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“Oops, I wrote a book.” Juliet_Madison300dpi

Juliet Madison had always wanted to write a book one day — and, okay, her first book wasn’t a complete accident, nor was it easy to write — but she had not planned on becoming a writer when she did.

“When I made an unexpected and quick decision to leave my business and home school my son, I decided to see if I could craft a novel, just for fun,” Juliet says. “Long story short — I was hooked, and the rest is history.”

Now a bestselling and award-nominated author, Juliet has written over a dozen books of romantic comedy, women’s fiction, and young adult supernatural mystery.

Juliet’s many talents and interests inform her writing. Before becoming a writer, she ran her own business as a naturopath (accordingly, a character in one of her books is a naturopath). Juliet also has experience in dance, art, internet marketing, and perfume sales. Now, she prefers to indulge her propensity for multiple careers by living vicariously through her characters.

Her series Tarrin’s Bay is set to continue with one book for each month of the year. The series, which includes THE JANUARY WISH and APRIL’S GLOW (Harlequin Escape), features stand-alone stories that are yet linked by some reappearing characters and a common setting of a small coastal town. Her young adult series, The Delta Girls, 9781501110030centers on the five Delcarta sisters, who each have an extra-sensory perception that enables them to see what others can’t — and that puts them in danger. The five books in this series are named after the five senses;  SIGHT, SOUND, SCENT, TASTE, and TOUCH, and are published by Diversion.

Juliet’s romance novels also have magic in them, though in a different sense of course. These stories see characters on fun, emotional journeys of self-discovery — which often include hilariously embarrassing situations. The titles, published by Harlequin Escape, are FAST FORWARD, I DREAM OF JOHNNY, STARSTRUCK IN SEATTLE, HAUNTED EVER AFTER, and 12 DAVES OF CHRISTMAS.

Using her insight as a motivational expert, Juliet has also created an inspirational coloring book for adults, COLOR YOUR DREAMS (Sourcebooks). The book features one hundred color pages, each of which is designed around an empowering word that encourages the person who is coloring to become who he or she wants to be. In its thoughtful use of language, this book enhances the already-ColorYourDreams_CVRmeditative exercise of coloring.

A naturally optimistic person, Juliet likes to weave positive messages into her stories to leave readers with a sense of appreciation about life. “I love doing random acts of kindness,” says Juliet. “I love spreading joy around and often leave little gifts for strangers in public, even though I don’t know who is going to find them. I don’t do it to get anything in return, but it’s amazing how often you do get gifts yourself in return!”

Juliet is an Australian native and lives near the beach on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. There, she spends as much time as possible writing and as little time as possible doing housework.

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