Dale Russakoff’s THE PRIZE draws 350 people to Newark Public Library Event

11 September, 2015

prizeLast night, a crowd of Newark parents, educators and other stakeholders gathered to hear a panel discuss Dale Russakoff’s just-published book, THE PRIZE:  Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?  Russakoff, a veteran reporter at the Washington Post who spent 4 years researching and writing the book, opened the discussion, with others from the worlds of philanthropy, public education and charter schools weighing in.  The crowd, 350 strong, was electric in their response to the panelists and the line for questions from the audience was long.  Russakoff signed books after the event, with Watchung Booksellers, an independent bookstore in Montclair, NJ, opening carton after carton of the hardcover books for sale.