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2 August, 2017


We write letters to express what we struggle to say aloud. We put pen to paper to voice the secret sides of ourselves, and often, the letters don’t need to be sent to set us free. Through guided prompts and interactive questions, The Secret Letters Project offers a safe space for writers to explore relationships, deal with difficult situations, and embrace the joy around them. This journal will help you:

• Find peace with past relationships
• Give thanks for new opportunities
• Experience personal growth
• Project and celebrate positivity

Broken down into letters addressed to different recipients (Dear Ex, Dear Soul Mate, Dear Stranger, Dear Me), this journal helps you create the life you’ve always wanted through the healing art of letter writing.

5 April, 2016

SECRET LETTERS, Juliet Madison

Going one step beyond journaling, SECRET LETTERS encourages letter-writing for self-empowerment, insight, to express gratitude and inspire us.  Juliet Madison is an artist (author of COLOR YOUR DREAMS), life coach and novelist.  She provides templates for letters (Dear Younger Self, Dear Soul Mate, Dear God) and inspires us to create our own. (Sourcebooks/Spring 2017/World Rights)