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15 June, 2021


Julie Stamm, PhD, is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She brings a unique perspective on the issues of repetitive head impacts in youth sports as a scientist and expert in the field, an anatomist with knowledge of childhood development throughout the body and the brain, and an athletic trainer who has provided medical care for athletes in a variety of sports. As an avid sports fan and a three-sport high school athlete from a small town in Wisconsin, she values the importance of sports participation for children. She resides in Fitchburg, WI.  THE BRAIN ON YOUTH SPORTS: The Science, The Myths, and The Future (Rowman, July 2021) is her first book.

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27 November, 2019


Associate Lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison Julie Stamm PhD’s INSIDE THE HELMET, on the effects of repetitive brain trauma (CTE) on young athletes, providing guidance for parents and coaches on how to minimize trauma and enhance safety in contact sports. ( Rowman & Littlefield/Spring 20201, World English)