Recent Sales

17 May, 2022

The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells, Rebecca Rego Barry

Editor of Fine Books & Collections and author of RARE BOOKS UNCOVERED Rebecca Rego Barry’s THE VANISHING OF CAROLYN WELLS, part-biography, part sleuthing narrative, a true-life literary detective story to rediscover the unfairly lost legacy of one of the original grand dames of mystery, the once wildly popular and prolific novelist Carolyn Wells, an author who counted presidents among her fans and whose books were turned into silent films by Thomas Edison. (Post Hill Press, World English, for publication Spring 2024).

14 April, 2022

THE PIRATE KING, Sean Kingsley and Rex Cowan

Maritime archaeologist Sean Kingsley and shipwreck hunter Rex Cowan’s THE PIRATE KING, the story of the “Robin Hood of the Seas,” Henry Avery of Devon who, during the Golden Age of Piracy, absconded with millions from a Mughal ship seized off the coast of India, and literally vanished into thin air. (Pegasus/North American and non-exclusive Open Market/Spring 2024).

24 March, 2022


Attorney Paul Carter’s biography of our 37th  President, drawn from over 600 oral histories and dozens of interviews conducted by the author with Nixon intimates, an examination of Richard Nixon through the lens of his Southern California roots; sharing the story of Nixon’s life, including his humble rural upbringing, his career and life successes, his many defeats, and a close look at the man as a brother, son, husband and father (Potomac Books, World ex Asia, for publication in 2022).

20 January, 2022

Emma of 83rd Street, Audrey Bellezza and Emily Harding

A contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s EMMA set in Upper East Side Manhattan. (Gallery/Simon & Schuster, World Rights, Spring 2023)

12 January, 2022

THE BABY WILL BE JUST FINE! The (Not So) Selfish Mom’s Guide to Surviving the First Year, Becky Viera

PR professional, writer for Scary Mommy and BabyCenter, and voice behind the Instagram account, Witty Otter Becky Vieira‘s realistic look at new motherhood with actionable, real-world advice focused on the health and welfare of moms. (Union Square & Co/World Rights/May 2023).

9 December, 2021

Commons Sense: A Strategy for Civic Education, Michael Feuer

The Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University presents a powerful argument for reviving and rethinking a civic education curriculum at the high school and college level–one that encompasses tools for understanding current and future threats to democracy. (Johns Hopkins University Press, World Rights, 2023)

2 December, 2021


Latina holistic health coach Karla A. Salinari draws on her Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban family traditions to create a flavorful plant-based Latinx cuisine. (Skyhorse Publishing, World Rights, May 2023)

4 October, 2021

The A-Ha! Method – Communicating Powerfully in a Time of Distraction, by Gabe Zichermann

Entrepreneur, professional public speaker, and author of THE GAMIFICATION REVOLUTION, Gabe Zichermann shares his behavioral-science based approach to crafting and delivering speeches and idea/company pitches or even leading a meeting that will help readers engage and persuade today’s distracted listeners. (Rowman & Littlefield , World English, Fall 2022)

26 August, 2021

AN ASSASSIN IN UTOPIA: The True Story of a 19th Century Sex Cult, Mystics, Mayhem, and a President’s Murder, by Susan Wels

A narrative weaving together the interlocking stories of John Humphrey Noyes, founder of the utopian Oneida Community, known for their shocking sexual practices; his idol, the eccentric newspaper publisher Horace Greeley; and the gloomy, indecisive James Garfield, the teacher, congressman, and Civil War hero elected U.S. President in 1880—only to be assassinated in his first six months in office by the demented Charles Julius Guiteau, who was linked to all of them in extraordinary ways!  (Pegasus, world English, 2022).

24 August, 2021


Pitched in the tradition of Emma Straub and Tom Perrotta, Palmer’s fourth novel about three couples who celebrate every birthday together at their favorite restaurant for a decade, until their lives unravel when one turns 40 and announces over dinner that he wants a divorce, forcing each couple to reexamine what’s brought and kept them together–and whether their relationships are strong enough to survive. (Wyatt-MacKenzie, World English rights, Summer 2022)