Recent Sales

18 February, 2021

BIG TIME, Ben H. Winters

Author of UNDERGROUND AIRLINESGOLDEN STATE, and THE LAST POLICEMAN Ben H. Winters’s BIG TIME, in which a female corporate spy gains the confidence of a billionaire hedge fund manager and discovers his invaluable secret, to Josh Kendall at Mulholland Books, in an exclusive submission. (Mulholland/Little Brown, North American Rights, Spring 2023)

2 February, 2021

ENSLAVED: The Sunken History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Simcha Jacobovici & Sean Kingsley

Filmmaker and NYT-bestselling author Simcha Jacobovici and maritime archaeologist Sean Kingsley’s ENSLAVED, the 400-year history of the transatlantic slave trade as revealed through the journeys of six sunken ships that traveled to the New World; a docuseries of the same name, featuring actor and human rights activist Samuel L. Jackson is currently on Epix/BBC and Candadian Broadcasting (Pegasus, Spring 2022, World English)

17 December, 2020

MOMS MOVING ON, Michelle Dempsey-Multack

A popular Instagrammer and divorce coach provides real-life advice for conquering divorce, co-parenting without conflict and getting a life. (Tiller Press/Simon & Schuster, World English Language, Spring 2021)

10 November, 2020

JULIAN: The Last Pagan Emperor of Rome

About Flavius Claudius Julianus–better known as Julian the Apostate–a fascinating and complex figure, in a concise biography for the “Ancient Lives” series, edited by Classics Professor at Bard James Romm. Freeman is the Pepperdine University Fletcher Jones Chairman of Western Culture. (Ancient Lives Series/Yale University Press/World Rights, 2022).

29 October, 2020

SELF HELP, Ben H. Winters

Author of UNDERGROUND AIRLINES and THE LAST POLICEMAN Ben H. Winters’ third project for Audible Originals, in which a struggling actor seeking to improve his circumstances downloads a self-help audiobook that helps boost his confidence—and directs him to commit a series of increasingly audacious crimes. (World, Audible, Summer 2021)

29 September, 2020


The science behind why adolescents are so tired and how parents and schools can help them by journalist and contributor to The New York Times and Washington Post, Lisa Lewis–how being sleep deprived affects everything from teen mental health to school performance,  and strategies and policy changes that can alleviate the issues.  (Mango/World English/Spring 2022)

22 September, 2020


Thought leader and business strategist Slim, author of  Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation shares a dynamic new model for growing your business by discovering and connecting with customers outside your field of view. ( McGraw Hill/world English/Fall 2021).

17 September, 2020

RECLAIMING BODY TRUST, Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant

Founders of Be Nourished Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD’s RECLAIMING BODY TRUST, showing readers how to live compassionately in the bodies they have today and move towards more body – and self – acceptance, revealing how we can listen to and trust our bodies to lead us to greater health and well-being.   (Tarcher Perigee/Spring 2022/World ex Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam).

26 June, 2020

HANNIBAL, Philip Freeman

Pepperdine University Fletcher Jones Chairman of Western Culture, classicist and translator Philip Freeman’s HANNIBAL, best known for his audacious crossing of the Alps with battle elephants to bring war to the heart of the Roman Empire, the author draws on the original texts and the latest archaeological investigations to reveal him as a skilled diplomat, politician, master of organization and leader of men.  (Pegasus, World English, Spring 2022)

17 June, 2020

MODERN MOM PROBS: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Moms, Tara Clark

Popular Instagram mom blogger Tara Clark’s survival guide for 21st-century moms, presenting advice on the 100 most common problems they face, from dealing with social media perfection to playground geopolitics and keeping your relationship spicy, illustrated with memorable memes, illustrated by Mary McConville. (Post Hill Press/April 2021/World English).