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19 September, 2014

Kathi Kamen-Goldmark

The late Kathi Kamen Goldmark was something of a force of nature.  With her signature cascade of red wavy hair and mega-watt smile, Goldmark was a presence in the worlds of publishing, music and media.  A songwriter and musician, Goldmark was a radio and kathimusic CD producer, member of the Bay area band, Los Train Wreck, as well as the founder of the infamous Rock Bottom Remainders, a band comprised at various points of authors including Stephen King, Amy Tan, Scott Turow, Barbara Kingsolver, Carl Hiassen, Dave Barry, and her husband, Sam Barry. The Remainders became a fixture at publishing events and conferences, much to the delight of the literati, who didn’t seem to mind who among them was talented and who was not.

Goldmark began her career in book publishing as a media escort (not as racy as it sounds), taking authors who were on book tours around to their appearances at events in San Francisco.  Later, she worked at Harper SanFrancisco (now HarperOne).  Goldmark is the author of several books, including two novels–And Her Shoes Keep Walking Back to You (Chronicle Books, 2004) and posthumously, Her Wild Oats (Untreedreads Publishing, 2014)–as well as a guide to getting published, written with Sam Barry, Write That Book Already!  The Tough Love You Need to Get Published (Adams Media), and The Rock & Roll Joke Book, with Dave Marsh (St. Martins, 1997).  Goldmark co-authored a column on publishing, The Author Enablers, with husband Sam Barry.

Amy Tan said of Goldmark’s most recent book, Her Wild Oats: “When you flee your okay marriage and your pretty good job, what do you find? What else but who you are. With humor and tenderness, Kathi Kamen Goldmark has created characters who we would love to have as companions on our own escape.”