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3 April, 2018

Cold Hard Truth by Anne Greenwood Brown

Emmie O’Brien is a former good girl now on the fringe. She spent a crazy year involved with Nick, her mom’s drug dealer; after her arrest she was lucky to go back to her old life. But she’s haunted

by the choices she made—first, to be with Nick, and then later, to testify against him. Max Shepherd is a senior varsity hockey player with serious anger issues. His grief over the death of his girlfriend causes him to see injustice wherever he looks. When they meet in community service, Max is drawn to Emmie’s calm energy, but Emmie knows better than to get too close to anyone. When friends of Nick show up seeking revenge, Emmie is forced to come to terms with her past, while Max has to control his protective instincts. They must trust one another, especially when Emmie’s situation takes a dangerous turn.

“Brown’s latest is brimming with passion and suspense as Emmie and Max fight their demons of emotional abuse and anger management and become closer romantically. Reminiscent of Katie McGarry’s Say You’ll Remember Me (2018), the book reveals Emmie’s emotional abuse from Nick that she has to overcome as she tries to open her heart to Max. With a gripping plot from the beginning, Brown’s enticing novel reads from both Max’s and Emmie’s perspectives as they both slowly reveal their pasts.” — Booklist 

Anne Greenwood Brown is an attorney by day and young adult novelist by night. Her works include the Lies Beneath trilogy and Girl Last Seen, which she coauthored with Heather Anastasiu. Anne lives in Minnesota.

15 December, 2015

Summer Girl by A.S. Green

Writing as A.S. Green, Anne Greenwood Brown’s first New Adult novel begins when Kathryn D’Arcy’s vanished college fund forces her to take a mysteriously well-paying summer job at the lighthouse on stark Little Bear Island island in hopes of salvaging her senior year of college. But a golden retriever with a mind of her own, a few straight-talking new friends, a rogue bear, and a particularly hot ferry driver start her thinking that the perfect life she has planned with her hometown love might not be the future she really wants — or needs — after all.  (World Rights to Entangled Embrace for publication in Summer 2016)

29 January, 2015

THE TWISTED LIFE by Anne Greenwood Brown and Heather Anastasiu

In The Twisted Life, YA authors Anne Greenwood Brown (Lies Beneath Trilogy, Delacorte) and Heather Anastasiu (The Glitch Trilogy, St. Martins) put their devious minds together to create a YA Suspense that’s part Mean Girls, part Gone Girl, and all Twisted.

Lauren DeSanto never cared about the fame. The same could not be said for her best friend and bandmate Cadence Mulligan, who spent all her time promoting their music on YouTube. Even when their videos went viral, all Lauren cared about was their lyrics and their friendship. But when an infection paralyzed Lauren’s vocal cords and she could no longer sing, Cadence had no choice but to go solo.

Cadence’s star is rising. That is, until she goes missing after playing a small show at the local coffee shop where Lauren works. All eyes turn to Lauren and suspicion turns to accusations when blood evidence is found on Lauren’s work shirt and motive is found in a terrible fight between the two former friends over Cadence’s boyfriend.

And then there’s Jude Williams. He’s recently moved back to town with a vendetta against both girls for wrongs not long past. The problem is, as much as he tries to hate Lauren, he finds himself feeling sympathetic when the town and then the national media condemn her. After all, he knows what it’s like to be accused. It was Lauren’s false accusations that ruined his life.

As Lauren and Jude work together to reveal the twisted life of Cadence Mulligan, neither knows if the other is indeed searching for the truth, or playing an elaborate game to cover his or her own sins. They say you should keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But it’s hard to know what to do when you don’t know which is which. (Albert Whitman/World rights/Spring 2016)


2 January, 2014

Where I Write: Anne Greenwood Brown

Anne Greenwood BrownWe asked our authors to share their favorite writing spots and were so delighted with the responses that a new series of posts was born. Here is the first Where I Write post from Anne Greenwood Brown.

“I have a beautiful writing desk in a writing loft with bookcases filled with all my favorite books. But the truth is that I write early in the morning, before anyone gets up, from a broken recliner down stairs. At least this time of the year there’s a Christmas tree!” — Anne Greenwood Brown

Anne is most recently the author of the PROMISE BOUND, the final book of the LIES BENEATH trilogy (Delacorte, January 2014). Learn more about Anne and her books on Twitter, Facebook or her website.


2 October, 2013

So you are a debut novelist…

I was thrilled this week to make a 2-book deal with Kensington Publishing for first time author, Kerstin March. I think this happy ending can be instructive for debut novelists, especially those writing mainstream women’s fiction or genre fiction, so I thought I’d share a little bit abou102-02454_IMGt how this came to be.

Kerstin came to my attention through a writer’s conference (Madison Writers Institute) in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was presenting along with other agents, authors and publishers.  This is a particularly well-organized and informative conference where this agency has discovered authors in the past, so I was very pleased to attend for the second time.  So lesson #1 is that first time authors could do well to ask their writing friends about their experiences at writing conferences, as some are better than others. But the better ones bring in talent from the publishing world around the country, and sponsor interesting and educational programs and panels, as well as providing writers with an opportunity to meet one on one with publishing professionals.  This is fantastic, of course, in giving new writers an overview of the industry, but also in connecting them with other writers who are serious about getting published.

Kerstin was also introduced to me by a writer already represented by this agency, Anne Greenwood Brown, who we adore. Anne is the consummate professional:  brilliant, creative, funny and immensely talented.  Best of all, she’s nice, really nice.  So I took her referral seriously.  If, as a new writer, you can get to know some more established writers who are willing to mentor you and facilitate your entry into the publishing world, you will be one of the lucky ones.  Most of our clients come through referral, not over the transom.  But at the same time, don’t be pushy.  It needs to develop organically, and it can put another writer in a difficult position if he or she is not a true enthusiast of your work.

When Kerstin sent me her manuscript many months later, I was very impressed. But I also thought that there were ways she could strengthen it, and like the pro that she is, she listened and took the time to do a revision.  Soon we were ready to go.

During one lunch date with an editor, I mentioned Kerstin’s novel, and the editor suggested that she might want to develop ideas for a sequel or possibly more than one linked novel.   That was a great idea, and Kerstin immediately gave it a try.  The first effort didn’t entirely work, but once again, Kerstin rose to the challenge and came up with just what I needed.

So when Martin Biro, a smart young editor at Kensington called to tell me how much he liked FAMILY TREES, and wanted to to know what Kerstin might do next, we were ready.  Martin snapped up the first and second novel, and voila, a talented author’s work will see the light of day. Martin loved FAMILY TREES, but he also wanted to invest in a writer’s career.  Knowing that there will be a follow up to FAMILY TREES, and a shared vision, instilled trust in this new author, and he was able to get the backing of his publishing team.

I’m always looking authors who not only exhibit raw talent, but also listen, learn, and work with me to help me to get their work the attention it deserves.  Here’s wishing all you debut novelists out there luck.  But sometimes we make our luck.  It doesn’t just happen.

–Joelle Delbourgo




FAMILY TREES is a charming story set in a small lake town on Lake Superior.

14 September, 2012

When Your Book Hits the Shelves

by Anne Greenwood Brown

The experience of writing a book can be life changing, or at least personality changing. Even if you say, I’m just writing for myself, you’ll never be the same. Writing will allow you to explore fears you would never tell your therapist, say things that would get most people slapped, and do things (through your characters) that would land you in a Columbian prison.

When it’s over, you may feel liberated of those thoughts that plagued you. You may feel embarrassed. Or possibly taller. Or you may feel strangely emboldened to send the most private workings of your mind to a stranger to be critiqued, evaluated, and ultimately rejected. Or–possibly more frightening–that stranger might say, let’s share your 300 pages of catharsis with the world.

Now, jump forward eighteen months. Your book is on shelves. You, who used to sit around the house in coffee-stained jammies with a laptop on your thighs, are standing in  a bookstore in a knock-off designer dress, required to talk to . . .  (gulp) . . . people. Not just the online kind of people, but the “in person” kind of people who show up at speaking engagements and book signings. And these people are allowed to ask you questions, like, “What is it about your childhood that led you to write about mythological creatures who talk to corpses?” And you say the first thing you think of: I was afraid, if I didn’t, the voices in my head would never shut up.

Instantly you realize that it was a mistake to leave your note cards in the car. You wonder if your tongue was always this thick. But you also remember why you’re here. You remember how much you love the art of story, and you realize that (even if these people think you might be a teensy bit crazy) they love stories as much as you do.

Since my debut LIES BENEATH came out in June, I’ve enjoyed signings with 200 attendees, and signings with as few as 10. I’ve visited a book club that meets on a boat in the middle of a Minnesota lake, and a YA book festival in Pennsylvania. No matter where I am, no matter how many people show, I’ve found a wonderful community of book lovers, reviewers, writers, and readers, and a world of which I am so thankful to be a part.

It all makes me want to . . . you know . . . do it again!

— Anne

Please visit Anne Greenwood Brown and her murderous mermaids online at  You can also follow her on Twitter at @AnneGBrown and Facebook.

DEEP BETRAYAL, the 2nd book in Anne’s trilogy will be published by Delacorte in March 2013.

12 June, 2012

LIES BENEATH, Anne Greenwood Brown

Anne Greenwood Brown grew up sailing the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, leaning over the rail and wondering, with a lake that big, that ancient, what amazing thing might flash by. What happens when a family of murderous mermaids seeks revenge?  Now she knows.

Lies Beneath is her first novel.