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23 August, 2018


From the author of Color Your Dreams and The Secret Letters Project comes a guide to releasing the energy of crystals to positively impact every part of your life: physical health and emotional well-being, career dreams and job enhancement, fertility and pregnancy, financial abundance, attracting and maintaining love, sleep and dreams, family and more, with full-color photography throughout. (Ixia Press/Dover Publications, World Rights, Fall 2019)

2 August, 2017


We write letters to express what we struggle to say aloud. We put pen to paper to voice the secret sides of ourselves, and often, the letters don’t need to be sent to set us free. Through guided prompts and interactive questions, The Secret Letters Project offers a safe space for writers to explore relationships, deal with difficult situations, and embrace the joy around them. This journal will help you:

• Find peace with past relationships
• Give thanks for new opportunities
• Experience personal growth
• Project and celebrate positivity

Broken down into letters addressed to different recipients (Dear Ex, Dear Soul Mate, Dear Stranger, Dear Me), this journal helps you create the life you’ve always wanted through the healing art of letter writing.

22 June, 2016


Juliet Madison is a multi-published, award-nominated Australian author of eighteen books, whose passion for inspiring and empowering others through online courses and coaching led her to create non-fiction books as well as fiction. THE POWER OF CRYSTALS, her latest book with Ixia Press/Dover Publications (February 2020) came from her experience running a crystal shop and working with these gems from the earth through workshops and intuitive readings. THE SECRET LETTERS PROJECT published by Sourcebooks encourages people to find peace from their past, heal their emotions, as well as spread kindness, by writing ‘secret letters’ that express things to be acknowledged, celebrated, and released. With her additional flair for art, Juliet created an adult coloring and activity book, COLOR YOUR DREAMS, also by Sourcebooks, containing one hundred positive words to color and activities to embody that positive trait.

Her fiction books span multiple genres including romantic comedy with a touch of magic realism, small town series romance, and young adult mystery with a supernatural twist (THE DELTA G

IRLS five-book series, published by Diversion Books USA, and Audible). Her debut novel FAST FORWARD, about a twenty-five year old model who wakes up in the future as a fifty-year-old with a life she didn’t plan for, became an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller. Her novel THE JANUARY WISH, the first of six so far in her small town Tarrin’s Bay series, was a finalist in the Search for an Australian Star contest by Choc Lit Publishing, and several of her books have been finalists in the Australian Romance Readers Awards. Some of her titles have also been included in paperback anthologies with Harlequin/Harper Collins, Australia.

In addition to writing books, in her hometown on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, Juliet runs a center of self care for the mind, body, and spirit; Hart and Soul Studio, which offers a variety of healing services, yoga and mindfulness classes, creative and empowering workshops, kids activities, as well as four pop-up shops selling crystals, books, and Juliet’s artworks. She lives on a small farm with her partner, son, and an array of cute and noisy animals.

More information about Juliet, her books, her courses, and her business can be found at her website:

She is also an active user of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, where she shares updates and photos about her adventures in writing, art, crystals, cooking, animals, nature, spirituality, and making the most of life:

5 April, 2016

SECRET LETTERS, Juliet Madison

Going one step beyond journaling, SECRET LETTERS encourages letter-writing for self-empowerment, insight, to express gratitude and inspire us.  Juliet Madison is an artist (author of COLOR YOUR DREAMS), life coach and novelist.  She provides templates for letters (Dear Younger Self, Dear Soul Mate, Dear God) and inspires us to create our own. (Sourcebooks/Spring 2017/World Rights)

1 April, 2016


So much more than a coloring book!

You have th61ZyHt0HmMLe power to change your life-and Color Your Dreams can help! Each of the 100 coloring pages in this inspiring book is designed around an empowering word (such as love, courage, and kindness) that will encourage you to be the person you want to be. Guided meditations and mindfulness activities allow you to become even more deeply engaged with the positive elements you want to see in your life. As you color, let the power of language lift you up and set your spirit free! Color Your Dreams, is published by Sourcebooks (April 2016).

“This is definitely a must-have treasure for anyone who loves to color. What sets Color Your Dreams apart from the others is it comes with inspirational passages and prompts to inspire and engage your creative side. Beautifully detailed pictures and poignant words… you can’t go wong with this book!” – Dodinsky, New York Times bestselling author of In the Garden of Thoughts
Juliet Madison is a bestselling and award-nominated author of fiction. Before becoming a writer, she ran her own business as a naturopath and coached people through various health challenges. A self-taught artist, Juliet creates art to bring relaxation, inspiration, and creativity to others. She lives in Australia.Juliet Madison

14 September, 2015

SIGHT, Delta Girls Book One, Juliet Madison

This stunning new paranormal series blends the sweetest of romances with breathless suspense, and introduces five young women who share a haunted past, an extraordinary gift, and an uncertain future.

“I spent my birthday fast asleep. In a coma to be exact.”

When Savannah wakes up after two months in the hospital, she sees a whole lot more than expected, things that could put those close to her at risk.

The five Delcarta sisters have never believed in the paranormal, not like their woo-woo mother. Instead they belSightieve in the power of sisterhood, of romance, and rebuilding their lives after their father’s mysterious disappearance nine years earlier. Starting anew in the small town of Iris Harbor, they see potential in all.

But Savannah’s awakening after having surgery on a life-threatening aneurysm brings a unique ability to the Delcarta sisters–together, each can predict the future with one of the five senses. And Savannah has the gift of sight.

A serial arsonist has been terrorizing the tight-knit community, and the Delcarta sisters have their suspicions on who could be to blame, including a boy who starts as an adversary to Savannah and then very quickly becomes her whole world. Investigating these crimes, trying to stop them before the next flame is sparked will call upon Savannah to use her newfound abilities with the help of her sisters, and will put each of their lives in danger.

Coming in October:  SOUND, the second book in the Delta Girls series from Diversion Books.

Juliet Madison is an Australian author of YA and commercial women’s fiction. For more about her, go to:


27 May, 2015

The Law of Attraction Coloring Book, Juliet Madison

Bring more joy, abundance and love into your life with the power of positive intention. Each exquisite illustration in this adult coloring book focuses on a particular empowering word or phrase. The author is a bestselling fiction author in her native Australia, has a YA series underway for publication in the US and is a life coach with training in the fine arts and design. (Sourcebooks, Spring 2016, World Rights)