Recent Sales

30 March, 2020

QUARANTINE! by Gay Courter

A bestselling novelist’s real-life harrowing account of confronting coronavirus on the Diamond Princess, off the coast of Japan, the successful campaign to get Americans released and the subsequent 14 days quarantine on a military base in the US. (Post Hill Press,Fall 2020, World English language rights).

25 February, 2020


Licensed clinical social worker and former Director of Parenting Resources at Zero to Three Claire Lerner  FROM TODDLER HELL TO TODDLER HEAVEN, a parenting guide that teaches parents to change their response to their young children’s behavior, featuring seven mind shifts to reduce tantrums, power struggles and other day to day challenges, to Suzanne Staszak-Silva at Rowman & Littlefield, for publication in fall 2021, by Joelle Delbourgo at Joelle Delbourgo Associates (world English).

19 February, 2020

SAM IS OUR SISTER, Ashley Rhodes-Courter

NYT-bestselling author of THREE LITTLE WORDS and THREE MORE WORDS Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s SAM IS OUR SISTER, a story based on the experiences of the author’s family that follows three siblings, one of whom is transgender, as they play astronauts, learn about what it means to become your true self, and realize they will always be together. (Albert Whitman/World/Spring 2021)

12 December, 2019

WE SHARE THE SAME SKY, Rachael Cerrotti

Documentarian and educator Rachael Cerrotti tells the story of Cerrotti’s grandmother’s escape as a young girl from the Nazis, a journey which takes her from her native Czechoslovakia to Denmark to Sweden, where she arrives with no money, belongings, friends or contacts, and finally to America; by retracing her grandmother’s steps, Cerrotti recounts her own personal journey of love and loss, finding hope in her grandmother’s lessons for living. (Blackstone Publishing/ World rights/Fall 2021).

8 December, 2019


From Pepperdine University Fletcher Jones Chairman of Western Culture, classicist, a collection of the best religious writings from the ancient and medieval Celtic world in all new translations with commentary. (St. Martin’s/World Rights/Spring 2021).

27 November, 2019


Associate Lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison Julie Stamm PhD’s INSIDE THE HELMET, on the effects of repetitive brain trauma (CTE) on young athletes, providing guidance for parents and coaches on how to minimize trauma and enhance safety in contact sports. ( Rowman & Littlefield/Spring 20201, World English)

22 November, 2019

MEN I’VE NEVER BEEN, Michael Sadowski

Pitched in the tradition of BETTYVILLE and THE TENDER BAR, the coming-of-age journey of a gender non-conforming male trying to navigate the blind alleys of traditional manhood facing the gauntlet of masculinity tests he feels destined to fail: the role models that don’t deliver, the TV tropes and archetypes that never seem to fit, as well as a universal story of finding one’s true identity. Sadowski is Executive Director of the Bard Early College Initiative and education faculty member. ( University of Wisconsin Press in the Living Out series/World Rights/Spring 2021)

12 November, 2019


From the co-author of the bestselling FRESHMAN SURVIVAL GUIDE comes a warm, compassionate guide to the next big transition in young people’s lives: your twenties.  (Thomas Nelson/World Rights/Spring 2021)

27 October, 2019


A leading researcher makes the argument that mindfulness can be invaluable throughout life and help us to meet the challenges at every stage.  (Guilford, World Rights, Fall 2020)

18 September, 2019

HOW TO TELL A STORY, Aristotle, Translated by Philip Freeman

For over two thousand years, Aristotle’s Poetics has been a fundamental but often little-known text on storytelling. In this short but fascinating work Aristotle reveals the timeless secrets of plot, character, timing, and all the other elements needed to make a story work. In this new translation, entitled How to Tell a Story, Philip Freeman makes this ancient text come alive for a modern readers and writers. Freeman is the Fletcher Jones Chairman of Western Culture at Pepperdine University and author of numerous translations of classic works, including HOW TO WIN AN ELECTION, HOW TO GROW OLD and upcoming, HOW TO THINK ABOUT GOD. (Princeton University Press, World rights, Fall 2021)