Sean Kingsley

SEAN KINGSLEY is an archaeologist, historian and writer specializing in the sunken past and the Bible Lands. He has a doctorate from Oxford University and is a former visiting Fellow at Reading University. For eight years Sean was the managing editor of Minerva, the international review of ancient art and archaeology. In 2020 he founded the world’s first popular magazine dedicated to the cultural wonders of the sea, Wreckwatch, and is its Editor-in-Chief ( 

ENSLAVED:  The Sunken History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, co-authored with award-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, was published in hardcover by Pegasus in October 2022, and will be released in paperback in May 2023.

Sean is the Director of Wreck Watch Int. that seeks to protect the sunken past and share its discoveries, as well as the lead archaeologist for the Maritime Heritage Foundation on the wreck of the English first-rate, 100-gun Victory, the greatest warship of the early Georgian age of sail, sunk in the English Channel in 1744. Beneath the waves, Sean has explored over 350 wrecks from Late Bronze Age and Byzantine ships in 2 meters off Israel to the world’s deepest wrecks found using robots down to 4,700 meters off Ireland. Riviera Buzz recently dubbed Sean the ‘David Attenborough of Shipwrecks’. 

Sean has published over 200 articles, news features, editorials and book reviews and written 13 popular and academic non-fiction books. They range from the threat of fishing trawlers bulldozing the sunken past, Fishing & Shipwreck Heritage. Marine Archaeology’s Greatest Threat? (Bloomsbury Academic) to God’s Gold. Quest for the Temple Treasure of Jerusalem (John Murray/HarperCollins). His work includes two scientific volumes about the world’s first deep-sea robotic wreck excavation on a Spanish trader lost in 1622 in 400 meters off the Straits of Florida. Sean is currently writing Enslaved. The Sunken History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Pegasus, September 2022) based on the award-winning TV series presented by Samuel L. Jackson. 

In 2019 Sean was Guest Curator of the exhibition Voices from the Deep at The Postal Museum in London that featured 700 letters saved from the 4.7 kilometre-deep British World War II steamship the Gairsoppa. He is currently developing temporary exhibits for the Shipwreck Treasure Museum in Charlestown, Cornwall, home to the largest private collection of wrecks in Europe. 

Sean has developed and appeared in documentaries for all the major networks from History and the Discovery channels to the BBC. In 2020 he appeared in Enslaved (Epix/BBC2) and Drain the Oceans for National Geographic. 


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