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Jennifer Prost, a book publicist with over 20 years’ experience, works with many agency clients on crafting innovative and far-reaching campaigns.  Jennifer opened the doors of Jennifer Prost Public Relations in 1998. Before that she was Director of Publicity at Addison Wesley’s General Books and Summit Books (a division of Simon & Schuster), and Associate Publicity Director at Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

She has planned and executed bestselling publicity campaigns, and is dedicated to working hand in hand with authors and publishers to maximize media exposure and sell books. Known for her diversity, Jennifer is as comfortable promoting current affairs titles as she is parenting books, narrative nonfiction, business books, memoirs, fiction, and more.

Authors Jennifer has worked with include Scott Turow, Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson, Warren Bennis, Harold Kushner, T. Berry Brazelton, Susan Love, Brad Gilbert, and Missy Chase Lapine (AKA The Sneaky Chef).

Her clients include Simon & Schuster, University of California Press, Putnam, Portfolio, HarperCollins, Perseus, Johns Hopkins University Press, Running Press, and many more.

Reliable, responsive, and straightforward, Jennifer will find media opportunities that others have overlooked. She has been nominated for the LMP Award and served on the Board of Directors of the Publishers’ Publicity Association.

Selected Praise for Jennifer Prost:

“When it comes to working with the media, Jennifer is top-notch. I thoroughly trust her instincts and advice. For many years she has helped me pick the best guests for The Today Show. She is a true professional and I recommend her highly.” – Andrea Smith, Former Literary Editor, The Today Show, NBC-TV

“Jennifer Prost is a real pro. She had lots of creativity, energy, and follow-through. I recommend her highly.” – James A. Levine, agent and author

“Jennifer Prost had hands-on responsibility for my first book tour – for Presumed Innocent – and handled all aspects brilliantly. She was magnificently organized and unflappable.” – Scott Turow, author

“Jennifer’s work with me was always excellent. When we needed a spot on a morning show, she got it. When we needed a newspaper interview, she got it. I fully recommend her.” – Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

“I can’t recommend Jennifer Prost highly enough. She goes the distance, is organized, diligent, and open to – and active initiator of – new ideas and strategies. I trust her judgment implicitly. Not only is she a well-informed professional, she’s also a caring and committed person (with a great sense of humor, I might add). I would not hesitate for a second to hire Jennifer again, or to wholeheartedly recommend her.” – Mindy Lewis, author

“I always find Jennifer extremely professional and creative when we work together. I like that she’s willing to take on challenges and see projects from many different angles, frequently turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes.’ I highly recommend Jennifer’s work.” – Craig Herman, VP, Associate Publisher, Running Press

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