2 August, 2021

The definitive survival guide for modern moms.

Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers (Post Hill Press/April 2021) is a guide for modern mothers trying to navigate the daily joys and worries they face. It sheds light on the experiences modern moms eat, sleep, and breathe…and obsess about. Using checklists, graphs, and smart, funny advice, this must-have book revels in the messiness and beauty of modern motherhood.

Tara Clark, creator of the popular Instagram account “Modern Mom Probs,” started the conversation for moms looking for an online village. In this book, she continues the conversation with funny, easy-to-digest information, including advice from medical professionals.

Inside, she’ll tackle how to:

• Manage screen time without a meltdown
• Navigate playground geopolitics
• Overcome information overload
• Teach your children about inclusivity
• Find mom friends and keep them


“Tara is incredibly relatable, funny and supportive. She’s who I want to be when I grow up…and I’m 34 years old!”    — Amanda P., Instagram’s @momof1anddone

“Scrolling through Tara’s account is one of the highlights of my day! She can go from making me laugh endlessly to crying happy tears because I feel less alone on this journey of motherhood.”  — Becky Viera, Instagram’s @wittyotter

“Tara at ModernMomProbs is a relatable, authentic, hilarious mother who brings a sign of relief to today’s mom. Visiting her page makes any mother feel like she’s not alone in this wonderfully chaotic adventure of parenthood. Like a virtual hug, ModernMomProbs lifts you up in moments of mom despair whether it be through inspirational, funny, or heartwarming posts. Tara is a true delight; one I may not have met if it weren’t for this amazing community she’s built, and I’m so lucky I can call her a friend. Quite simply, the powerful message Tara brilliantly conveys through ModernMomProbs is, ‘You got this, Mama.'”   — Deb Biondolillo, Instagram’s @stamfordmommy

About the Author

Tara Clark, creator of Instagram’s @ModernMomProbs, is the voice of a generation of modern mothers. Tara creates content for several parenting pages and is a frequent guest on parenting podcasts. She worked at Nickelodeon before devoting herself to the significant work of creating a platform for 21st century moms. Finder her on Instagram, where she has more than 689,000 followers:

Mary McConville is a freelance illustrator who collaborated on this book to encourage and support motherhood. She recently illustrated the children’s book, What a Wonderful Adventure. Her creations can be found on her Instagram page @growupbrite.