HER WILD OATS, Kathi Kamen Goldmark

A  honky-tonk road story about two unlikely pals: Arizona Rosenblatt, a smart young woman who leaves home and her role as assistant to a high-powered Hollywood executive when she discovers her husband is having an affair with a woman from Jews for Jesus, and thirteen-year-old Otis Ray “Wild Oats” Pixlie, boy genius harmonica player. In the end, Otis Ray learns what it means to be an adult; Arizona discovers the life she wants; and they both figure out the true meaning of love and family.  Kathi Kamen Goldmark is the author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You (Chronicle Books), and the founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders.  Her Wild Oats will be published posthumously, and promoted by her husband, Sam Barry. (Untreedreads/2014)