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2 October, 2018

HOGTOWN MARKET (Feral Seasons Volume 2), Marianne Kirby

The sequel to Kirby’s creepy and immersive DUST BATH REVIVAL (Curiosity Quills) Southern gothic horror novel!

The summer’s been hard on Hank Goodness. Family secrets upended the simple life she shared with her aunt and brother and set Hank on the road to a grim transformation in a hidden town. Now, Hank doesn’t know if she’s a monster or not. But she’s won her freedom and is on a mission: to rescue her brother Ben from a horrible fate. Hank is on the run. To stop what’s happening to her brother, she needs to figure out where to go next while navigating her new friendship with Jimmy and determining who in the world she can trust when everyone has betrayed her. Reborn – the risen and feral dead that rose with the Dust – aren’t even the worst of what’s hunting them. Predators are closing in, and they don’t all come in animal form. The dangerous women they meet might help, as long as Hank is willing to take the risk and pay the price. Unknown family history, government experiments, and her own hungry instincts conspire to change her relationship to the Reborn – and threaten her identity and her life.

2 March, 2017


Books 2 & 3 in the Feral Seasons Trilogy (the follow-up to Dust Bath Revival), set in dusty South Florida in an undetermined time past, when insatiable want fuels a suspenseful, dark, twisty zombie story featuring a fat and queer small-town woman on the run. (Curiosity Quills, World English Rights, Spring 2018, Spring 2019)

6 December, 2016


Marianne Kirby writes about bodies both real and imagined. She plays with the liminal space between vanishing kirbyand visibility; she thinks the things that go bump in the night need to spend some time in the sun. A long-time writer, editor, and activist, Marianne is a frequent contributor to women’s interest publications, news outlets, and tv shows that require people to have opinions. She has been published by the Guardian, xoJane, the Daily Dot, Bitch Magazine, Time, and others. She has appeared on TV and radio programs ranging from the Dr. Phil Show to Radio New Zealand. Marianne was born in Florida and returned there, because Florida Weird calls to its own. She has briefly escaped again but is already plotting her eventual winter migration. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marianne’s debut novel, Dust Bath Revival, a horror story about insatiable hunger, was released November, 2016 by Curiosity Quills. Hog Town Market, the sequel, also from CQ released in August 2018. Her previous books include Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere:  Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body (Perigee/Penguin 2009) and Screw Inner Beauty (Amazon Digital Services, 2010).


22 April, 2015

FERAL SEASONS, Marianne Kirby

Set in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, food and body image blogger Marianne Kirby’s debut novel blurs the lines between alternative history and science fiction.  A young woman must learn to conquer her body’s insatiable hunger in a harrowing quest for survival.  (Curiosity Quills, World English, Spring 2016)