LETTERS TO PRESIDENT CLINTON: Biblical Lessons on Faith and Leadership, Rabbi Menachem Genack, Editor

23 October, 2013

9781454907916_p0_v4_s114x166This book celebrates a unique chapter in the annals of history: a remarkable correspondence between an American rabbi and the president of the United States–Menachem Genack and Bill Clinton–that spanned more than seventeen years and continues to this day.  As Bill Clinton writes in the Foreword to the book:  “The lessons embodied in LETTERS TO PRESIDENT CLINTON both inspired me to persevere and provided the moral clarity necessary to be effective…I can only hope that its wisdom may enrich others’ lives just as it did mine.”

The two men first met when then-Governor Clinton was just beginning his road to the presidency.  As their friendship deepened over the next few years, the rabbi would prepare brief essays containing insights from the Bible that he felt would help the future president navigate decisions and issues.  This correspondence became more regular when Bill Clinton became president.  The rabbi also invited prominent Bible scholars, political leaders, scientists, clergy members and laypeople to contribute.  They include the Rabbi of England, Jonathan Sacks, the great teacher, Joseph Telushkin, and writer Cynthia Ozick.

As Rabbi Genack notes in the  introduction: “Although written for a specific person facing unique challenges, the messages included here will be helpful to anyone who seeks to understand and benefit from the wisdom of biblical thought and its unique and profound insights into life.”

“This fascinating and edifying book…reveals the former president to be a student of the universal message and spirituality of the Book of Books.  It is a testament to the boundless thirst for knowledge of the unique mind of Bill Clinton.”  –Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel

“This profound, thought-provoking, and inspiring collection…is an exploration of some of the Torah’s greatest lessons and provides valuable insight into the central role faith plays in leadership.” –Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey