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12 April, 2014

In the Department of Cool Things Happen

When I was just starting out as a baby editor in publishing at Bantam Books, I bought a book, THE CAVE OF TIME, that turned into a series that ignited a revolution in reading.  Decades later, an enterprising journalist, Jake Rossen, who grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure books–the first interactive fiction series for kids– decided to tell the story about how this series which reached millions of kids and parents around the globe came to be.  He tracked me down and suddenly, I got to relive a publishing adventure in which I had a role.  Here’s the article for Mental Floss(magazine and website).

That caught the eye of producer Tommy Andres at public radio’s Marketplace who produced a terrific piece with me, Edward Packard, creator of the series, and Amy Berkower, the literary agent who sold me the series. The interview ran yesterday and I have already heard from so many people who are telling me how much these books mean to them and their kids.  It was so much fun to relive this story which reminds me of all of the wonderful reasons why I got into publishing in the first place.

Thank you, Jake and Tommy, for bringing me back…

–Joelle Delbourgo