14 November, 2012

They’re in their prime–just in time for the sexual revolution.  And they’ll make you glad that virgins do grow up…

Ambitions unfurled and libidos flying, Peg and Con are taking Washington D.C. by storm, along with their new friend, Kitty Cohen, the capital’s canniest power hostess in this hilarious sequel to Caryl Rivers’ VIRGINS.  Politics is the name of the game, and these women are out to make their own rules–until Peg’s old heartthrob, Father Sean McCaffrey appears. When teenage lust turns into grown-up desire, Washington hasn’t got a prayer!

“What a pleasure…” raved The New York Times.  “Brassy, wise-cracking, sentimental popular fiction…politics, sex, Vietnam, feminism, the Church, the working press…authentic and well observed.” (Kirkus Reviews)