder of Start School Later

About the Author

Lisa L. Lewis, MS, is a freelance journalist who covers the intersection of parenting, public health, and education. She played a key role in California’s new healthy school start times law, the first of its kind in the nation. Lewis is a frequent contributor to The Washington Post and has written for The New York TimesThe AtlanticTIME, the Los Angeles TimesSlate, and Your Teen, among others. She’s a parent to two teens, who inspire much of what she writes about—everything from concussions and heat stroke to school lockdowns to teenage sleep.

Rafael Pelayo, MD, FAASM, is a clinical professor at Stanford University School of Medicine in the division of sleep medicine. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area,