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2 December, 2019

SMARTS! Everybody’s Got Them, Thomas Armstrong

From one of our top educators, an imaginative picture book that defines eight ways everyone is smart and shows how to get smarter in each way.​

It’s easy for kids to get dejected and believe they’re not as smart as the people around them. Maybe they got a low grade on their math test last week, or maybe they have a difficult time making new friends, but what kids may not realize is that math skills and people skills are just two types of smarts. SMARTS! Everybody’s Got Them (Free Press/November 2019) has a positive message for young children.

There are actually eight types of smarts:

  • Word smarts
  • Music smarts
  • Number smarts
  • Picture smarts
  • Body smarts
  • People smarts
  • Self smarts
  • Nature smarts

Smarts! Everybody’s Got Them vividly explains and depicts the eight ways that everyone is smart and shows kids how they can get better at each one—even when they make a mistake.


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