GO BIG NOW, Julia Pimsleur

30 March, 2021

Transform Aspirational Thoughts into Life-Changing Results

What’s the biggest challenge you face if you want to accomplish great things? It’s getting and keeping the right mindset, according to the hundreds of high achievers Julia Pimsleur has interviewed and worked with as a business coach. In her new book Go Big Now (New World Library, March 2021), Pimsleur distills two decades of studying complex mindset practices into eight essential “mindset keys” that can be used by anyone to get the Go Big Mindset and achieve ambitious professional and life goals. Pimsleur shares personal stories of how she used these keys to raise venture capital and build multimillion-dollar companies, and illustrates each key with an example from a leader, CEO, or celebrity whose mindset catapulted them to success. You’ll learn to reframe perceived setbacks, replace unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and stay motivated to pursue your big goal, even in the face of massive hurdles. With the Go Big Mindset, you’ll boost your mental resilience and discover how to think your way to bigger, better results.

Go Big Now blends scientific research with practical tips and genuine vulnerability so that anyone can apply these mindset practices to reach their goals. An incredible achievement!”
— Chris Yeh, bestselling coauthor of Blitzscaling and cofounder of the Global Scaling Academy

Go Big Now is an essential playbook for any leader who wants to learn the mindset it takes to scale up. From her experience raising venture capital to her leadership of the Million Dollar Women movement, Julia Pimsleur has lived the advice in this book, and she’s the perfect guide for anyone who wants to multiply their impact exponentially.”
— Verne Harnish, founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Julia Pimsleur’s authenticity, vulnerability, and storytelling will blow you away. You’ll discover that the people you admire who are übersuccessful were at one point exactly where you are right now — they just had some secrets, which Julia has been gracious enough to share with us.”
— Tiffany Dufu, founder and CEO of The Cru and author of Drop the Ball

“A must-read for women entrepreneurs. Julia Pimsleur coaches from all angles — logistical, psychological, financial — and gives those with seemingly insurmountable obstacles clear steps for improving their mindsets, and their lives!”
— Ada Calhoun, bestselling author of Why We Can’t Sleep

Julia Pimsleur, a scaling coach and mindset expert, is the founder of Million Dollar Women. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses to seven figures and beyond via her coaching and speaking. Pimsleur hosts the Million Dollar Mind podcast and CEO Check-In. An avid scuba diver, she lives with her family in New York City.