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21 August, 2014


The relationship between author and agent is such a central one. There’s loads of information out there about how to get an agent to represent you, but much less information about what to do with the relationship once it has been established.4

Your agent is not simply a person who pitches your book, sells it and negotiates a deal on your behalf. Yes, these are essential functions. But an agent is—or should be—a sounding board, sometime muse, advocate, midwife, editor, and marketer. This applies to the early stages of developing and shaping an idea into a saleable proposal or manuscript. Your agent can provide invaluable perspective on what is happening in the industry, trends, how tastes and agendas change within publishing houses, literally minute to minute. Your agent generally (or should I say “hopefully”?) has a feel for the kind of book you write, and most agents have great taste and instincts for whatever they choose to represent. We actually love your work and derive a great deal of pleasure from making a contribution to your developing career as an author.

So, talk to us. I love to hear from my authors, not just when there is a problem to be solved. Tell me what you are up to, what you are thinking about, what worries you, what you are dreaming about. What are your goals? Let me know when you are promoting your book so I can post it on our social media and let a wider world know what you are doing. Ask us questions about any aspect of the business as it affects you or any stage of the creative process.

We are here for you. We are tuned in. So, talk to us.

–Joelle Delbourgo