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27 May, 2014

Kathi Kamen Goldmark’s HER WILD OATS available for pre-order

I am so pleased that both the ebook and the paperback of Her Wild Oats are now available for from our Preorders and Print page at:   There is reduced pricing if ordered from the publisher’s site before the release date (currently set for June 10th).   Untreed Reads Publishing is  also offering a special bundle of the ebook at a reduced if rate if bought at the same time as the paperback.

Author, musician, publicist, and radio host Kathi Kamen Goldmark was one of the sweetest, most charismatic and gifted women I ever metWith her signature long red curly hair and magical smile, Kathi made an impression on anyone who ever met her.  She completed the novel before she died and with its imminent publication, her mischievous spirit lives on.

Here’s how Kathi described the novel:   Her Wild Oats is a honky-tonk road story about two unlikely pals: Arizona Rosenblatt, a smart young woman who leaves home and her role as assistant to a high-powered Hollywood executive when she discovers her husband is having an affair with a woman from Jews for Jesus, and thirteen-year-old Otis Ray “Wild Oats” Pixlie, boy genius harmonica player. In the end, Otis Ray learns what it means to be an adult; Arizona discovers the life she wants; and they both figure out the true meaning of love and family. HWOFinalSmall

Already, Her Wild Oats has garnered pre-publication praise:

“When you flee your okay marriage and your pretty good job, what do you find?  What else but who you are. With humor and tenderness, Kathi Kamen Goldmark has created characters who we would love to have as companions on our own escape.”
–Amy Tan, author of The Valley of Amazement

“If you’ve ever fantasized about ditching your life and going on the road with your favorite band, this book is for you. It’s full of wild twists, great characters and sharp, funny writing.”
–Carl Hiaasen, author of Skink – No Surrender

“Among her many talents, Kathi Goldmark was a terrific writer, as she showed with her funny and touching debut novel, And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You. It’s a damn shame Kathi couldn’t stick around longer, but she left us all a sweet parting gift with Her Wild Oats.”
–Dave Barry, author of You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty

“A story full of zip and humor, from a lady who had a lot of both.”
–Roy Blount Jr., author of Joy of Text