“I love it when my phone rings and it’s Joelle; I love it when I see her name in my inbox. I love having an agent who I enjoy talking to, who gets what I’m trying to do creatively (often, I suspect, better than I do) and who knows to look for things in negotiations and contracts that it would never occur to me to look for. I am always grateful to have Joelle and her team on my side.” –Ben H. Winters, author of UNDERGROUND AIRLINES, THE LAST POLICEMAN

“Joelle Delbourgo found a home for my novel, and changed my life.”–Marilyn Simon Rothstein, author of LIFT AND SEPARATE and HUSBANDS AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS

Joelle Delbourgo is the literary agent every writer dreams of having.  You’d have thought that you’d died and gone to heaven, she’s that good.  In an increasingly dehumanizing publishing climate, Joelle establishes a personal relationship with you and really cares about you and your writing career.  You’d better do your homework before sending anything in to her, because she’s sharp and has an eagle eye for what won’t work . She will help you make your project better than you ever thought it could be, and will champion it through all the thorny thickets and sticky wickets of the publishing process.  I thank my lucky stars that I found Joelle.  She makes you want to be a better writer!”     –Thomas Armstrong, author of THE MYTH OF THE ADHD CHILD

“Jacqueline Flynn is smart, savvy, and instinctive. She has a sixth sense for discovering marketable stories, the editing expertise to polish them, and the publishing know-how to place them. On top of that, she’s kind-hearted and protective of her clients’ interests. I look forward to working with her for many years to come!” — Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, THE GUARDIAN HERD

“Whether she’s giving notes on a book proposal or strategizing about an upcoming submission, Jacquie Flynn is savvy, direct and positive.  She’s helped me mull over projects through every stage, from early idea to polished drafts, and her advice has been transformative.  She returns phone calls and always sounds cheerful and optimistic, even when the news isn’t.  A wonderful agent whose efforts and deep publishing contacts have positioned my book to succeed.” — John Temple, AMERICAN PAIN and THE LAST LAWYER

“Within weeks of signing with Joelle Delbourgo Associates, I had offers from top publishing houses, and ended up with a six-figure advance.” –Lauren Mackler, SOLE MATES

“Jacquie Flynn’s high energy and enthusiasm, not to mention her experience as both an editor and an agent, make her a strong advocate for her client’s projects.” Anne Greenwood Brown, LIES BENEATH, DEEP BETRAYAL, and PROMISE BOUND

“Joelle Delbourgo’s savvy, experience and passion for writers and their books is obvious on first meeting, just as is her impressive client list on first glance.  But Joelle is marked as an extraordinary agent in another vital way, and that is by her loyalty to a writer through thick and thin, even several years down the line when the prospects of a book’s future earnings dim, when entirely new and complex issues can emerge.  Thank goodness for Joelle’s old school integrity — once she’s in your corner, there she will remain. —David Monagan, IRELAND UNHINGED

Joelle is an amazing agent. She has been my outspoken advocate and guide through the complicated world of trade publishing. She just sold my sixth book to a major publisher and I couldn’t be more pleased.” –Philip Freeman, author of OH MY GODS, ST. BRIGID’S BONES

“Jacquie Flynn’s high energy and enthusiasm, not to mention her experience as both an editor and an agent, make her a strong advocate for her client’s projects.” Anne Greenwood Brown, , LIES BENEATH, DEEP BETRAYAL, and PROMISE BOUND

“A former editor, Jacquie Flynn is much more than a literary agent. She’s an insightful publishing pro who really understands writers’ interests and publishers’ needs. To put it simply, she ‘gets it.’ I’ve worked with Jacquie on six books now.  Jacquie quickly identified ‘the right’ publisher and negotiated a terrific deal, which is just the beginning of a great things to come. I view Jacquie Flynn as my ‘publishing partner’ and friend, and I can’t wait to work with her—and the Joelle Delbourgo Associates team—again.” Nancy Flynn, HANDBOOK OF SOCIAL MEDIA

“You want Joelle on your side when it comes to contracts.  Negotiating the fine-points of a publishing contract may be the non-glamorous part of the job, but Joelle approaches it with zest and shapes a contract that thoroughly protects the author’s interests.”–Heather Shumaker,  IT’S OK NOT TO SHARE, and IT’S OK TO GO UP THE SLIDE

Joelle Delbourgo is the quintessential literary agent: smart, editorially wise, knowledgeable about contracts and business, au courant with the latest movings and shakings, and most importantly, is there for her authors from concept to publication and beyond.” –Gay Courter, novelist

“The first lesson for a new author is that bringing a book from proposal to publication must be a team effort. Fortunately, Joelle Delbourgo is a finer advocate and ally than I ever thought I’d have. She’s the ideal agent for the serious writer who understands that professionalism is one of the most important habits an aspiring author can cultivate.” –Jeff Sypeck,  BECOMING CHARLEMAGNE

Joelle Delbourgo is a rock star when it comes to literary agents. She is sharp, insightful, honest, and a real pro. I trust her implicitly, especially as she helps me navigate the often perilous and nuanced world of book publishing. Having been a top editor and publisher herself, Joelle brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and perspective to her work. Her combined experience in these roles as well as her position as a business owner make her the perfect champion.” –Leslie Levine,  WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT

“Joelle Delbourgo is a wonderful agent because of her knowledge, her candor (she wastes no one’s time with false praise or assurances), and her access to resources writers need—publishers, of course, but also top-notch editors and publicists.   I will definitely return to her with my next book, if she’ll have me. ” –Dorothy Foltz-Gray, author of WITH AND WITHOUT HER

“The agency made the whole process easy for me. They partnered me with the perfect co-writer and got us a better deal. Our agent gave us fantastic advice on what to include in the book and how to work with the publicity staff for optimum success.” –Elena Donavan Mauer, nonfiction writer

“I thought I knew my way around the publishing business.”
“That’s not what we were told in our MFA program.”
Those were just a few of the comments from those of us who were fortunate enough to sit in on Ms. Joelle Delbourgo’s teleconference session at the Ozark Master Class in Fiction. We were treated to an informal, frank and lively discussion of current trends in literary publishing from a knowledgeable insider. Attendees weren’t novices; all of us were published MFA graduates with completed manuscripts which we all thought ready for an agent’s review. All of us were sent back to our computers, heads spinning, armed with Ms. Delbourgo’s advice on how not to approach an agent, how to create query letters that get agents’ attention, recommended reading lists, how to evaluated literary conferences, and the often overlooked importance of social media networking in today’s literary marketplace. Ms. Delbourgo’s presentation was the highlight of our conference.
–Linda Butler, Director, Ozark Master Class in Fiction