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9 January, 2016


Chris Farrell is economics editor of Marketplace Money, a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly personal finance show produced by American Public Media. Chris is also economics correspondent for Marketplace, the Chris Farrelllargest business program in broadcasting and chief economics correspondent for American RadioWorks, the largest producer of long-form documentaries in public radio. He is also contributing economics editor at Business Week magazine. He was host and executive editor of public television’s Right on the Money. He is the author of several books, including Purpose and a Paycheck:  Finding Meaning, Money & Happiness in the Second Half of Life (Harper Leadership, Feb 2019), Unretirement:  How Baby Boomers are Changing The Meaning of Work, Community and the Good life (Bloomsbury, 2015 and in paperback, January 2016), also available in audio from Audible, and The New Frugality . Chris is a graduate of Stanford and the London School of Economics.

Farrell says:  “I’ve spent much of my professional life reporting and writing on economics and helping people make the most of their money. I’m currently senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media’s nationally syndicated public radio business and personal finance programs. I’m also economics commentator for Minnesota Public Radio. I write regular columns on economics and public policy for Bloomberg Businessweek and on personal finance for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I’ve written for a number of media outlets, including Kiplinger’s, Next Avenue, Yahoo, Pioneer Press, Frontline,, and Investment Advisor.

I was economics correspondent for American Public Media’s documentary unit, American Radio Works. Among the documentaries I worked on were After the Projects, Pueblo USA, and Japan’s Pop Power. I was host and executive editor of Right on the Money, a nationally syndicated personal finance series produced for 5 years by Twin Cities Public Television.

I got my undergraduate degree from Stanford University. I spent the following four years as a merchant seaman working in the engine room, going through the Suez and Panama canals, steaming past the Rock of Gibraltar under a full moon at midnight, stopping in ports like Athens, Dubai, Damman, Subic Bay, and Yokosuka. The money I saved at sea financed my graduate degree from the London School of Economics.”

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30 December, 2013

Book of the Week: The New Frugality, Chris Farrell

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Some of us stand to be inspired and guided by THE NEW FRUGALITY, a new appro68453848ach to spending and saving. Author Chris Farrell is resident personal finance expert and economics editor for American Public Media’s Marketplace Money. Drawing on his extensive knowledge base and conversations with listeners on Marketplace Money, Farrell dispenses practical advise on every aspect of our financial lives, teaching us how to:

*Ensure a “margin of safety” in our spending

*Choose the frugal home: renting vs. owning–what’s right for you.

*The best ways to save for college

*Wise debt vs. foolish debt

*Why giving away your money can be smart

THE NEW FRUGALITY is not only about belt-tightening.  It’s about embracing a lifestyle of less waste, lower environmental impact, greater peace of mind, and in the long run, deeper satisfaction.

His book, published by Bloomsbury USA is also available in audio from HighBridge.