Recent Sales

SEARCHING FOR SAPPHO:  The Lost Songs and World of the First Woman Poet, Philip Freeman. A full-length investigation of the life and work of the female poet Plato called “the tenth muse,” using Sappho as a representation of a classical woman of antiquity.  Freeman, a Harvard-trained classicist holds the endowed Qualley Chair in Classical Languages at Luther College and the author of JULIUS CAESAR and ALEXANDER THE GREAT (W.W. Norton, 2016).

THE FAMOUS WRITERS OF PEPIN, MINNESOTA, Marsha Qualey.  When 400 women converge on a tiny town to celebrate a long-dead author, one woman’s life is forever changed.  This is the debut adult novel for Qualey, a respected YA author.  Also included in the deal are six previously published YA novels.  (Untreed Reads, 2013)

BREAKING FREE: True Stories of Girls Who Escaped Modern Slavery, Abby Sher.  The author of AMEN, AMEN, AMEN gives voice to survivors of sexual slavery.  This will be written for a young adult audience.  (Barron’s/Fall 2014)

THE LAST POLICEMAN #3 (Untitled Novel), Ben H. Winters. The third in the trilogy of police procedural novels set against the impending end-of-the-world collision with an asteroid.  THE LAST POLICEMAN has been nominated for an Edgar Award and optioned by ABC Studios for a television series.  (The second novel, COUNTDOWN CITY, pubs in July 2013.  (Quirk Books, July 2014)

THE UNOFFICIAL “GIRLS” GUIDE.  A lifestyle, food, and destination guide to the hit HBO series Girls, from the authors of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook. (Smart Pop/Ben Bella Books, Fall 2014)

THE WINGED HERDS OF ANOK, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez. Every hundred years the balance of power is threatened when a black foal, prophesied to either unite or conquer the five herds, is born. No pegasus—not even the foal—knows which he has come to accomplish.  Though this century’s black colt, Star, is born malformed and unable to fly, the over-stallions of the five herds plan to execute him on his first birthday. Because his over-sized wings drag on the ground, Star suffers a constant ache between his shoulder blades, and he must travel by hoof like a common horse. His greatest wish is to be a regular flying foal like his friends, but death and destruction seem to follow his every step.  With the future of the herds in the balance, and more importantly the lives of his best friends, the black foal rockets toward his inescapable destiny. (HarperCollins Childrens’, Fall 2014)

SEE JANE WORK, Lindsey J. Palmer.  After months of flagging sales, a magazine’s beloved Editor in Chief gets the pink slip, and a notoriously tough woman swoops in to fill the publication’s top spot; the drama unfolds over the course of one very heated summer, in chapters narrated by a range of distinct voices – a photo editor secretly dating her boss, a backstabbing features editor gunning for a promotion, a beauty editor gaming the system for her own private ends, a new assistant beloved by the boss and disliked by everyone else, a well-respected deputy editor who is also the mom of triplets; as the staffers battle it out, they gossip and betray, and occasionally surprise each other with an act of tender grace. Palmer has worked at Self, Redbook and Glamour. (Kensington, Spring 2014)

ASKING FOR IT, Kate Harding.  A provocative, sharp — and yes, darkly funny — book tackling rape culture, also offering some suggestions for moving toward a culture that fully respects and supports victims, while protecting the rights of the accused, from the Don’t Get Raped blogger and frequent contributor to Jezebel and (Da Capo/Perseus, Fall 2013)

BE NOBODY, Lama Marut. The iconoclastic monk argues that we can find our deepest and most authentic happiness when we stop struggling to be “special” but instead lose ourselves in something or someone else.  Drawing on disparate practices and belief systems from the world’s great spiritual traditions, Lama Marut gives us permission to lay down the heavy burden of perpetual ego enhancement involved in trying so hard to “be somebody” and suggests instead that our true fulfillment in life comes from emptying ourselves of ego and experiencing something larger, by literally allowing ourselves to “be nobody.” (Beyond Word/Atria, June 2014)

WHY BOYS DON’T TALK…AND WHY GIRLS TALK:  Understanding and Communicating with Your Teen, Linda Gordon and Susan Shaffer.  Written by a psychologist and a gender equity expert, this book arms parents with proven techniques for establishing strong emotional bonds and communicating with their adolescent sons and daughters, and addresses the many special challenges parents of today’s teens face such as bully-proofing their kids, dealing with social media, and more. (McGraw-Hill, 2014)

THE RIDDLE OF ILIANDOR, Robert Evert Cimera.  The first in a projected trilogy, this classic epic fantasy has a twist, a truly believable and human hero, indeed a most unlikely protagonist, a middle-aged, insecure, overweight antiquarian with a speech impediment who proves as endearing as he is brave in the course of the three novels. (Diversion Books/Spring 2013)

TEACH A WOMAN TO FISH, Ritu Sharma. A powerful first-hand account by a leading expert in global women’s issues (founder of Women Thrive Worldwide) of the broad systems that prevent women in the third world from leaving poverty behind. It will demonstrate how Western women are uniquely positioned to create change for their counterparts in developing countries. (Palgrave Macmillan, Spring 2014)

PROMISE BOUND, Anne Greenwood Brown. The third novel in the young adult trilogy featuring a family of murderous mermaids.  (Delacorte/Random House, 2014)

BODY OF WORK, Pamela Slim.  Popular blogger, career coach, and author of Escape from Cubicle Nation creates a new framework to help career professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders define clear and rewarding work paths, and create a new vocabulary for thinking about work and happiness (Portfolio/Penguin, Fall 2013)

CROSSING THE INNOVATION THRESHOLD:  How Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Limit or Leverage Their Innovation Capability, Madge  Meyer.  For organizations to remain competitive, innovation is no longer the province of R&D departments, but needs to be systemic.  Mayer, formerly EVP, Chief Innovation Officer and Technology Fellow for State Street Corporation, presents a blueprint for releasing the innovation potential inherent in every employee within an organization, by removing barriers to innovation and helping leaders at every level of the organization to implement the management practices, structures, and processes of a true culture of innovation. (John Wiley, Fall 2013)

MISSIVES TO THE PRESIDENT:  Biblical Lessons in Faith and Leadership Shared with President Bill Clinton, Menachem Genack, Editor.  This book represents a unique chapter in the annals of American political history – a written dialogue between an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and the President of the United States that spanned more than fifteen years.  During that time, Rabbi Genack, a distinguished scholar, solicited contributions from religious leaders and thinkers, as well as offering his own thoughts and interpretations of bibilical passages. Organized according to a variety of themes — leadership, creation, community, sin and repentance, faith, holidays, dreams and vision — the essays plumb the depths of the Bible for messages that are relevant to the leader of the most powerful country in the world.  With a Foreword by Bill Clinton.  (Sterling Publishing, Fall 2013)

MOBILE INFLUENCE: Winning over the New M-Shopper, Chuck Martin.  Based on extensive primary research and case studies from leading companies,  how mobile technology is dramatically changing shopping behaviors, rendering traditional marketing obsolete. Martin identifies the 6 specific moments when m-shoppers can be most influenced by marketing messages and information during their purchase process.  These moments comprise the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle™, involve mobile at each phase, and by understanding it, businesses will be able to target their mobile marketing dollars to interact most effectively.  Martin is Director of the Center for Media Research for MediaPost, CEO of the Mobile Future Institute, and Adjunct Marketing Professor at UNH, as well as the author of 9 previous business books include Net Future and The Third Screen.

THE GOOD CURVE:  How Boomers are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community and The Good Life, Chris Farrell.   How boomer engagement in the workplace and the desire to find meaning will create new opportunities and values around work for older Americans, as well as profoundly shape how younger generations think about careers and jobs.  Farrell is an economist and a journalist for American Public Media’s Marketplace Money, Bloomsbury BusinessWeek, and Kiplinger. (Bloomsbury USA, 2014)

THE NEW SOFT WAR AGAINST WOMEN: Why the U.S. Economy Will Falter if It Succeeds, Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers.  Many women have bought into the narrative, shaped by the media, that they are no longer discriminated in the classroom and the boardroom. Barnett, a Senior Scientist at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University, and Rivers, an award-winning journalist and professor at the College of Communication at Boston University, will draw on the latest research to argue that we cannot as a society afford to continue to marginalize women, and that men and society at large stand to gain in women’s continued economic growth and success. (Tarcher/Penguin, Fall 2013)

THE LITTLE BOOK OF FRENCH SAUCES, Holly Herrick.  A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the major classic French sauce groups or “mother” sauces–from stocks, white and brown sauces to emulsions and vinaigrettes.  THE LITTLE BOOK OF FRENCH CREAM PUFFS AND ECLAIRS, sweet and savory versions of these delightful treats and fillings. (Gibbs Smith, Spring 2013/2014)

VIRGINS, Caryl Rivers.  The international bestseller about well-bred young ladies at Immaculate Heart High, where hormones triumph over the State of Grace–and everyone’s vocation is to DO IT.  For republication.  (Diversion Books, Summer 2012)

GIRLS FOREVER BRAVE AND TRUE, Caryl Rivers.  The sequel to VIRGINS follows four young women in the years following college as they enter politics and journalism, navigate relationships, marriage and children, against the backdrop of the Kennedy years. For republication.  (Diversion Books, Fall 2012)

CAMELOT, Caryl Rivers.  The story of a young female White House reporter during the social, sexual and political upheaval of the Kennedy years. For republication.  (Diversion Books, Fall 2012)

THE GAMIFICATION REVOLUTION, Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder.  The definitive guide to understanding how game thinking and game-based mechanics are changing the face of business as we know it. (McGraw-Hill, early 2013)

UNTITLED SEQUEL TO THE LAST POLICEMAN, Ben H. Winters.  What’s the point of solving murders if we’re all going to die soon, anyway? This sequel to the first in a projected trilogy of pre-apocalyptic mystery novels featuring Hank Palace, the rookie principled detective who labors to solve crimes despite the fact that the end of the world from an asteroid collision is imminent.  Winters is an Edgar Award nominee and a New York Times bestselling author. (Quirk Books, June 2013)

IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH:  When Cancer Joins the Couple,  Kathi Kamen-Goldmark and Sam Barry.  The authors, both of whom are cancer survivors, share strategies from the point of view of both the patient and the caregiver, for being supportive and helpful and loving as a couple when one or both is dealt the “C Card.” (Lyons Press, 2013)

HOW TO GOVERN A COUNTRY:   An Ancient Guide for Modern Leaders, Marcus Cicero.  Translated and with an introduction by Philip Freeman.  A vibrant and accessible translation of Cicero’s key writings about how the Roman state–or indeed any government–can best serve the needs of its citizens in difficult times. Cicero’s political works were carefully studied by the Founding Fathers and are as relevant today as they were in his own time.  (Princeton University Press, Winter 2013)

A DIFFERENT SUN, Elaine Neil Orr.  The extraordinary journey of a young missionary couple, Emma and Henry Bowen, takes them from the antebellum South to Africa, where their marriage and faith will be tested.  Debut novelist Elaine Neil Orr, a professor of literature and herself the daughter of missionaries born in Nigeria, reveals a breathtaking level of craft and a language all her own.  (Berkley/Penguin, 2013)

DEAD SPOTS, Melissa Olson.  Introducing Scarlett, a Null, or a blank spot in the magical world.  In her presence anything magical drains away:  vamps and weres become human and witches are unable to cast their spells. Because of her special abilities, shes on retainer with LA’s natural community to clean up their accidents.   But when she arrives 5 minutes too late to clear up a grisly supernatural murder scene, both LAPD and her boss, LA’s Master Vampire, think she is the prime suspect. (47 North/Amazon Publishing)

THE EXECUTIVE’S GUIDE TO CONSULTANTS:  How to Find, Hire and Get Great Results from Outside Experts, David A. Fields.  How executives, managers and small business owners can identify the best talent, minimize risk, lock in value and ultimately get more than their money’s worth in terms of long-lasting results from outside experts, based on Fields’ extensive experience as a partner in a prestigious consulting firm, and interviews with 65 of America’s most admired business leaders and thinkers, including Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines), Tony Hsieh (Zappos) and Ken Blanchard. (McGraw-Hill, Fall 2012)

THE ADRENALINE JUNKIE’S BUCKET LIST: 100 Outdoor Adventures to do Before You Die, Christopher Van Tilburg, MD.  Spanning 7 continents, extreme sports enthusiast and emergency wilderness physician Van Tilburg presents not-to-be-missed spots around the world where beauty and adrenaline-pumping excitement come together.  (St. Martin’s Press, 2013)

MOTHERS WHO CAN’T LOVE:  Healing the Mother Wound, Dr. Susan Forward.  The New York Times #1 bestselling author of TOXIC PARENTS delves into the last taboo: mothers who are incapable of nurturing their children and the damage they inflict on them. (Harper, 2013)

STAYING PUT:  The Boomer’s Guide to Aging-in-Place, Robert Bornstein, Ph.D. and Mary Languirand, Ph.D.  A comprehensive guide to the financial, practical and spiritual aspects of “aging-in-place”–living independently wherever one chooses, for seniors and their adult children.  (TenSpeed Press, Crown/Random House/Summer 2013)

OUTBREAKS AND KILLER MICROBES:  How Scientists Solve Medical Mysteries, Alexandra M. Levitt, Ph.D.  A health scientist for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes us behind-the-scenes of some of the great stories of medical detection of the last 100 years from around the globe. In the process, Dr. Levitt illuminates the methods by which unlikely heroes–research scientists, doctors and veterinarians–solve mysteries in which germs and parasites are the perpetrators and humans the victims.

THE SPIRITUAL RENEGADE’S GUIDE TO THE GOOD LIFE, Lama Marut. A practical, yet radical blueprint for taking control of the process of achieving happiness. (Beyond Words, Spring 2012)

THE PRIZE:  Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Christie, Cory Booker and the Battle for Newark’s Schoolchildren, Dale Russakoff.  The story of powerful forces and characters–including Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, new superintendent of schools Cami Anderson, Mayor Cory Booker, and Republican Governor Chris Christie-in a high-stakes race to turn around Newark’s failing schools.  Russakoff is a former Washington Post reporter.  (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Fall 2013)

ANGELS OF THE UNDERGROUND:  A World War II Story of Love and Resistance, Theresa Kaminski, Ph.D. The full and little-known story of two brave American women, Margaret “Peggy” Utinsky and Claire Phillips, who following the March of Bataan, became part of the resistance that joined with Filipinos to fight the Japanese. (Oxford University Press, 2013)

IT’S OK NOT TO SHARE…And Other Renegade Rules of Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids, Heather Shumaker. Counter-intuitive principles for parenting by a mother whose parenting philosophy was shaped by her own experiences as a child at the School for Young Children  (SYC) in Columbus, Ohio, where children are taught to express their emotions and creativity, mediate conflict and develop other real-world skills. (Tarcher/Penguin, July 2012)

PRIZE FIGHT: Ego and Outrage in the Race for Scientific Recognition and Reward, Morton A. Meyers, M.D.  Long-time head of a research institution and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of radiology and medicine at SUNY Stony Brook chronicles the ruthless competition, bitter rivalry, and human drama that accompany the noble and dispassionate discipline of science; and how the problem of attribution is being recognized by the scientific community (Macmillan SciencePalgrave Macmillan, May 2012)

WE’RE STILL HERE:  first Responders Share Their Stories of Courage, Survival and Renewal After 9/11, by Benjamin Luft, M.D. The companion to the PBS special that will air on 9/11/11, a decade after the horrific attack on the World Trade Center, which focuses specifically on the first person accounts of first responders, including firefighters, police, priests, counselors, even massage therapists.  Dr. Luft treated first responders at the time and has followed over 5,000 over a ten year period.  He has testified in Congress about the long-term effects of this tragedy on first responders and has established a treatment center for them.  Their acts of bravery and heroism, as well as their fears and trauma, are captured in what will be an important historical document. (Greenpoint Press, September 2011)

HOW TO WIN AN ELECTION,  by Quintus Cicero, translated from the Latin by Philip Freeman.  In 64 B.C., Marcus Cicero, who would become the great lawyer, orator and politician, was running for consul of Rome. A relative unknown, he faced incredible odds. His brother Quintus Cicero is believed to have written a campaign manual that is as vibrant and relevant today as it was in its time. Now Philip Freeman, author of ALEXANDER THE GREAT and JULIUS CAESAR, translates this little gem from the Latin.  Princeton University Press will publish both the original Latin and Freeman’s translation, along with an introduction and notes in hardcover and e-book form in February 2012 as the presidential election heats up.

AMERICA’S LONGEST SIEGE, by Joseph Kelly. The story of Charleston reveals that the Southern original sin was not slavery but the suppression of dissent. Rejecting the prevailing view of historians, America’s Longest Siege shows that the courage and cowardice of individual people determined the course of history. (Overlook)

MAIN STREET VEGAN:  Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World–The author of  CREATING A CHARMED LIFE, herself a vegan for more than 3 decades. provides practical answers to the top 101 questions, covering concerns about health and nutrition, animal welfare, lifestyle and ethics. (Jeremy P. Tarcher Publishers/Penguin, Spring 2012)

THOMAS JEFFERSON:  The American Adventure, Julie M. Fenster.  The first book to focus on Jefferson as a pre-conservationist whose ardent love affair with America expressed itself in his ideas of land use at his beloved Monticello as well as in sponsoring four major explorations of the American West. (Crown/Random House, 2013)

THE UNOFFICIAL MAD MEN COOKBOOK, Judy Gelman. A guide to the food and drink mentioned in the show from Sterling Cooper power lunches to Betty’s Around the World Dinner. The cookbook will also offer suggestions for Mad Men-themed parties and entertaining with style, with every detail true to the period and themes of the show. (BenBella Books, Winter 2012)

LIES BENEATH, Anne Brown.  The first in a YA series featuring a family of murderous mermaids. Sale is for 2 books. (Delacorte/Summer 2012)

UNTITLED, by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla),  with Julie M. Fenster and Kimberly Gutzler.  Wasserman Schultz, currently Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and a dedicated public servant for 18 years, lays out an urgent challenge to our nation as to the how we can secure our children’s future, now and for generations to come. Covering a wide swath of concerns, from education, health and safety, the environment, national security and innovation, she will argue that our continued neglect of these issues jeopardizes America’s success. (St. Martin’s Press/Spring 2012)

THE SPEEDY SNEAKY CHEF:  Healthy Meals in a Hurry–Including Quick Fixes for Your Favorite Packaged Foods, by Missy Chase Lapine.  The New York Times author of THE SNEAKY CHEF returns with speedy shortcuts for busy moms in this new collection of 100 nutrition-packed, kid-friendly recipes ( Running Press/Perseus, Winter 2012)

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION:   Using SEO and SMO to Maximize Content Value on the Web and Mobile, by John Wuebben.  A complete guide to optimizing digital content including text, video, audio, blogs, social media and more, to improve search rankings, increase customer traffic, and boost sales conversion using the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and call-to-action marketing techniques. (Nicholas Brealey for publication Fall 2011. World Rights)

OFF THE GRID, by Janet Goss. Confronted by two new loves, a crossword whiz must figure out for herself the greatest puzzle of all: the mysteries of her own heart. (NAL/2012).

STONED SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, by Joselin Linder. The classic tale with a stoner twist. (Adams Media/2011).

A CHILD, AL CONFINO, by Eric Lamet.  Recollections of a childhood spent deep in the mountains of Italy during the second World War.  Italian translation rights sold in a preempt to Sperling and Kupfer.

THE HUMAN ODYSSEY:  Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life, Thomas Armstrong.  Translation rights in Vietnam sold to Van Lang Culture.

DRINKING FROM THE FIREHOSE: Making Smarter Decisions in a Data Overloaded World, Christopher J. Frank and Paul F. Magnone. In today’s mobile, social, viral world, everything can be sized, tracked, trended, compared and measured. All of this information is supposed to make us feel smarter. Instead we have data explosion leading to decision implosion. The authors, global executives whose careers span start-ups to Fortune 50 companies including American Express, IBM and Microsoft, offer deceptively simple tools for overcoming data overload that will transform information into insights that inspire us to do things differently. (Portfolio/Penguin, Fall 2011)

EVANGELIST MARKETING: What Apple, Amazon and Netflix Understand About Your Company (That Your Company Probably Doesn’t), Alex L. Goldfayn. The definitive guide to capturing and capitalizing on the marketing capabilities of the technology consumer. (BenBella Books/2012)

AUTHENTIC EXECUTIVE PRESENCE: Accentuate Your Best Self to Inspire, Motivate and Engage People Around You, by Kristi Hedges. Hedges systematically shows you how to be an effective leader and still remain authentic with an unique program and relatable voice. (AMACOM/Fall 2011)

TORN: True Stories of Kids, Career, and the Conflicts of Modern Motherhood, Samantha Parent Walravens (Editor). A brilliant collection of tales from the trenches of modern motherhood reveals how mothers are fighting back against the superwoman myth and proving that “success” does not necessarily equal “doing it all.” Journalist Samantha Parent gathers 22 real-life stories that expose the dirty truths of motherhood, the triumphs and failures, the inevitable challenges and crises that life brings from battles with cancer, lost jobs and broken marriages to the heartbreak of infertility and lots of “bad mommy” moments. (Coffeetown Press, Spring 2011)

EXPLORING THE WORLD OF J.R.R. TOLKIEN.  Dr. Christopher A. Snyder, Professor of European History and Director of the Honors Program at Marymount University, explores how the legendary author’s knowledge and love of medieval history, lore, art, archeology and literature inspired him to create Middle Earth.  This richly illustrated volume will be published to coincide with New Line Cinema’s release of the first of two Tolkien-based films, one based on THE HOBBIT, and the other a prequel to the LORD OF THE RINGS.  (Sterling Publishers, 2012)

THE FINANCIAL AID HANDBOOK:  How to Choose, Get In and Pay for America’s Colleges and Universities, Carol Stack and Ruth Vedvik.  As the cost of a private college education continues to skyrocket, students are emerging with unprecedented debt at a time when they are not guaranteed jobs.  Written by two financial aid consultants who have also served as board members for The College Board and U.S. News and World Report, this will be the definitive instruction manual for parents and students to minimizing debt and maximizing the quality of education.  The authors argue that the amount of debt that a student amasses by graduation will determine his or her success in the decade after graduation, more than the “name” of the institution they attended.  (Career Press/Spring 2011)

COUNTESS NOBODY, Lynn Bonasia.  When parents inform 15-year old Sophie Delorme and her twin brother, Sebastian, that their fathers French title is only passed down to the males in the family, crestfallen Sophie takes matters into her own hands, launching a blog about a dreamy made-up French count whos taking the U.S. by storm. When her real and imaginary worlds collide, Sophie unwittingly achieves more fame than she can handle. (Egmont Publishing, 2011)

A GIFT FROM THE ENEMY, Eric Lamet. A memoir of the author’s childhood spent in a remote mountain village in southern Italy during WWII revealing the hardships faced by foreign Jews in internal exile in Mussolini’s Italy, his mother’s valiant efforts to make a home for her son, as well as the struggles and even humor to be found as these city dwellers adjust to life in a primitive village that seems to have been left back in time. (Adams Media/Winter 2011)

MOTHER, ME, by Zara Phillips. An honest, moving adoption memoir that offers both a compelling narrative and a resource for members of the “adoption triad” and the professionals who deal with them. Although Phillips grew up in a caring family, she doesn’t feel whole until adulthood, when she searches and finds her birth mother and family, and becomes a mother herself. (Gemma Media/Spring 2011)

CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY, Philip Freeman. A vivid retelling of everyone’s favorite childhood myths, updated for adults. It is a gripping narrative of gods, goddesses, and heroes, including the story of creation, the adventures of Hercules, the tale of the Trojan War, the struggles of Antigone, Medea, and Clytemnestra, the tragedy of Oedipus, the amorous adventures of Zeus and the other Olympians, the voyage of Odysseus, the founding of Rome, and much more. Freeman is a classicist and historian. The publisher will also issue an illustrated version rewritten for middle grades. (Simon and Schuster/2011)

THE THIRD SCREEN REVOLUTION: The Untethered Consumer in a World Gone Mobile, by Chuck Martin. A research-based roadmap for understanding and thriving in the mobile future in which the mobile technology explosion is driving the rise of the Post-PC, mobile-native consumer, who is changing the rules of marketing and turning the company-consumer relationship on its head (Nicholas Brealey Publishing/Fall 2011).

SHIFTING ATTENTION: Mind Tools That Set You Free, John Selby. Psychologist, spiritual counselor and author Selby combines effective techniques from cognitive science with traditional meditation to create a unique daily practice that anyone can master and fit into his or her busy life. (New World Library, Spring 2011)

IRELAND UNHINGED: Encounters in a Wildly Changing Country, David Monagan.
In a fascinating blend of travel, humor and journalistic insight, Monagan goes in search of the the soul of the Celtic Tiger, in the aftermath of a period of unprecedented economic growth followed by a precipitous bust. (Kanbar & Conrad Books/Council Oak Books/Fall 2010)

DRAGON BONE HILL, by Lindsay Tam Holland. High school sophomore Vee Crawford-Wong is convinced he could figure out where he’s going if he only knew where he came from. So he forges a letter from his grandparents in China, asking his father to bring their grandson to China. Astonishingly, Vee’s father agrees. In the land of his ancestors, Vee learns that the answers he was seeking were closer to home then he ever would have imagined. (Simon and Schuster Childrens, Spring 2010/World Rights)

RISK AND THE SMART INVESTOR, by David Martin, Chief Risk Officer at Alliance Bernstein, the critical rules investors must know in order to make the right investment and financial decisions (McGraw-Hill/Fall 2010).

THE BIG NEW YORK SANDWICH COOKBOOK: Chef-Made Fixes for a New Between-the-Bread Age, by Sara Reistad-Long and Jean Tang. A collection of more than 80 elegant and simple sandwich recipes from a who’s-who of talented chefs and beloved restaurants in New York City. Headnotes and quotes form the contributors provide insight into the creation and selection of these handheld masterpieces. Contributing chefs include Joey Campanaro of Little Owl, Michael Ferraro of Delicatessen, and Anne Burrell, of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. (Running Press/Perseus, Spring 2011)

GOOD ENOUGH IS THE NEW PERFECT: Why Modern Moms Are Aiming Lower Yet Reaching New Heights, Becky Beaupre Gillespie & Hollee Temple. A growing wave of working mothers have realized that the key to a well-rounded and satisfying life is to rebuff the current standards of maternal success and to start reaching for goals they can actually achieve. (Harlequin Non-Fiction, Spring 2011)

TABLOID MEDICINE: How the Internet is Being Used to Hijack Medical Science for Fear and Profit, Robert Goldberg, Ph.D. The co-founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest argues that health information on the internet is often wrong, created by the unscrupulous and the uninformed, and often backed by unethical hidden agendas. (Kaplan/2010)

THE LOST GOSPEL, Simcha Jacobovichi (represented by Elaine Markson Literary Agency) and Barrie Wilson. New York Times bestselling author and award-winning film-maker, Simcha Jacobovichi, and religious scholar, Barrie Wilson, reveal an astonishing secret about the historical Jesus and a plot against his life, based on a provocative interpretation of a manuscript deemed a “lost gospel.”

THE MYTHIC WARRIOR HANDBOOK, Erika Carlson & Heather Day. Everything they need to know about becoming a hero in ancient Greece, from dealing with the gods to fighting monsters to heading off to war. Written as if it is a translation of an ancient handbook authored by Chiron the Centaur, tutor to many Greek heroes, it’s humorous yet informative. (Adams Media)

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Recipes and Inspiration from America’s Top Authors, Judy Gelman
and Vicki Levy Krup. From the creators of, one of the best known sites for bookclub fiction readers, comes a treasury of recipes featured in our favorite novels or inspired by them. With contributions from bookclubs around the country, this book also contains activities for bookclubs, author interviews, and much, much more. (Adams Media/2011)

THE BABY NURSE BIBLE: secrets and Expert Advice about Having and Caring for your Baby Only a Baby Nurse Can Tell You, Carole Arsenault, R.N. One of America’s top baby nurses draws on her experience of more than two decades at Boston’s prestigious birthing hospitals, to address the critical questions and concerns of expectant and new parents. Drawing on the latest research, this comprehensive guide, in chronological order, answers every concern from the moment an expectant mom arrives at the hospital, through labor and delivery and the first year of the infant’s life (The Experiment/Winter 2111).

THE SECRET LIFE OF MS. FINKELMAN and Untitled Novel #2, by Ben Winters. In this middle-grade novel, Mary Todd Lincoln Middle School’s mousy music teacher Ms. Finkleman has a secret and Bethesda Fielding will not rest until she discovers what it is. Funny and charming, Ms. Finkleman Rocks follows Bethesda in her quest for the truth and as she encounters the consequences of snooping it out. (Harper Children’s, Fall 2010)

GAME-BASED MARKETING: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges and Win Conditions, by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder. The authors present why investing in such marketing will yield unexpected returns, point out the games already being successfully played by millions of consumers each day, and help guide businesses into the next decade armed with the new philosophy of funware. (Wiley/Fall 2010)

WILLFUL BLINDNESS, Margaret Heffernan. A journalist and former CEO, explores the psychological, social and organizational mechanism whereby critical faculties are impaired and disabled in individuals and groups, even nations and societies. Heffernan argues that the tendency to deliberately blind ourselves to the obvious, to refuse to face facts, and look the other way is at the root of human behavior. Drawing on examples from the worlds of business and finance, science, psychology, sociology and history, she reveals how willful blindness plays out for good and for bad in all aspects of our lives. (Bloomsbury USA and Doubleday Canada/Fall 2010)

HEALTHY MOTHER, HEALTHY BABY: Balancing Pregnancy with Diabetes, by Cheryl Alkon. A guide by a health journalist and Type-1 mom, that walks readers through each step, from preconception to postpartum, providing the latest medical information, but more importantly tried-and-true advice from moms around the country. (Demos Health, Fall 2009)

OMG! by Deborah Baer. A guide to surviving 101 of life’s most awful and surprising situations. (Adams Media)

THE RESILIENT STEPMOTHER: 8 Steps to Surviving and Thriving, Rachelle Katz, Ed.D.
A licensed marriage and family therapist, stepmother and founder of, offers a roadmap for women to overcome the challenges of stepmothering and find happiness as they create successful blended families.
(Mira/Harlequin, Summer 2010)

THE TIN TICKET: The Secret Transport of White Slaves to Tasmania, Deborah Swiss. A true story of 25,000 nineteenth-century women who were pressed into servitude and shipped off to Australia and Tasmania, retracing the steps of three women who were conscripted into this sisterhood of sorrow and survival and the powerfully radical Quaker reformer, who would touch the lives of nearly half the women transported. (Berkley, 2010, World Rights)

The Freshman Survival Guide: 25 Things Every College Freshman Should Know Before Classes Start, Nora Bradbury Haehl with Bill McGarvey, Editor-in-Chief, From the popular website for young spiritual seeker, a guide to making a successful transition to college that focuses on core values and making a difference. (Faith Words/Hachette, 2010)

TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE, Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D. An innovative approach to defusing and resolving relationship conflict, one interaction at a time. Dreyfus, a psychotherapist with extensive experience working with couples, explores the power of words to hurt, but even more important, to heal. (Tarcher/Penguin, Spring 2010)

SNEAKY FITNESS: 105 Fun Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child’s Everyday Life , Missy Chase Lapine and Larysa DiDio. A revolutionary new concept for getting your child off the couch and away from the computer from the author of the New York Times bestseller, THE SNEAKY CHEF and a personal fitness expert who specializes in kids and families. (Running Press/Perseus Publishing, Spring 2010)

THE LAST LAWYER: High Stakes and Heartbreak on Death Row, by John Temple.A true inside story of how a disheveled legal genius and his diverse band of investigators and lawyers thwarted a North Carolina inmate’s death sentence, illustrating how death penalty law and public opinion has changed over the last decade. (University Press of Mississippi, Fall 2009)

BABUSHKA’S BEAUTIES: Old-World Recipes for Modern Glamour-Girls, by Raya Ruder and Susan Campos. Ruder, a Russian esthetician with a Hollywood clientele, shares her grandmother’s natural, inexpensive beauty recipes that allow women to pamper themselves in their own homes and walk out feeling like a starlet. (Grand Central Publishing, Winter 2010)

LECTURE NOTES: A Professor’s Guide to College Success, by Philip Mitchell Freeman. A pithy primer for incoming college students by a veteran college professor and respected historian. LECTURE NOTES is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to college success, but rather a friendly, informal companion by the professor you wish were your adviser. (Ten Speed Press, Spring 2010)

STARTING FROM SCRATCH, by Susan Gilbert-Collins. After her mother’s sudden death, Olivia returns home to her family and plants herself firmly in her mother’s kitchen, where she pieces together the last issue of her mother’s home-grown mail-order newsletter, Cooking with Vivian. A chance encounter with a former subscriber of the newsletter, a surprise sister-in-law, and a sibling’s secret help Olivia and her family get back on track. (Touchstone/Fireside, 2010)

TO KILL A TIGER, Jid Lee. Blending memoir, myth and history, Korean-born Lee, a professor of multicultural studies in the US, tells the story of modern Korea through the prism of her own experiences. (Overlook Press, Fall 2009)

THE GOOD GIRL’S GUIDE TO GETTING IT ON, Joselin Linder and Elena Mauer. A smart, hip guide for women in monogamous relationships who are looking to improve their sex lives. (Adams Media, 2010)

THE NAPKIN, THE MELON & THE MONKEY: How to be Happy and Successful at Work and in Life by Simply Changing Your Life, by Barbara Burke. Business consultant and former stressed-out working mom, Burke, shares 22 “ahas” and other secrets for turning adversity into advantage in delightful modern day fable (Hay House, Winter 2010).

SUMMER SHIFT, Lynn Kiele Bonasia. From the author of SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, about a widowed Cape Cod restaurant owner’s attempt to find peace, love and human connections among a cast of colorful locals. (Touchstone Fireside/2009)

GREENING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: How to Make Money, Build Business, Satisfy Your Customers–and Save the Planet, Jennifer Kaplan. A guide to going green targeted to any small business owner who is looking to be cutting-edge, competitive, profitable, and eco-conscious. The author, a professor of marketing at Marymount University, is founder of Greenhance, a consulting firm for small business owners who want to incorporate green strategies into everything from recycling and cutting energy costs to green marketing and green employee benefits. (Prentice-Hall/Penguin, 2009)

NEURODIVERSITY: The Hidden Strengths of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Other Brain Differences, Thomas Armstrong. A psychologist argues that the line between the “normal” and “abnormal” is much more fluid than previously thought, that we label our children and ourselves too easily as having psychological disorders, and that we need to move beyond a “culture of disability” by recognizing and respecting the differences in brain structure that underlie these labels and the strengths that they confer. (Da Capo/Perseus Publishing/2010)

RETIREMENT HEIST: How Corporations are Plundering Pensions and Profiting from the Nest-Eggs of American Workers, Ellen E. Schultz. Ground-breaking investigative journalist Ellen E. Schultz draws back the curtain on one of the biggest and least understood financial scandals in decades to reveal the shocking truth, that corporate America has in fact hijacked our hard-earned retirement benefits for their own use and profit. (Portfolio/Penguin, Winter 2010)

THE GAP YEAR, by Kristin White. A comprehensive guide to help decide if the gap year is the right choice for you, how to plan a rewarding program, advice for students and families and descriptions of over 100 such programs. (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley Publishers, Fall 2009)

THE COMPETENT COOK: Essential Tools, Techniques & Recipes for the Modern At-Home Cook, Lauren Braun Costello. Costello, a private chef and cooking instructor provides a detailed guide to navigating through all the cookware and gadgets in the marketplace. Each category of equipment is accompanied with cooking advice, techniques and recipes. (Adams Media/Fall 2009)

THE NEW FRUGALITY, Chris Farrell. How to realign our finances as we tighten our belts in recessionary times, from contributing economics editor to Business Week and public radio’s Marketplace host Chris Farrell. Drawing on innovative strategies from ordinary Americans across the country, Farrell posits that we can actually increase our spending power and live well as we also learn to live within our means. (Bloomsbury USA/Fall 2009)

SILENT INQUISITION: In Pursuit of María of Ágreda, Mystical Lady in Blue, by Marilyn Fedewa. A biography of one of the most influential women of the 17th-century, a cloistered abbess who advised Hapsburg monarch and Defender of the Faith, King Felipe IV, who got into hot water with the Spanish Inquisition, who was, some claim, able to “bilocate” to the American Southwest, where she is still honored today as the legendary “Lady in Blue.” (University of New Mexico Press/Spring 2009).

YOU CAN’T PREDICT A HERO, Joseph J. Grano. Business leader and former UBS chairman Grano–whose experience includes leading Green Berets on classified missions, steering dispirited brokers after the 1987 crash, helping to reopen Wall Street after 9/11 as chair of the President’s Security Advisory Council, and overseeing the UBS-Paine Webber merger–offers six lessons in courage, leadership and determination to inspire readers at every stage of life and career. (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2010)

LESSONS FROM THE FAT-O-SPHERE: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body, Kate Harding & Marianne Kirby. From two bloggers at the forefront of the Fat Acceptance Movement, this empowering guide will help women to make peace with their bodies, no matter what the scale says, and help them to practice “health at any size.” (Penguin/Perigee, Spring 2009)

YOUR BIG FAT BOYFRIEND: How to Love Him and Still Stay Thin, Jenna Bergen. A fun mix of tips for staying trim when in a relationship with a veggie-hater. (Quirk Books, Winter 2009)

THE SNEAKY CHEF TO THE RESCUE, Missy Chase Lapine. From the New York Times bestselling chef and author, comes a third volume of clever and delectable recipes that enhance the nutritional value of family favorites. (Running Press/Perseus Publishing, Spring 2009)

ESCAPE FROM CUBICLE NATION: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur, by Pamela Slim. From the top-rated, nationally syndicated business blogger and consultant, Pamela Slim, a comprehensive guide to making the leap to entrepreneur. Filled with road-tested advice and real life stories from both sides of the fence, the book will lay out a step by step process for making a successful transition. (Penguin Portfolio/Berkley, Spring 2009)

FDR’S SHADOW: Louis Howe, The Force that Shaped Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Julie M. Fenster. The author of THE CASE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN turns her attention to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and their relationship with Louis Howe, an advisor who came to live with them in Hyde Park in the Spring of 1922, which coincides with FDR’s paralysis. She will use this time, as the Roosevelts were emerging in New York State politics, and the three-way relationship as a lens through which to view one of our most inluential and respected American presidents. (Palgrave Macmillan, Fall 2009)

ALEXANDER THE GREAT, Philip Mitchell Freeman. A lively biography of the man who changed the world in the first great meeting between East and West. Educated by Aristotle, Alexander the Great was a brilliant general whose campaign of conquest against the Persian Empire took him from Homer’s Troy and the deserts of Egypt to the mountains of central Asian and the jungles of India. His introduction of Greek culture throughout the lands he conquered had profound effects on the ancient and modern world. (Simon & Schuster, 2009)

NOT QUITE ADULTS: Why 20 Somethings Are Choosing a Slower Path to Adulthood, and Why It’s Good for Everyone, Richard Settersten, Ph.D. and Barbara Ray. Drawing on a ten year study and over 500 interviews, the authors, both members of the MacArthur Foundation Network on the Transition to Adulthood, shatter common myths about why young people are delaying adulthood. By examining seismic changes in the structure of family and the economy, the authors argue that there is a great divide, between “explorers” and “drifters,” each of whom face different challenges, and in the case of the first group, opportunities. (World rights, Bantam Books/Random House, 2009)

THE PURITY TEST, by Joselin Linder. This is the definitive book on the international Internet phenomenon known as the Purity Test. With a whopping 1800-question test is at its heart, it offers its first decisive history, a comprehensive look at how the tests work and background into the magic of why they work, while peeking into our obsession with fitting in as well as our diabolical need to rebel. (St. Martin’s Press, Winter 2009)

AMEN, AMEN, by Abby Sher. A moving and story of life with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and how the disease becomes a gift in the face of the author’s loss of both of her parents. She counts, washes, pounds, cuts and starves herself compulsively from the age of ten onwards. But her fiercest obsession is prayer — a search for someone who will protect her and the world from future loss. (Scribner/Simon & Schuster, 2009)

A TALENT FOR MURDER & UNTITLED MYSTERY NOVEL, R.T. Jordan. The third and fourth novels in the witty mystery series featuring aging Hollywood starlet drama queen turned detective, Polly Pepper. (Kensington Books, 2008 & 2009)

THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS IN SECOND LIFE: Marketing, Services and Brand In-World, Jay and Sue Martin Mahar. Following one of the hottest trends in popular culture, a clear and comprehensive guide to making money and promoting your business in Second Life, the virtual world has attracted more than ten million members. (Amacom, Winter 2009)

STANDING BY: The Making of an an American Military Family in Time of War, Alison Buckholtz. A young woman’s poignant account (which grew out of a “Modern Love” column for The New York Times), of the challenges faced by military wives and their families in times of war, and her particular struggle to fit in with a world that she never imagined being part of. (Tarcher/Penguin, Spring 2009)

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT? Mothers and Adult Daughters, Linda Gordon and Susan Shaffer. Can mothers and adult daughters be friends? These and other questions are the basis for a provocative, thoroughly modern look at the complex and ever-changing relationship between mothers and their adult daughters. The authors, a psychologist and gender equity expert, draw on extensive surveys, their professional expertise and personal experiences in this provocative guide. (Berkley/Penguin, Fall 2009)

RICHES AMONG THE RUINS, Adventures in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy, Robert P. Smith with Peter Zheutlin. The true story of how one man amassed a fortune trading the sovereign debt of governments in the world’s most derelict economies. (Amacom, Spring 2009)

MINDSTORMS: Diagnosing, The Complete Guide for Families Living with Traumatic Brain Injury, John W. Cassidy, MD. A Harvard-trained physician’s compassionate and comprehensive guide for families of the more than 5.3 million people who suffer from brain injury. There is a high risk of TBI for young people involved in contact sports, accident victims, and American soldiers in Iraq; the average age is under 34 years old. (Da Capo/Perseus Publishing, Winter 2009)

SOLE MATE: Master the Art of Aloneness and Transform Your Life, Lauren Mackler. Discover how being alone can enhance your life and help you to discover what you truly want from life and your relationships. (Hay House, Spring 2009)

TO HELLHOLE AND BACK: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism, Chuck Thompson. An adventure traveler (author of the SMILE WHEN YOU ARE LYING) confronts his worst nightmares-and ours-by visiting destinations he’s previously sworn off, including the Congo and Disney World.
(Henry Holt, 2009)

THE SIGN FOR DROWNING, Rachel Stolzman. A young woman, having witnessed the death of her sister by drowning, adopts a deaf girl as a way of coming to terms with her loss. Stolzman’s exquisite debut novel explores the frailty of family bonds, the inadequacies of language and the beauty of silence. Stolzman received her MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence. (Trumpeter Fiction/Shambhala Publications, Summer ’08)

THE SNEAKY CHEF 2: How to Cheat on Your Man (in the Kitchen), Missy Chase Lapine. The sequel to the New York Times bestseller, THE SNEAKY CHEF, this new volume showcases strategies for sneaking healthy ingredients into men’s favorite dishes, from protein-packed pancakes to Touch Down Tacos, Love Me Tenderloin and Brawny Brownies. (Running Press/Perseus Publishing, Spring 2008)

UNDER THE LEMON TREE, by Bhira Backhaus. In Oak Grove, California 1976, 15-year-old, first-generation Punjabi-American, Jeeto, is trying figure out how to find love and discover a true home while navigating traditions, family and faith. Alternating between Jeeto’s story is her Uncle Avtar’s tale of coming to California in the 40s, this beautifully written novel underscores that whether 60 years ago, 30 years ago or today, the search for a place in the world drives us all, and that the journey is what truly shapes us. (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, Fall 2008)

ONCE UPON A FASTBALL, Bob Mitchell. Sports fanatic Mitchell’s second novel, about baseball and history, in which a Harvard professor is magically transported back in time by a famous baseball to four of the most famous games in baseball history, and in the process, learns the truth about the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of his grandfather. (Kensington Publishers, Spring 2008)

THE GOOD GIRL’S GUIDE TO LIVING IN SIN, Joselin Linder and Elena Mauer. A smart, hip guide for women who are planning to live with their boyfriends or already do, whether they are engaged or do not plan to marry. (Adams Media, 2008)

GENERATION TEXT: Raising Healthy Kids in a High-Tech Age, Michael Osit, Ed.D. A clinical psychologist who has worked with children and adolescents for more than three decades, examines why and how the access and excess modern technology brings, shapes our children’s values, attitudes, and behavior in a way that is fundamentally different from previous generations, and provides strategies for coping with the particular challenges of growing up in the millennium. (AMACOM, 2008)

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER: Surviving the Myth, Irene S. Levine, Ph.D. A recovery guide for victims of broken friendships by a New York University Medical School professor, research scientist and journalist. (Overlook Press, Winter 2009)

LIFE IN THE BALANCE: A Physician’s Memoir of Life, Love and Loss with Parkinson’s and Dementia, Thomas Graboys, MD with Peter Zheutlin. Graboys, renowned cardiologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and former professor at Harvard Medical School, writes with eloquence and unflinching honesty about what it is like to come to terms–as a doctor, a father, a grandfather, and husband– with a devastating illness in the prime of life. (Sterling, 2008)

THE CASE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A Story of Adultery, Murder and the Making of a Great President, Julie Fenster. Through one particular case that Lincoln, the lawyer tried in 1856, involving a love triangle and murder by poison, popular historian Fenster reveals the man who would become one of the most memorable and important presidents of the United States through a unique lens. (Palgrave-Macmillan, October 2007)

BEYOND TIME OUT: New Strategies for Effective Parenting in Contemporary Times, Beth Grosshans, Ph.D. and Janet H. Burton. The key to many behavioural issues with young children come from an inbalance in family power, according to child psychologist Dr. Grosshans. Her book helps parents to reclaim parental power, to establish appropriate boundaries that create a sense of security in their children, and to learn to lead their families lovingly. BEYOND TIME OUT goes beyond traditional strategies to provide creative tools to help parents solve common problems with sleep, eating, toileting and more. (Sterling Publishing, Spring ’08)

LESS THAN CRAZY: Living with Bipolar ll, Karla Dougherty. A prescriptive guide for the more than 9 million people who suffer from the chronic mood disorder (characterized by less severe atypical alternating cycles of mania and depression than Bipolar l). Health writer and editor Dougherty will draw on cutting edge research, as well as her own experience as well as that of other sufferers in illuminating this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition. (Marlowe & Co/Avon Publishing, Spring 2008)

KISSING SNOWFLAKES, Abigail Sher. 16-year-old Sam is on the trip from hell, a ski vacation with her father, her brother and her father’s annoying new wife. When she falls for a handsome ski instructor, things start looking up. (Scholastic, Winter 2008)

THIRD BASE AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE: What Your Kids are Learning about Sex Today and What They Can Still Learn to be Sexually Healthy Adults, Logan Levkoff. Nationally respected parenting expert Levkoff sheds light on what kids already know and what they think they know about sex. Levkoff also helps parents to brush up on their sex-ed knowledge and to zero in on their personal feelings and how that affects the parent/child relationship regarding sex. (New American Library/Penguin, October 2007)

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, by Lynn Bonasia. A debut novel set in Cape Cod, about a technical writer in her 30s who decides it’s time to stop writing about safety precautions and to start living a life of her own (Touchstone Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 2008)

STUFFED: Who’s (Really) Making America Fat, Hank J. Cardello with Doug Garr. Food industry insider and marketer Hank J. Cardello (writing with journalist Doug Garr) offers hard-hitting solutions to the current health crisis that can benefit both the consumer and the industry itself. Taking the industy to task for pushing foods that contribute to the soaring rates worldwide in heart disease and diabetes, Cardello argues that food manufacturers and distributors are creating a “food underclass” that cuts across all socio-economic groups. We have the tools and technology, Cardello posits, to create more healthful versions of the foods we love, thereby extending life, dramatically cutting healthcare costs–and that doing this is not only ethical, but profitable. (Ecco/HarperCollins, Fall ’08)

THE MAD FISHERMAN: Kick Some Bass with America’s Craziest TV Fisherman, Charlie Moore. The Emmy Award-winning host of Beat Charlie Moore and Charlie Moore Outdoors recounts his hilarious rise from broke bait-and-tackle shop owner to host of the top-rated outdoors show on ESPN. (St. Martin’s Press, Spring 2008)

THREE LITTLE WORDS, Ashley Rhodes Courter. The harrowing and inspiring true story by a young woman who was placed in 14 foster homes before her adoption by a loving family at age 12. Now a college senior, she speaks out on behalf of other foster children and is working to try to reform the system. (Simon & Schuster, Spring 2008)

An inspirational guide to building and maintaining a life in the law that is personally and professionally satisfying. Lawyers are burdened by a false paradigm that states that their happiness is limited by factors beyond their control. This book rejects this tired belief system and offers guidance on how lawyers can design an optimal career in life and the law. The author is a career and life coach. (American Bar Association, 2007)

THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Prepare for Marriage Before You Say I Do, Christine E. Murray, Ph.D. A useful, practical guide for engaged couples to building realistic expectations for marriage and creating a satisfying partnership. The author is Assistant Professor specializing in counseling and educational development at the University of North Carolina. (Adams Media, 2007)

WIN WITHOUT COMPETING: The No-Competition Right Fit Way to Match Yourself to the Career You Seek, Arlene Barro, Ph.D. A nationally recognized global search expert shows you how to match your “personal brand” to the perfect career path for you. Whether you are a seasoned executive or someone still shaping the foundation of your career, the “Right Fit” method will successfully eliminate comparisons and match the candidate to the position he or she seeks. (Capital Books, Fall 2007)

THE SNEAKY CHEF: Clever Cooking for Kids and Families, Missy Chase Lapine. An innovative approach to getting kids to eat healthy foods by disguising them in the foods that they already love, from hamburgers to brownies, by the former publisher of EATING WELL and creator of BabySpa natural bath products. (Running Press/Perseus Publishing, March ’07)

FROM THE HEART: A Woman’s Guide to Living Well with Heart Disease, Kathy Kastan, C.S.W. The first book to focus on the emotional and psychological consequences of heart disease for women by a survivor, social worker and President of WomanHeart, an advocacy group. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and often goes undiagnosed. (Lifelong/Da Capo, Perseus Publishing, Spring ’07).

ACT EARLY AGAINST AUTISM, Jayne Lytel. Blending memoir and prescription, former Washington Post reporter shares her moving personal journey as a parent of an autistic child, from diagnosis to treatment and a hopeful prognosis. Diagnosed at age 2, Leo at 6 1/2 is a happy, sociable child who no longer tests on the autism spectrum. Lytel’s heroic efforts to find the best and most suitable medically proven treatments, will instruct and inspire parents. Lytel’s central message is: early intervention, when the brain is most malleable, can result in marked, even miraculous, improvement. (Perigee/Penguin, January ’08).

NATURAL BORN SOUL MATES, Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D. How to draw on our natural born intuition and the principle of “resonance” to attract the right mate. (New Page/Career Press, 2007)

THE MIDDLE WAY, Lou Marinoff, Ph.D. The international bestselling author of PLATO NOT PROZAC and CUNY Professor of Philosophy addresses the polarization of extremes that characterizes so many areas of modern life, including political and religious extremes, the gender gap, disparities in income and race relations. Drawing on the wisdom of three great philosophical traditions (that of Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius) he demonstrates that all three preached a version of “the middle way”, which is not about compromise but rather about using the combined strengths of the extremes to formulate a moderate position. In so doing, he challenges us to become more pro-active, responsive global citizens. (Sterling Publishers, Spring ’08)

THE BIG BOOK OF PARENTING SOLUTIONS: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries from Preschool to Tween, Michele Borba, Ed.D. An internationally renowned and award-winning parenting and education expert shares quick parenting solutions to over 100 common childhood issues. (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley Publishers, 2009)

MOTHERHOOD TO OTHERHOOD: Strategies for Mothers of All Ages and Stages, Julia Roberts. We take 9 months to create a new life, but how do we get our lives back once our children begin to reach a level of independence? Marketing consultant Roberts’ has developed a successful program, organized by trimesters, in which we apply the lessons learned in pregnancy to redefining our identity, goals and dreams in middle motherhood and beyond. (Running Press/Perseus Publishing, 2008)

OH NO! IHE’S JUST LIKE MY FATHER: Escape the Parent Trap and Have the Relationship YOU Want, Sandra Reishus. Sexologist and therapist Reishus posits that many of us allow our past relationship with our parents to influence the choices we make in choosing our mates. Unconsciously, we relive a familiar dynamic. Reishush empowers us to leave the mom and dad baggage, and to make healthier choices in our relationships. (McGraw-Hill, Spring ’07)

PINK LADIES AND CRIMSON GENTS: A Who’s Who of Antique Roses, by Molly Glentzer, photographs by Don Glentzer. The lifestyle editor of the Houston Chronicle collaborates with an award-winning photographer to present “portraits” of 50 highly prized roses, each named for a character from literature, history or mythology. Molly Glentzer’s charming text illuminates the derivations of each rose’s name and its qualities, as the color photographs do justice to their exquisite beauty. (Clarkson Potter/Random House, May 2007)

SMILE WHEN YOU ARE LYING, Chuck Thompson. Outrageous and hilarious tales of travel that expose the myths of travel perpetrated by the travel industry as they reveal the adventuresome alternative for those who are not faint of heart. Thompson is Senior Editor of Maxim, a freelance journalist, photographer and sometime musician. (Henry Holt, Summer 2007)

THE CORPORATE DOMINATRIX, Lisa Robyn. A former publishing executive’s revolutionary new guide to success for career women. Drawing on her own experience and that of other women in many different fields, Robyn presents seven “disciplines” that will help a woman discover her true power and how best to use it. (Simon Spotlight/Simon & Schuster, Summer 2007)

THE MICHELANGELO METHOD: Release the Masterpiece Within and Create an Extraordinary Life, Kenneth Schuman and Ron Paxton. 8 secrets of the Renaissance master that will transform your life and your career. Schuman and Paxton are career transition experts.
(McGraw-Hill, January ’07)

HOW JESUS BECAME CHRISTIAN, Barrie Wilson, Ph.D. The author, a scholar of religious history examines the early days of Christianity, in the wake of the death of the historical Jesus, and explains the forces that shaped the emergence of a new religion, distinct from the actual Judaic practices of Jesus the man. (St. Martin’s Press, Spring ’09)

BIRD FLU: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Pandemic, Marc Siegel, MD. Siegel, a prominent internist and current health affairs commentator, argues that the risks to humans of avian flu have been blown way out of proportion. He separates myth from reality in assessing the actual risks, what we can do to prevent it, and the long-term steps that need to be taken to protect us from this and other pandemics. (John Wiley, January ’06)

TOTAL INTELLIGENCE, Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, MD. A fascinating new model for achieving maximum performance in life and work. “Total intelligence” capitalizes on the synergy of IQ (rational intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence). The authors’ provide tools to assess our strengths and weaknesses in terms of each intelligence, how to nurture each one, as well as how to combine them. TI grows out of the authors’ original research and work as management consultants with companies worldwide. (John Wiley/Fall ’07)

HAPPY ACCIDENTS: The Role of Serendipity in Medical Discoveries, Morton Meyers, MD. A lively, entertaining and informative look at the role of serendipity in major medical breakthroughs of the last century– how scientists made breakthroughs in one arena of medicine while on a quest for something entirely different. These include the discovery of penicillin, chemotherapy drugs, Valium, the Pill, Pap smears and x-rays, among many others. (Arcade/Winter 2007).

YOUR BIPOLAR CHILD: Helping Your Child Find Calm in the Mood Storm, Rosalie Greenberg, MD. A completely new framework for assessing and managing pediatric bipolar disorder, urging parents to listen closely to what the children actually say and not just their noise and mayhem to help guide treatment and therapy decisions more precisely. The author, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, draws on decades of clinical experience, up-to-the-minute research and a compassion approach and appreciation of these complex children. (Da Capo Lifelong/Perseus Publishing, Fall 2006)

THE HUMAN ODYSSEY: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life, Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. A renowned educator and human development expert takes us on a guided tour of what he identifies as the twelve stages of life. Drawing on a wide array of sources from Western and Eastern cultures, and from many different disciplines, he codifies what distinguishes each stage and the challenges we face. By understanding how we come to be at our present stage of life, we can also anticipate what lies ahead. (Sterling, January 2008)

REPORTING THE WAR, John Byrne Cooke. The son of news icon Alistair Cooke provides a fascinating look at the freedom of the press during wartime, at how reporters and editors influence the outcome of war, from the Revolutionary War to the war on terror. (Palgrave Macmillan/Fall 2007)

MOUNTAIN RESCUE DOCTOR, Christopher Van Tilburg, M.D. Extreme sport meets true medicine in this gripping true account of daring rescues by an emergency wilderness physician and his team that present physical and medical challenges. From avalanches to logjams, from rocky mountain ledges to ravines, Dr. Tilburg shares what he faces in tracking, rescuing and recovering victims of accidents in the wild. (St. Martin’s Press/Spring 2007)

THE LOST YEARS: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare, by Kristina Wandzilak and Constance Curry. In alternating voices, a daughter and mother relate the harrowing journey of a teenage girl’s addiction, recovery and redemption. Today, Kristina Wandzilak is a happily married mother of two who counsels teens and their families on battling and overcoming alcohol and drug addiction. (Jeffers Press, 2006)

THE SEX LIVES OF WIVES: Reigniting the Passion, Holly H. Hollenbeck. Compelling stories of the journeys suburban wives are taking in a quest to keep the passion alive in their marriages are at the heart of this inspiring, motivational guide. The author is the founder of (Time Warner, 2006)