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19 February, 2020

SAM IS OUR SISTER, Ashley Rhodes-Courter

NYT-bestselling author of THREE LITTLE WORDS and THREE MORE WORDS Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s SAM IS OUR SISTER, a story based on the experiences of the author’s family that follows three siblings, one of whom is transgender, as they play astronauts, learn about what it means to become your true self, and realize they will always be together. (Albert Whitman/World/Spring 2021)

2 November, 2015


Heather Anastasiu is a young adult author. She grew up in the Texas Hill Country where she spent her own young adulthood as a church choir member, band geek, bookworm, and all around introvert. Now she writes books about teens who get into way more shenanigans than she ever did when she was their age 😉

Heather had a lot fun getting into the heads of teenagers who strayed outside the lines in her upcoming novel, Girl Last Seen, co-written with Anne Greenwood Brown (Albert Whitman & Co, March 2016). Girl Last Seen tells the story of a couple of teens slowly unraveling the twisted mystery of a girl gone missing, while each are hiding secrets of their own.

Heather wrote two points of view in the novel, Jude (one of the two investigating teenagers) and Kadence (the story of the girl who’s missing is told through found-footage left behind). Jude. Oh Jude. Let’s just say that when people are bullied, it leaves scars. Writing from the point of view of someone with those scars was intense and at times emotional, but also really satisfying. Kadence on the other hand, well, she’s got national attention on her music career, hundreds of thousands of twitter followers, and over a million views on YouTube—she’s the girl every girl wants to be and every guy wants to get with! What’s not to love about her life? Writing Kadence through video footage was extra interesting because it was the version of herself that she wanted to present to her followers (the found-footage were video blogs she never posted). Do they tell the true story of who Kadence was? Or not? Read and see…!

Heather’s previous novels, Glitch, Override, and Shutdown (St. Martin’s Press, 2012-13) are fast-paced action/thrillers set in a dystopian future where world peace is finally achieved, but at a terrible price—by enslaving most of the global population through emotion-deadening bionic hardware. They have been translated into six languages.

Heather also teaches writing courses at the Loft Literary Center and is in the middle of finishing her Master’s in Literature at Texas State University. The rest of her time is spent cuddling with her family, writing, reading, and dreaming about getting new tattoos.

You can find out more about Heather online at her website at, on Twitter @h_anastasiu, and on her Facebook page.

29 January, 2015

THE TWISTED LIFE by Anne Greenwood Brown and Heather Anastasiu

In The Twisted Life, YA authors Anne Greenwood Brown (Lies Beneath Trilogy, Delacorte) and Heather Anastasiu (The Glitch Trilogy, St. Martins) put their devious minds together to create a YA Suspense that’s part Mean Girls, part Gone Girl, and all Twisted.

Lauren DeSanto never cared about the fame. The same could not be said for her best friend and bandmate Cadence Mulligan, who spent all her time promoting their music on YouTube. Even when their videos went viral, all Lauren cared about was their lyrics and their friendship. But when an infection paralyzed Lauren’s vocal cords and she could no longer sing, Cadence had no choice but to go solo.

Cadence’s star is rising. That is, until she goes missing after playing a small show at the local coffee shop where Lauren works. All eyes turn to Lauren and suspicion turns to accusations when blood evidence is found on Lauren’s work shirt and motive is found in a terrible fight between the two former friends over Cadence’s boyfriend.

And then there’s Jude Williams. He’s recently moved back to town with a vendetta against both girls for wrongs not long past. The problem is, as much as he tries to hate Lauren, he finds himself feeling sympathetic when the town and then the national media condemn her. After all, he knows what it’s like to be accused. It was Lauren’s false accusations that ruined his life.

As Lauren and Jude work together to reveal the twisted life of Cadence Mulligan, neither knows if the other is indeed searching for the truth, or playing an elaborate game to cover his or her own sins. They say you should keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But it’s hard to know what to do when you don’t know which is which. (Albert Whitman/World rights/Spring 2016)