Recent Sales

25 March, 2019

MANIPULATED: Inside the Global War to Hijack Elections and Distort the Truth, Theresa Payton

A chilling analysis of the many ways Americans are being manipulated and divided by an array of increasingly sophisticated tools, including election hacking, “deepfake” videos, AI bots and more. Payton lays out how to protect our democracy from these threats from bad actors (including foreign governments) on an individual and national level.  Theresa Payton is the former CIO (Chief Information Officer) for the White House and CEO of Fortalice, a cybersecurity firm. (Rowman, Spring 2020, World exclusive of Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan)

15 March, 2019

THE GIFTS OF RUMI, Emily J. O’Dell, Ph.D.

From Emily J. O’Dell, a Yale Law School research fellow in Islamic Law and editor of SHARIAsource at Harvard Law School, a collection of new translations of Rumi poems, accompanied by contextualizing historical and biographical notes to restore both the original meaning and Islamic/Sufi context to the iconic Persian poet’s mystical poems. (St. Martin’s Essentials, world English and Germany)

21 February, 2019

THRIVERS: The Surprising Secrets of Happy, High Performing Kids in a Winner-Take-All World, Michele Borba, Ed.D.

From the author of UNSELFIE, educator and parenting expert Michele Borba comes a book about raising kids to roll with the punches and succeed in life–not just in school.  Dr. Borba identifies 7 signature strengths that can be nurtured in children from preschool to high school. (Putnam, Spring 2021, World exclusive of translation in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan)

12 February, 2019

HIGH TOGETHER: Cannabis for Couples, John Selby Th.D.

A guide for how to use cannabis safely as couples to promote intimacy and connection. Selby is a psychologist and couples counselor whose books have sold more than 700,000 copies worldwide. (Inner Traditions, Spring 2020, World Rights)

18 January, 2019


A comprehensive guide for strengthening the couple relationship in blended families as couples try also to negotiate the challenges of blended families, this will be the first book to apply attachment theory to the stepcouple relationship.  The author previously wrote The Happy Stepmother.  (Rowman & Littlefield, February 2020, World exclusive of translation rights in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan)


14 January, 2019

HOW TO AGE IN PLACE, Robert Bornstein, Ph.D. and Mary Languirand, PH.D.

Psychologists and aging experts Robert Bornstein Ph.D. and Mary Languirand Ph.D’s a planning guide for a happy, independent and financially secure retirement for those tens of millions of baby boomers who would like to “age in place,” to Mike Desrossiers at Vibrance Audio, for publication in 2019 (World English).

10 December, 2018

THE RULE OF ST. BENEDICT: An Introduction to the Contemplative Life, translated by Philip Freeman

Pepperdine University Fletcher Jones Chair and professor of humanities Philip Freeman’s translation from the Latin of the timeless faith classic, a simple but profound guide for living with prayer and purpose., for the contemporary spiritual seeker.   (St. Martin’s Essentials, Fall 2020, World).

14 November, 2018

HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST & Untitled Novel, Julie Valerie

For fans of CLASS MOM and WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE, a hilarious, upmarket debut about a woman struggling with fitting in, letting go, and challenging the status quo as a fish-out-of-water in a new, upscale neighborhood alongside its quirky cast of residents, by the founder of the 85K Writing Challenge. (Lake Union/Amazon Publishing, Fall 2019, World).

31 October, 2018

FLAT, FLUID & FAST: Building Adaptable and Agile Workforces, Brynne S. Kennedy

Founder and CEO of global technology company Topia and thought leader Brynne S. Kennedy‘s  blueprint for leaders and managers to understand, navigate, and leverage the “talent mobility revolution” for maximum retention, efficiency, and sustainable value. (McGraw-Hill, September 2019, World exclusive of translation in Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan)

29 October, 2018


In the tradition of The Dovekeepers, an imaginative retelling of one of our most important story–that of Creation–from Adam’s point-of-view. (Bold Vision, June 2019, World Rights)