Nice news from France

13 December, 2013

We just received this ebullient email from Quirk’s Katherine McGuire, who heads up their foreign licensing edition.  Quirk is the publisher of Ben Winters’ THE LAST POLICEMAN:

“Great news to share about France! Your French publisher, Sonatine, just received a great offer to sublicense “pocket edition” rights to Editions 10/18, which has a very strong line in mysteries. The Sonatine edition, which would be equivalent to the American quality trade paperback, will publish next year, and in 2016, the 10/18 pocket edition will come out in a format that’s roughly equivalent to the American mass market paperback (categorized in my head as “airport impulse buy paperback”).

Congrats, and happy Friday!”

We love receiving this kind of news. There’s something so thrilling about watching the ripples of a book that is captivating not only domestic audiences, but also finding readers in other countries and languages.  Thanks, Katherine, for your hard work and a great ending to the week!