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26 October, 2018


Why do we know so little about women’s lives through history?  That’s a question journalist and author Nancy Rubin Stuart has questioned for years – and why she’s devoted her books to chronicling women’s lives.  Today as women are again demanding a stronger voice personally, politically and professionally, she’s contemplated the lives of America’s Founding Fathers whose biographies were mostly written by men.

Nancy’s forthcoming book, Poor Richard’s Women: Benjamin Franklin in Love (Beacon Press, March 2022), consequently examines his life through the lens of his romantic attractions and reveals his personal struggle with passion and prudence.

Nancy, who serves as executive director of the Cape Cod Writers Center, is no stranger to the Revolutionary period.  Her recently published book, Defiant Brides depicted the wives of Benedict Arnold and General Henry Knox. That followed the award-winning The Muse of the Revolution on Mercy Otis Warren, the first female historian of the American Revolution.

Previous works included the acclaimed The Reluctant Spiritualist; American Empress, a Business Week and Newsday Best-Seller, and Isabella of Castile, a Book-of-the- Month Club Dividend. Those stories of women’s lives were inspired by Nancy’s earlier journalistic books, The Mother Mirror and The New Suburban Woman. Research on those works helped her understand why women’s lives were lost to time. As a young wife and mother, Nancy wrote frequently for the New York Times and national magazines.

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