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26 October, 2015

Judging Pitchapalooza in Montclair, NJ

On a sunny autumn Sunday, I joined the Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry,  at one of their now infamous “Pitchapalooza” events in Montclair, NJ.  Ylonda Caviness, a former winner of Pitchapalooza who now has both a book and TV contract as a result, rounded out the panel.  These events can be described as a kind of “American Idol” for authors, in which 20 writers are randomly selected from the audience to perform a one-minute pitch for a proposed book.  Not only is it hugely entertaining, but it provides a wonderful opportunity for these writers to connect with industry pros and receive critical feedback.  Titles of the book projects included “Big Black Woman Mad”, “How to Make the Media Your Bitch” and “Black vs. Blue vs. Media.”  I had no regrets about missing out on the gorgeous fall day due to the wealth of talent in the room.  I’d encourage any prospective author to check out the Book Doctors on social media and see where they might next be appearing.  I can’t wait to read “The Little Lumian,” our winning pick, a middle grade story from Erica Deel set in a single snowflake.

With "Book Doctor" Arielle Eckstut at "Pitchapalooza" event in Montclair, 10/26/16

With “Book Doctor” Arielle Eckstut at “Pitchapalooza” event in Montclair, 10/26/16