Publishing Services


JDA Publishing Services can help you to navigate the pathways from traditional publishing to self-publishing, whether print, e-book or both. As seasoned publishing professionals, we offer an a la carte menu of services as part of our consulting practice, available to authors, media and other related businesses, separate from our literary management of our traditional agency clients.

  • Proposal Editing and Writing: Let us help you to conceive, develop and shape a proposal for submission to agents and traditional publishers. Traditional publishers expect the very best, and we can guide you so that your proposal stands out.
  • Manuscript Editing: Whether you are preparing a manuscript for submission or are under contract to a publisher, but need additional editorial help and guidance, we can give you professional editorial guidance that ensures a higher chance of success.
  • Contracts Consulting and Negotiation: Whether you are working with a traditional publisher (without an agent), a small press, an e-book publisher or print-on-demand house, we can negotiate on your behalf and/or help you to do so.
  • Platform Building: Today’s publishers expect authors to have the ability to market their books. We can consult with you on how to develop your platform, if you are just starting out, or if you have an established platform, how to expand it.
  • Social Media Marketing: One of the key aspects of an author’s platform today is being present and engaged through social media marketing. We are geared specifically to how authors can best take advantage of the fantastic new tools that allow you to connect with readers.

We can work out either a project fee or an hourly rate.

For more information about any of these services and our rates, please email Joelle Delbourgo: