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31 August, 2016


Paige Rien is a designer and author best known for five seasons on HGTV’s Hidden Potential and for her appearances on Curb Appeal. Paige consults with families all over the world to make their homes more personal, reflecting how they truly live.  After renovating and restoring many homes together with her husbandpaige_rien_pink, Francis, she finds nothing more exciting as a new house project.  Paige’s interest in houses was stoked while studying Urban Studies at Brown University.  She lives near Washington, DC with her husband, three sons and daughter.

LOVE THE HOUSE YOU’RE IN:  40 Ways to Improve Your Home and Change Your Life (Roost Books/imprint of Shambhala Publications, Distributed by Penguin Random House, March 2016).

23 February, 2016


Stop hating your house and start adoring it—40 steps to make your home express who you are and work for how you really live.

PAIGE RIEN, interior designer, mother of four, and passionate home lover, wants you to love where you51-EsEaFBGL live and believes you can do the work to get there. She consults with families all over the world to make interior design accessible, friendly, and multidimensional, encouraging clients to bring their whole selves into creating a home. Paige was one of two designers on HGTV’s top-rated Hidden Potential for five seasons. She also appeared on HGTV’s Curb Appeal and was the winner of Pier’s 1 Imports’ Design & Conquer Challenge in 2011, a contest featured on YouTube in four webisodes. When she is not working on a television project, she is helping others make real changes in their homes with a dynamic, creative, and spiritual approach to home improvement, or diving into the next project in her own home outside Washington, DC.
In Love the House You’re In (Roost Books/Shambhala), Paige gives readers actionable steps to adapt and make their homes work for them, imploring them to ignore outside influences and look inward for inspiration. Readers are asked to think about what makes them unique, not what style they prefer, making their lives and experiences the central focus in composing a very personal, very functional home. As opposed to traditional design books that are often a catalog of a particular designer’s work, or a collection of work with no discussion of process, Love the House You’re In is all about the reader: uncovering what she needs and desires and providing concrete, doable ideas to take her there.
From the introduction:”I know what you’re going to say. Your house is unlovable. Maybe unredeemable. You bought it because of the schools or the yard or the price, but you come home after a long day and think: yuck. You wish it were different. You need it to be different–to look better, to work better, and to make you feel better. I’ve been there, many times.

“If you want to get you to house love, here’s the secret: house love doesn’t come from interior designers or wildly popular design bloggers or rampant craftiness or an endless flow of new things, it comes from within you. It won’t spring forth from a great couch or the perfect paint color–it comes from the feeling you create in the space which feels just right, to you. It comes, not when your rooms necessarily match each other, but when your rooms match you and what you are all about. Put what you love and what’s important to you into your house and it will be lovable. (And it will love you back.)

“Guided by the ideas here, you’ll discover how to transform your home into a space that reflects all that you love and all that you are–with your own funds, time, and possibly, your hands. You will love your house by getting to know yourself, coming to know and accept your house (and it’s limitations), and most importantly, learning when you can trust yourself. We’re taught to think others have better taste or abilities than we do. For something as intimate as your home, which serves you and your family 99 percent of the time, you are the best person for the job, by far. What you need in the greatest supply to make your house great is not money, time, or advice, but confidence. Even if you do hire an architect, designer, or decorator to help you (and I don’t advocate one way or another) the work here will help you get the most out of that relationship.”

–Paige Rien

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

5 January, 2016

LOVE THE HOUSE YOU’RE IN, Paige Rien, available for pre-order

51-EsEaFBGLYou may remember Paige Rien as host of HGTV’s “Hidden Potential.” Her new book, releasing in March 2016, Love the House You’re In: 40 Ways to Improve Your Home and Change Your Life (Trumpeter/Shambhala), will help you make peace with your home.  If you’re like me, you probably focus on the flaws.  But Paige gets you to understand how you live in your home and what to do to make your home reflect that.

I can’t wait to get a copy in my hands.

–Joelle Delbourgo

22 July, 2013


Interior Designer and TV personality, Paige Rien’s LOVE THE HOUSE YOU’RE IN, a guide to transforming your house into a home you love, with 63 simple strategies and tips for creating a space that reflects your lifestyle and aesthetic. (Shambhala/Spring 2015)