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19 March, 2014

THE INNOVATOR’S PATH winner of 2014 Axiom Business Book Award

Congratulations to Madge M. Meyer, author of THE INNOVATOR’S PATH: How Individuals, Teams and Organizations Can Make In51SrqU0DumL._AA160_novation Business-as-Usual (Wiley, 2013), chosen by Axiom Business Book Award as one of the  best business books in the category of Success/Motivation/Coaching (Bronze).    Read more: guide to creating and sustaining a culture of innovation focused on business value, The Innovator’s Path introduces business readers to thought leader Madge M. Meyer’s unique, cross-cultural perspective on corporate innovation. The book presents eight essential disciplines (Listen, Lead, Position, Promote, Connect, Commit, Execute, and Evolve) that pave the way for individuals, teams, and organizations to continually innovate in ways that create new business value. The author overturns existing assumptions about inspiring and managing innovation, while offering new insights and practical advice for aspiring innovators and corporate leaders. Meyer demonstrates her points by telling the stories behind many of her award-winning results and adds engaging personal anecdotes to illustrate many of her points. The book also contains contributions from an extraordinary and diverse set of industry innovators.

Translation rights have just been sold in Mainland China to Citic Publishing, one of the top publishers in Meyer’s native country.

13 September, 2013

The Innovator’s Path, Madge M. Meyer

51SrqU0DumL._AA160_What do successful business innovators know that many do not? Why does innovative thinking flourish in some environments yet wither away in others? Discover the key disciplines for shifting today’s “business-as-usual” thinking and practices onto the terrain of The Innovator’s Path.

Executive and thought leader Madge Meyer has achieved an extraordinary number of game-changing and award-winning results at several high-performing global corporations. In The Innovator’s Path, she shares her distinctive insights, proven practices, and an eight-discipline framework for managing the risks and rewards of change to create business value and attain a competitive advantage. You will learn the principles behind each discipline and how to instill the practices into every level of your organization. There are many exemplary innovation leaders across diverse industries who illustrate her disciplines, contributing their fascinating stories and lessons learned.

The eight disciplines of innovation move beyond conventional thinking to establish higher standards for what is meant by:

  • Listen—perceiving a hidden wealth of insight and information
  • Lead—inspiring others to achieve beyond their expectations
  • Position—defining an agile, strategic road map toward the future
  • Promote—conveying the value of your innovations and your brand
  • Connect—reaching and achieving across and beyond traditional boundaries
  • Commit—replacing fear of failure with calculated risk-taking
  • Execute—delivering customer-focused business results, quickly and measurably
  • Evolve—relentlessly accelerating the pace and challenging complacency

Read The Innovator’s Path and discover how your organization can create and sustain a phenomenal journey to the future.

 Praise for The Innovator’s Path

“Madge Meyer is truly a force of nature. Need a solution to a problem? She invariably has both the genuine desire to find a solution and a lot of great ideas. Her eight disciplines provide incredible insights into how a truly committed problem-solver addresses innovative technological solutions—by jumping in with both feet and a very focused mind. This is a great book on a topic of major importance for both corporate and non-profit organizations in this ever more competitive world.
—Cathy E. Minehan, Dean, Simmons School of Management; former president and CEO, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

A must-read for anyone who is committed to creating, encouraging, and sustaining innovative change within their own organization.”
—Gerald Chertavian, CEO and founder, Year Up

If you are interested in innovation, especially in the corporate world, this is the book for you… Once we understand and exercise her eight disciplines, we can create better business value and increase our competitive advantage.”
—Tarkan Maner, previous CEO, Wyse Technology; serial entrepreneur and investor

Required reading for anyone in the ‘game’ of competition.
—Dr. Howard Rubin, founder, Rubin Systems Inc.; Professor Emeritus, City University of New York