The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot, by Ann E. Grant

20 June, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that Georgia Hughes, Editorial Director of New World Library has nabbed rights to The Ann E. grantDivorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot by Ann E. Grant. Divorce is a multi-billion-dollar industry — but the system is rigged.  Divorce “professionals” (lawyers, mediators, forensic accountants and therapists) bill by the hour.  They financially benefit when women are indecisive and uninformed.  Divorces often needlessly drag on for years, while the “professionals” line their pockets with divorcing women’s misery.  The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot puts a stop to all that with a step-by-step guide to ending a marriage quickly and efficiently while giving women back their power.

As a litigator and a survivor of a high-conflict divorce, Ann Grant know both sides of this story — and what she knows is that divorce does not have to be drawn out, expensive or complicated.  She experienced first-hand how devastating divorce can be both emotionally and financially and she learned how not just to survive, but thrive. When it was finally over, she made the decision to commit her career to helping women navigate the legal minefields and outsmart the system so they can get to a new and better life with their sanity intact and their money where it belongs: in the bank. In her legal practice in Manhattan Beach, California, she help dozens of women every year.  And now, in DivorceHacker, she reveals the secrets she has learned and that the industry does not want women to know, because they provide a swift route out.

“If you can make a human in nine months, you can untie the knot in less time, and I will show you how to do that.” — Ann E. Grant  

Check out Ann on the web at www.thedivorcehacker,com.