Irene S. Levine, Ph.D.

Irene LevineFor most women, their best friends have seen them through years of joys and challenges, from milestone to misunderstandings, birthdays to breakups. But what happens when the person you’re breaking up with is your best friend?

In her new book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, psychologist, journalist, and author Dr. Irene Levine takes on the myth of best friends forever and argues that rather than keeping one best friend throughout their lives, women have many best friends over time, and even simultaneously. Yet women often feel that they have failed in some way when a friendship succumbs to distance, life changes, or other factors.

Best Friends ForeverDr. Levine unravels the truth about the friendships women have, how they change and develop as the years pass, and what happens when they end, incorporating both social science research on friendship and the personal stories of dozens of women. Sidebars offer extra information, from myths about friendship to lists of warning signs of a toxic friendship to the best movies dealing with the theme of female friendship.

Publisher’s Weekly wrote that Best Friends Forever “is a formidable resource for negotiating the ending of women’s friendships…Full of hints for being a consistently thoughtful friend, for resuscitating your closest friendship of knowing when to end it, this book is part etiquette guide, part grief manual.”

Jeffrey Zaslow, New York Times best-selling author of The Girls from Ames and co-author of The Last Lecture said, “For anyone who has ever had a friend, but especially for those who’ve ended close relationships, Irene Levine has written a beautiful guide to recovery and healing. It is a book filled with honest reflections and heartfelt advice.”

Irene S. Levine, PhD is a professor of psychiatry at New York University-Langone School of Medicine. She also writes for a wide range of print and online publications including Ladies Home Journal, Reader .s Digest, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Self, and Health. She blogs as .The Friendship Doctor . on The Huffington Post and and writes a regular column for AAAS Science She lives in New York and can be found online at and and on Twitter at

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